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The Twilight Saga

A poetry that is a play on words, consisting of the events in each book that makes up "The Twilight Saga"...


1. The Twilight Saga

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Twilight is a special kind of day,
Proving that love can be found in anyway,
Even between a human and a vampire,
Whose love is as precious as a sapphire,
Bella and Edward become a couple,
Although on the road ahead there will be lots of trouble,

Once a month a new moon appears,
Bella and Jacob were shined upon by their peers,
But Edward is the one for Bella,
This is proved by a trip to Volturra,

An eclipse in the sky is a beautiful sight,
A vampire army procedes with the night,
The werewolves and vampires team up for a fight,
But will they protect Bella, try as they might?

The Breaking of Dawn brings with it a new day,
Edward marries Bella and whisks her away,
But they return with more than they had when they went,
A beautiful baby girl who looks heaven sent...