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Jacob's Secret Clearing...

Jacob and Renesmee are happily married but a sudden mystery trip to the woods will make the couple's bond even stronger..


1. Chapter 1

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I was sat on the roof gazing up at the stars, the music from my headphones flooding into my ears setting a relaxed tone to the evening. Suddenly a faint aroma fills my nose. A scent that I had grown to love so much, one that had a calm yet riveting affect on me. I didn't even need to turn round to know who it was. Suddenly a warm hand removes the headphone from my left ear, the side of his smooth hand brushes against my cheek in the process, sending a rush of excitement through me. I remove the other headphone from my right ear and slowly wind the two chords round my iPod. "Renesmee my sweet, is everything ok?” His voice is like a warm summer breeze, dancing gracefully on the back of my neck. "Hey Jake" is my reply. He crouches silently behind me, his pure presence making me feel calm, relaxed, at ease. "It’s just so beautiful out here" I say breathlessly, referring to the beautiful, snow-topped mountains that remind me of mine and Jake's wedding cake that Aunt Alice made. Dusted with icing...

"I no, right? I love being out here too. When you were little, the rare moments that I wasn't with you, I used to spend up here just gazing at the stars and mountains, thinking of you..." Jake adds. I lift my eyes, cocking my head to one side so that I can see the expression on his face. His deep brown eyes bare into me, a look of peace and contentment written throughout them. I gaze up at him and slowly bring my lips to his. He kisses me back. While our lips are still joined, I wrap my arms around his neck and his huge, strong arms envelope me in a tight embrace. I feel safe, secure and loved. My hands knot in his hair and a sound escapes from his mouth. I pull my mouth away from his and look at him, a look of confusion upon my face. "Jake, what’s wrong?" I ask, my voice slightly deeper and more ragged than usual. "I've got something to show you Nessie, a surprise in the forest...” I instantly calm down and look at him in an inquisitive manner.

"Stand back" Jacob says, I obey. I blink and there before me is the wolf I am indeed in love with. I love Jacob, both with feet and paws. He nods his head, in a gesture towards the forest next to our beautiful home.

I grab two handfuls of his silky, russet-coloured fur and lift myself up onto his strong back. As soon as I am aboard, Jacob lightly and gracefully climbs off the roof and starts at a steady sprint towards the entrance of the forest. I keep a firm grasp on the soft fur at the base of his head whilst we rush through the trees, and jump over the many logs that make up the forest. As Jake is sprinting through the forest I inhale the sweet smell of ferns, bark and wolf. We pass the vast lake that makes up the centre of the forest. Whilst being careful not to fall off Jake, I slowly peer in the water, only to see our reflections staring back at me. Jake continues to run; flicking sprays of water expertly up at me with his back paws. I giggle and he barks playfully up at me almost like he too is laughing. Suddenly I start to lose track of where we are, but Jake then comes to an abrupt stop. I stare forward and can make out a small gap in the trees ahead; the trees are silhouetted against a form of light that just projects warmth and friendliness. I gracefully and silently jump off Jake and wait for him to turn back into his human form. When he has, I hand him the clothes that I had kept safe for him, that he had previously stripped off before our journey began as to keep them safe from destruction during his phase. When he has finished dressing I quiz him of our where-a-bouts. "So come on then, where are we Mystery Man?” He looks up at me and a smile spreads across his face, my impatience always amuses him. "As much as I would like to tell you, my darling, I'm afraid you’re going to have to wait and see". And with that, he takes my hand and leads me into the clearing...