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Dark Angels

The Disir and the children of the moon have teamed up in an unsteady aliance to go against vampires and humans, to bring the world back to the way it was in a time before time. A time were the Disir and children of the moon hunt freely and their kind are in an abundance. But there is one vampire clan that will be difficult to destroy ... the yellow eyes...

Renesmee and Jacob have BABIES!!! The Cullen family is about to get a whole lot bigger!

1. Chapter 1-Birthday

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Chapter 1-Birthday

Renesmee P.O.V.

I stare off into the horizon, streaks of purple, pink and orange colour the sky and the sun sets lazily into the distant mountains. My life is great I think to myself smiling as I stroke my swelled up stomach which sparkles slightly in the sun. I have two wonderful parents and a husband whom I adore. Who would of known that a life as a half vampire could be so great?

Only seven years ago I was born and now I have the body of a beautiful 17 year old. It´s one of those freaky things about being a half vampire-half human. My body matures very quickly until I’m physically 18 years old, or at least that´s what Carlisle, my vampire grandpa, believes. No one has really made a study on the nature of my kind.

Now here I am sitting outside of Carlisle and Esme´s home which currently houses 8 vampires. I´m as nervous as hell. Of course, I’m not nervous about the vampires that live in the house behind me. They are my family and would never harm me. No, I’m nervous because of the baby that is currently in my stomach.

When my mother, Bella, gave birth to me she was still human and i completely ripped her human body apart. I mentally wince at the memory. Luckily my dad, Edward, plunged the syringe full of his venom straight to my mother´s heart and she survived...as a vampire.

I hadn´t noticed that I was completely chewing my nail off until a wave of clam washed over me. My uncle Jasper walked out onto the porch, and sat down next to me on the bench. My uncle is special in the way he can sense and control emotions. Almost my whole family has special vampire powers, including me.

I moved Jasper´s shoulder length wavy blonde hair and tucked it behind his ear and touched his pale face showing him a mental picture of what i was worried about. This is my gift, to show people mental images by touching them. I showed him a picture of myself being ripped apart by my baby like my mother.

He quickly turned away and shuddered by what I had just shown him.

“Nessie, I don´t know what´s going to happen,” Jasper whispered. I smiled up at him.

“I don´t expect you too. It´s not every day a half vampire gets pregnant by her wolf shape shifting husband” I stated referring to Jacob, my husband.

There was laughter from inside the house, no doubt my big and bulky uncle Emmett, and then a sharp slap. I should have expected that a house full of nosy vampires with acute hearing would be listening to our conversation. I scowled at the direction the laughter had come from.

My uncle looked seriously at me ignoring the laughter, “Nessie, if there is something that I can promise you, it´s that we will never let anything harm you.”

I smiled at him and gave him a hug. Jazz always knew how to make me feel better, with or without his gift.

I turned to see a horse sized russet coloured wolf lying on the lawn staring at me. I grinned at him, just the person, or in this case wolf, i wanted to see. Jacob showed his teeth in what i guess would be a wolf grin.

Jasper helped me get back on my feet and down the porch steps, then silently turned and walked back into the house. I patted the wolfs head and showed him a picture of Jacob in his human form embracing me. The wolf nodded and went behind a bush to phase back into his human form.

I turned to look at the house while he changed. It´s a beautiful house, the kind someone would imagine a wealthy European family owning. It has one whole side made of glass, it´s three story’s tall, with a natural river that snake´s through the backyard. Beautiful.

Warm arms snake around my waist and gently lay on my stomach. I take a deep breath, smelling Jacobs woodsy cinnamon smell. I place my hand on his smiling at the contrast between my pale white skin, and his café coloured skin. We stand there staring at my home for what could have been hours when I suddenly feel a trickle of water running down my leg.


“What´s -?”

Before Jacob could even finish his sentence, my father had come running out in a blur of white, having read my thoughts, and swooped me up in his arms running me to Carlisle´s home office. All this happened in less than a second. My mother was there with Carlisle waiting for me. Thank God grandpas a doctor, this would have been hard to explain to a normal human doctor.

The home hospital office, which is what Carlisle called it, had been set up the day that i had told my family I was pregnant with a hospital bed, an IV needle, and half a dozen other stuff i didn´t even want to know why they were there. Yikes that day had been horrible. Jacob had almost lost a leg when my dad read my thought´s about my pregnancy.

I looked out of the corner of my eye to my dad and realized he was smirking at my thoughts. You could have been nicer about it. I thought scowling at him.

“It´s not everyday you find out your 7 year old daughter is pregnant” He replied scowling back at me.

Before I could come up with a smart mouth remark, my whole body shot through with pain. I screamed. I felt cold hands reach out to me, and I closed my eyes as someone placed me on what felt like the hospital bed.

“Jacob” I whispered trying to control myself.

Another pain rocked my whole body and then I slumped and let the darkness take over me.