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Finishing your life,as he would have put it.

What would have happend if Bree and Diego had lived and fallen in love?Here is your answer.


1. Chapter 1-Here we go again

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Bree shifted over the buildings roofs silently,Diego in front of her. She watched the love of her life as he tumbled acrobatically over the rooftops. Just like the first night she had started falling in love with him,Bree Remembered perfectly.


Bree had been watching two idiots fight over which super hero was better.They had been two of Raoul's goons.She had felt Diego's presence lingering over her and then the two had watched as they crushed a car and drained a woman.The two had decided to leave and hunt together. After hunting the two had gone back and cleaned up the idiots mess before going back to Riley's.

~End Flashback~

Riley.The name of her former love rang clear in her head.She was completely over Riley but whenever she heard his name or thought of him she couldn't help but get a nervous twitch in her stomach.

"Love?" came the quizzical voice from ahead.She looked up and launched herself over to Diego,smiling up at him.

"Yes?" She returned his call and pecked him on the lips.She could feel Diego relaxing under her touch,making her smile.

"Just wanted you by my side" he smiled at her and held his hand out for hers.She dropped her hand into his,twisting there fingers together.

"When you feel lonely,look at the space between your fingers,and know thats where mine fit perfectly" She smiled as the words floated from her mouth and into the stale air around them.

She could barely feel the air around them as Diego slid her into his arms and pressed his lips to hers.She let herself melt into him as she kissed him fiercely,passionately,lovingly.She could feel Diego's thigh closing around her leg and locking her to his body as his grip increased on her making her smirk.

"Lets wait until we are out of the public view,baby.I don't want them getting the wrong idea" She smirked and laughed as Diego picked her up and ran towards there home.

~Diego's POV~

He turned to call on Bree."Love?" He called out watching her beautiful silhouette stride closer towards him.

"Yes?" She had questioned him her gorgeous smile lighting her face.Her lips placed themselves on his for a mere moment.She was such a tease.

"Just wanted you by my side" He smiled and took her hand squeezing it.

"When you feel lonely,just look at the spaces between your fingers,and remember thats where mine fit perfectly" He smiled brilliantly at the words.And if possible even he would have blushed.

He swept her small bodice into his arms and bent to kiss her.Feeling the passion glow between them made him happy and he smiled brilliantly. He held her tighter and locked her too him happy to have her back in his arms.

Once more her voice filled his ears and he smirked and lifted her up.Dissapaearing as they raced towards there home.