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Lost In My Love

Edward leaves Bella. She is left all alone in the forest. What if Victoria found her? Bella is now a vampire with a new life,family,and coven. Bella and her coven decide to move to Forks. Find out what happens when Bella is in her future about to meet her past.. I only rated this Teen because for language.

Ok this is my first story so plz tell me what you dont like and like. I own nothing! The wonderful Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight! The only things i own are the characters i made up.

1. Chapter 1 News

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"It will be as if I'd never existed." Those eight words was all that it took to change my life.

After Ed...."he" left, I curled up into a ball and waited. Waited for nothing. I remembered the tears coming down one after another. Not knowing or caring what would happen next. I remembered the pain after Victoria had found me. She bit me and turned me into what i was today. A vampire. She was going to drain me, but Jacob and his pack killed her just in time. Jacob I thought. Jake. I haven't seen him in 35 years. It has been 35 long,painful, and regretful years since they left. I tried to tell myself to get over it already. They are not coming back........

Suddenly Suzzane interuppted my flashblack. "Hey Isabella." "Hey" I replied back glumly. I had told my coven to call me Isabella. Bella reminded me too much of them.

Suzzane is my best friend now. I found her mauled by some bears. I still shudder at the thought. She has a unique She knows stuff. Her head is like a library. It gets annoying at times.

I was in my blue Audi on our back home. We live in Michigan,Marquette. The city is perfect for a snowball fight everyday. We got out of the car and I unshielded my-self. My gift is a shield. Mental and physical.

I greeted Justin (Suzzane's husband) and started up the stairs. Suzzane had found Justin in a car acident. Suddenly Adam and Christene stopped me. "We got news!" Christene said. "Awesome. Bye." I replied. "Stop lying." Adam said. He had a gift. He can tell when you are lying and force you to tell you the truth. Only he and Suzzane know about Ed.....ward.

"Ok, what do you want?" I said as I snapped back to reality.

"Well, ever since we asked to join your coven, the only places we ever moved to were Montana,Illinois, and Michigan." Christene exclaimed. "Ok, what did you have in mind?" I didn't like where this was going..

"FORKS,WASHINGTON!!" "WHAT?!?!" I yelled. "Aww come on Isabella." Said Adam. "I don't care, I'm in charge of this coven and when i say no that means no!" "Just consider it, please. Said Suzzane softly out of nowhere. I stomped out of the living room and using vampire speed went up to my room. I sat on my bed. Even though I can't sleep, the bed is soft and cozy. I thought about Forks. Maybe we should move on. It's not like the Cul-they will come back. They didn't care so what was the point? To please my family, I started packing slowly. I went downstairs and said goodbye to the whole house. "Ok guys let's go. I'm sorry I reacted that way. Just please understand." "Don't worry." Said Christene. I waited for the rest of family which took a minute. Everyone took their own car. Suzzane and Justin took the white Mustang,Christene and Adam took the hot red Ferrari and I took my blue Audi. Everyone followed me because first I knew the directions and second I was the coven leader. Originally the trip would've taken 7 hours but with our driving, the trip was only 5 hours. Surprisingly,Adam found us a home. It's shape reminded me of his mansion..... I held my sobs back. I didn't want my family to see me breakdown. I've down it enough times every time something was reminded of them. As I went to my new room, I checked Forks High School website. I enrolled Adam,Suzzane, and I as the Swansons and Christene and Justin as the Ashlands. It would seem too weird if we were all siblings and dated each other. I chuckled at that.

I went into my bathroom to brush my hair. I stopped to look at my eyes in the mirror. My eyes are shining silver with a hint of my old brown eye color. Memories flooded back to me again. When I first tried hunting, the blood tasted like pig crap to me and when I tried donated human blood it tasted even worse. And when I got to the human food.........it tasted like puke. I got really thirsty and when I got to the forest I got a scent that got me hard. I couldn't stand it. I was so surprised when I got to the fresh and delicious stream. I started drinking till I was satisfied. When I started running, the feeling was even better. I opened my mouth and the wind tasted like the best tingly feeling ever. The mirror reflected me smiling a bit. Suzzane says I'm special. I might be special but I hope the Volturi doesn't come looking for me .

Today is September 13. My birthday. Ugh. After I finished brushing my hair , I went to my closet to choose what to wear to school. I finally came up with a blue tank-top/t-shirt,black leather jacket on top,black skinny's, and blue high heel shoes. I got dreessed and went downstairs. When I got to the living room, everyone popped out of nowhere and began singing...

"Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Isabella, Happy Birthday to youuu!"

"Thank you guys!" I smiled to myself thinking ohhh great i see wrapping stuff.. "Here's something special for you Isabella." And then Christene and Adam handed over a sky blue box. I opened it and it had the most beautiful necklace ever. On the little charm Bella was engraved. I looked up and Adam winked at me. "Thank you so much! Can you please put it on Christene?" After the necklace was put on, Justin told me to close my eyes. I did as he told. I felt a light breeze. I assumed we were outside. "Open your eyes!" And when I did my Audi was in front of me. "I reinstalled the engines and made the speed go faster." Said Justin "THANK YOU" I gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek. We went inside and Suzzane grabbed me and handed me a black/pink box. Inside that pretty box was a dark blue scrapbook. On the cover was the name Isabella. I was sobbing with joy and happiness. I opened the first page and there was a picture of Suzzane and I,the next page was with the whole family,the third page was in Montana. The pictures just kept going on and on. I was so happy. Then I tripped on my high heels. I was about to fall when Suzzane caught me. Then I bended down to get the scrapbook. The scrapbook was open on the last page. I gasped with pain. The picture was with me and Ed-Ed..ward at prom. I started sobbing fiercely so sorry Isabella!! Please forgive me!" Said Suzzane. " Y-you did- nothing w-w-wrong Suz-zane...."

After an hour of sobbing, I calmed down.

"I'm sorry guys. I just had a breakdown." "It's okay. Now come one lets go to school." Said Adam

I got into my Audi and so did Suzzane and Justin. Christene and Adam got into the Ferrari.

We arrived at the High School in no time. I just starred blankly and went into the office. The lady at the desk was dazzled by our beauty because she was just speechless. When we got our scheduals we checked what classes we were in together. Turns out I only have biology with Suzzane and Adam.

After Trig,science, and geometry were done,lunch was here. I sat down and unshielded myself. I looked at the familiar wall and just thought about the past sadly.