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We Are Young

Emmett is the new guy at Forks High, and with his appearance, he brings the truth. Cheaters, secrets, and forbidden affairs will all be brought to the light, and love will be won and lost. Senior year will most definitely be a year to remember.


2. Chapter 2

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The bell signaling that it was the end of the school day rang through the school, and Emmett gathered his belongings and began to stand as his 7th period math class began to clear out.

"Don't forget that if you didn't finish your work in class, its now homework. Due as soon as you walk in the door tomorrow." The all too young Mr. Newton rambled to the half empty classroom. He seriously looked as if he should be sitting in one of the open desks in class instead of being at the front of the room, ordering kids to do homework. Emmett saw Bella walk out of the door and quickly attempted to follow after her, but the girl in front of him was walking too slowly to allow that to happen.

"Angela, may I see you for a moment?" Mr. Newton asked. The girl in front of Emmett froze before turning around so fast that her long black ponytail brushed his chest.

"Of course, sir!" She said enthusiastically, her eyes beaming behind her glasses. Mr. Newton gave her a look, and her smile quickly vanished.

"Excuse me, but can I get by you?" Emmett questioned, growing impatient.

"Oh, I'm sorry about that."Angela exclaimed, quickly stepping to the side to allow him by.

"No problem, I hope you haven't gotten yourself into too much trouble." Emmett motioned his head towards the teacher as he made his way through the door.

"You and me both." She smiled as the door closed behind him. He scanned the hallway and spotted Bella at the end of the hall in the arms of a man with curly brown hair and pasty white skin. Who is this nappy motherfucker? Emmett thought evilly as he watched the guy wrap his arms around her and lift her slightly as they kissed.

"They are so disgusting." Said a male voice and Emmett turned to look at James, one of Jacob's best friends that he'd met at lunch. He had long blond hair that he kept tied back in a tight ponytail. His hair moved from side to side as he shook his head.

"Nah, just the guy cause he looks kinda... Greasy?" Emmett shrugged as James laughed.

"Greasy, that's a new way of describing Edward. I like it." He said turning away from the scene as Emmett did the same. "So how you likin' Forks High so far?" James asked as he dug in his pocket for his car keys.

"It's been pretty good so far. If only I could get all these girls to stop hounding me." Emmett sighed.

"I don't think I've ever heard a guy complain about having too many girls on their jock. Well, not any straight ones anyways." James looked at him sideways with a quizzically raised eyebrow and Emmett threw back his head laughing.

"Dude, I'm straight, I can assure you that."

"Mhmmm." James said while taking a step to the side with a smile, causing Emmett to roll his eyes.

"I'm liking the attention, just not when its coming from girls like Jessica Stanley." Emmett said as he pushed open the double doors and started down the steps.

"Oh my God, that girl is the definition of annoying! The only thing she's good for is if you either want to find out some crazy school gossip rumors, or if you're a guy seeking a favor." Emmett's eyebrow shot up, not sure of which piece of information he should be more interested in.

"What kind of favors?" He asked, going for the latter.

"I mean Fave. Ors." James pushed his hand down twice as he would a girl's head, and pumped his hips forward as he clearly illustrated what he meant by the word.

"Oh! Gotcha. So she's one of those girls, huh?" James nodded and Emmett shoved his hand in his pocket to pull out his own car keys as he neared his Mustang. "Then I'm glad I declined that tour this morning. The museum of STD's is no field trip I plan on taking anytime soon." James bent over laughing and Emmett grinned as he stood in front of the driver's side of his car and unlocked the doors.

"This your car?" Emmett had his hand on the handle, but quickly looked up when he heard a sweet voice, and his eyes fell on one of the most beautiful girls that he had ever seen. She had long, dirty blond hair that fell in thick spirals down past her shoulder and eyes the pale blue of ice. She wore a smile that showed her dimples and beautifully white teeth to advantage.

"Yeah, this is mine." Emmett said, incapable of keeping from beaming, and James stood to the side, looking between the two of them. She nodded and looked down at the car, running her fingers over the smooth shine of it, before she looked back up at him.

"The blue matches your eyes, did you plan that?" She asked. He tilted his head and thought about it.

"Actually, I didn't. My dad owns a dealership and picked it out for me so I only have it for a while and then I plan on trading it out."

"Oh well, sweet temporary ride." She said as she began to slowly back away.

"Hey Rose, nice to see you too!" James yelled. Her eyes slid over to him and she smiled apologetically.

"Sorry Jay, I didn't see you past the glare of the car because its just so shiny! And-"

"Yeah, uh huh. Don't bullshit me, girl!" She laughed and gave him the finger. "Promises, promises." He said with a smile, and she rolled her eyes.

"Later James." She turned on her heel and headed up the stairs to enter the school.

"Rosalie Hale. Now there, my friend, goes the kind of girl who I would tour any day." Emmett shook his head with a smile.

"Yeah, she's cool." He said as he got in his car and turned on the engine to get the AC going.

"Cool?!" James slammed his hands on the roof of the car and looked in the door at Emmett. "Man, she is perfect! Beauty, brains-she's got it all, except-"

"Except? Last time we talked, you claimed that I was flawless." Feminine hands to match the voice slid around James torso, and a redhead with brilliant emerald green eyes rested her head on his shoulder. "Was that all just talk?" She questioned.

"Nah babe, you're perfect."James said before pecking her lips and causing her to smile. "Victoria, this is Emmett. Em, Vic."

"It's really nice to meet you, Emmett. It must suck to be the new kid at school after missing the first few months, huh?" He shrugged.

"It's not that bad, just getting up to speed is a bitch." He groaned and Victoria smiled.

"It sure as hell is," she broke away from James and moved to stand beside him. "Speaking of, me and Jake are about to study for that test in history honors tomorrow, and I was wondering..." She bit her lip and he clenched his jaw, sensing what she was about to say.

"Yes Victoria," he said, dictating each syllable. "Of course you can dip out on having dinner with my family for the 3rd time."

Full name, shit. That's never good. Emmett thought as he saw that some great relationship problems were about to unfold in front of him. A silver car driving out of the parking lot caught his eye, and as it vanished, he saw Bella making her way slowly back into the school, and grew curious.

"Why is Bella going back into the school?" he asked either one of them and Victoria released a sigh of relief as she turned to answer.

"Probably to the school pool used for the swim team. She doesn't do anything extra curricular because she's kinda clumsy, so whenever she stays after, that's where she's usually headed." Emmett scrunched his eyebrows together.

"Why?" He noticed that James had went silent and was looking at his feet with his arms crossed.

"I don't know, I don't talk to the girl. She's so awkward to be around. I don't know how Jacob ever dated her." She rolled her eyes.

"Victoria, we need to talk right now." James said as he gave her angry eyes.

"But I was-"

"It's not a question, Vicky. I'm telling you that we need to talk now." She chewed on her bottom lip as she nodded wordlessly. "See you tomorrow, Em."

"Alright man, go easy on her." Victoria smiled at him, but James frowned deepened.

"We'll see." He turned and started walking away, expecting Victoria to follow suite.

"Thank you for trying to help." She whispered as she gave him a brief hug and turned to follow James. Emmett glanced towards the entrance of the school and sighed as he got out of his car and locked it again.

"Anytime." He called after her, and she turned with a small smile before disappearing into the passenger's side of James car.


As Bella drifted at the top of the water in the school's swimming pool, she let go of all the worries inhabiting her mind, filling herself with a sense of ease. Being in the water was where she knew she could be free, it was the only place that truly made her feel at home. When she was young, her parents would take her out to the pool in the back of their house everyday after school, and watch her swim. They would kiss and hold each other while she played with her pet turtle, Shelly, in the shallow end.

It was the happiest time of her life, and they were a happy family in those days. But, since then her parents have gone through a messy divorce and barely speak to each other now because of it. She chose to live with her dad after her abusive step father started to hit her and her mother refused to believe her. Taking to the water helped her stay sane in those days because it helped her in times whenever she needed a sense of freedom and happiness.

Bella closed her eyes and tried not to think of Emmett's sexy smirk or the way he made her heart flutter whenever he said that he liked her quirky attitude. She smiled softly as she plunged into the deep end and started counting, trying to beat her record of holding her breath underwater for two minutes and forty-five seconds.

A little after a minute, Bella began to thrash in the water as she felt strong arms lock around her waist. She attempted to pull away, her heart beating frantically, but she just wasn't strong enough to fight off whoever had a grip on her. She surfaced, and took in a deep breath before screaming.

"Let go of m-" Her cry was cut off as she felt something warm cover her lips. She groaned and closed her eyes, still fighting, until she felt a wet tongue slide across her bottom lip, the sensation sending chills down her spine. The person withdrew from her and suddenly, Bella was shivering, her eyes still closed from the kiss. When she opened them, a set of deep blue eyes peered down at her and she realized that she was no longer in the water.

"Are you alright?" Emmett asked as he ran a hand over her face, sweeping her soaked hair to the side. She slapped his hand away, and pushed herself into a sitting position, her shivers dying as the feel of the chill from his kiss faded.

"I'm fine, are you alright? You know, in the head and everything? Because people don't pull shit like kidnapping unless they're mentally fucked." She spat, and he bit his lip in order to keep from laughing.

"I wasn't trying to kidnap you," Emmett explained slowly as if he were breaking down a difficult subject for a elementary child. "I thought you were drowning, so I jumped in after you."

"Drowning? I was trying to see how long I could hold my breath underwater, Mr. Lifegaurd, is that okay by you?" He smiled at her smart remark.

"Yeah, I guess that's okay. Just don't scare me like that bec-"

"How long have you been watching me?" Bella cut him off, suddenly curious.

"What do you mean?" He asked in a low voice.

"You had to have been watching me for a while to know that I was under there for a while." She grabbed a handful of her hair and wrung it out on her left side before flipping it behind her back. "So how long, stalker boy?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Emmett looked at the water and ran his fingers over the top, before looking back at her. "I was walking by and looked in and saw you."

"Liar." She smiled and ran a hand through her hair. Emmett licked his lips as his eyes slid over her half naked body. She was a lot thinner than the girls that he usually went for, but it suited her well so he was willing to make an exception. "Why're you looking at me like that?"

"I know you want me, Bella." He said simply, his eyes meeting hers.

"This must be coming from the same instinct that told you that I was drowning," she breathed and licked her lips. "Because again, you're wrong."

"Really?" He reached over to pull the strap of her bikini top back over her shoulder seeing as it had slid down in her struggle. She grabbed his wrist to stop him, and their eyes locked. He moved his hand from her shoulder to behind her neck, and slowly began to pull her face towards his, her hand that was restraining him fell away. "Because I don't think I'm wrong." He said as he moved to his knees and inched closer to her until his chest brushed hers.

"Correction," he whispered, his mouth hovering above hers. "I'm not wrong, because I'm always right, Bella." He leaned her back until she was stretched out by the edge of the pool like she had been after he'd carried her out of the water. Her breathing changed as she felt the heat and weight of him beating against her, and she yearned for that inch he was keeping between their lips.

"If you told me that you didn't enjoy our kiss earlier, it'd be my turn to call you the liar." He continued, breathing along her neck, causing Bella to bite her lip. "You want me Bella, and there's nothing wrong with that." He ended with a smile.

"You're such a typical egotistical ass," Bella remarked. Emmett rose is eyebrow and eased a little away from her.

"Meaning?" He questioned. Bella laced her fingers through his slowly drying hair and pulled him towards her, kissing him deeply enough to generate a passionate groan from him. She rotated her hips against him, moaning continuously, and her hand slipped down to his zipper and she gripped him through his jeans that now clung to him, heavy from the water. She pulled away and as she undid his belt buckle and the button on his jeans, with a smile, she decided to answer his question.

"You talk way too much."