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We Are Young

Emmett is the new guy at Forks High, and with his appearance, he brings the truth. Cheaters, secrets, and forbidden affairs will all be brought to the light, and love will be won and lost. Senior year will most definitely be a year to remember.


3. Chapter 3

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"So Mr. McCarty, any cherished moments so far?" Emmett closed his locker to stare into the lens of Angela's video camera. Since their encounter on the first day of school, they'd began talking more in math class and she even helped him out when he didn't understand something. He knew Angela was part of the yearbook committy and that they were making a senior video, so he reguarded her camera with a brilliant smile as he shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged.

"Nah, not really. Its only been a few weeks, Ang. Definitely not enough time to do anything... Edgy." He said the last word in a low growl and bit his lip, causing Angela's breath to catch in her throat. He laughed at her reaction as she shook her head and started after him as he headed to lunch.

"What about the ladies?" He stopped and addressed her camera with a raised eyebrow.

"What about them?" He leaned against the nearest locker and folded his arms.

"Well, you are one of the hottest guys in school and-"

"Really? Do you think I'm hot, Ang?" He cut her off with the question, and a small smile.

"I... Uh..." She blushed softly and looked down. "Yes." He laughed, a low rumble in his chest, and she blushed harder. "Can I finish my question now?"

"Yeah," he said still chuckling a bit. "Sorry, I just wanted to get that on camera." Her eyes grew wide, but she smiled.

"You bastard! I'm deleting that as soon as I get home, I hope you know that." She said while looking back at the screen which was zoomed in on his still smiling face. "Now back to my question. Is there anyone special that you have your eye on?"

"Uhm..." Emmett looked to his right and saw Bella entering the cafeteria with Edward's arm draped around her neck. She looked over at him and smiled softly before dissappearing behind the double doors.

Their affairs had continued to happen since that first day at the school pool, and he could tell that Bella was really into him. She would blow off dates with her current boyfriend, then call him and arrange to meet somewhere, and the day always ended with them doing something with a sexual focus. Emmett was buying his time until she finally dumped Edward and made them official, but until then, he couldn't openly express how much he was into her, and it made questions like this frustrating.

"Not really, no." He replied with a sigh. She shot him a questioning look.

"No one at all? You sure?" A giggle down the hall floated his way and Emmett looked over to see Rosalie walking into the school laughing and talking with a girl that he now knew as Alice. Rosalie flipped her blond hair that she wore straight today, behind her back and place a hand on her hip as she stopped and waited for Alice to get something from her locker. Rosalie felt him looking at her and as she turned to look, his eyes flicked back to Angela's camera before she could see that he'd been staring.

"Rosalie Hale." He said with a smile. Angela frowned.

"Rosalie, really? Why?" she asked eagerly.

"Well, she's stylish and smart and all that other deep stuff, but most of all, she's sexy as hell." He grinned. Angela scoffed as she turned off her camera.

"You're such a pig, McCarty." She said falling in step beside him as they both started heading to the lunchroom again.

"And you're such a hater, Webber." She stuck out her tongue at him as they entered the cafeteria and she started walking away. "See you in math!" He called after her. She waved over her shoulder and Emmett made his way through the the crowded place to the table in the far back where Jacob and James sat.

"Thank you!" Emmett chimed, stealing a slice of pizza from Jacob's tray as he sat. Jacob looked from his tray to the pizza shoved halfway down Emmett's mouth and frowned. He opened his mouth to make a comment but was cut off by James.

"Has she said anything to you yet?" James asked desperately. Emmett swallowed before releasing a long sigh.

"No, I haven't talked to Victoria at all today." James sat back in his chair, dissappointed.

"Oh, okay." Since the incident between James and Victoria in the parking lot on Emmett's first day, they've been on a "break" by her suggestion, and it was driving James crazy.

"You are trippin' over Vic big time James." Jacob recieved a glare from James for his comment and he held his hands up as if surrendering. "I'm just making observations."

"Well don't." James said as he shoved his tray of untouched food towards Emmett and stood up. "Let me know if she says anything, I'm gonna go. I've lost my appetite." With that, James walked out of the lunchroom without acknowledging anyone.

"Women," Jacob laughed as he took a bite out of his french fry. "They really are something else." Emmett felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and pulled it out only to see that he had a new text message from Bella.

Swimming afterschool. No bathing suits allowed.

He looked behind him towards her table and she smiled and bit her lip as their eyes met. Edward pulled her into his body and kissed her temple and Bella frowned as Emmett turned away. He thought for a moment, then quickly replied to her text.

You got it. ;)

"They sure are, Jake." Emmett mumbled as he picked up the bottle of Sprite from James tray and popped the cap, taking a long sip from the bottle. "They sure are."


When the last bell of the day rang, Rosalie groaned knowing what was ahead of her. Every other week afterschool she had a SAT prep class to attend with her own private teacher and she hated it. Her time to talk with her friends was a limited 15 minutes before she was expected to meet up with Mrs. Renee. In order to get the best out of her time, Rosalie quickly gathered her belongings and walked out of her 7th period health class to meet up with her best friend Alice.

As Rosalie walked down the hall, she recieved a lot of greeetings from the male population and enough glares from the females to burn a hole from the earth's crust to its core. She smiled sweetly at the girl's knowing that their only reason for disliking her was because of the attention all of the guys always gave her. If only they knew that she didn't give two shits about all of these boys because what she really wanted was a man. As soon as she thought this, Emmett loomed into view, leaning against the wall that led out to the parking lot, and she smiled as she walked over to him.

"So, you think I'm sexy as hell, huh?" She asked when she was within earshot of him. He turned at the sound of her voice looking completly lost, but his face lit up at the site of her in her white shorts and baby blue tank top.

"I'm not sure I know what you're talking about." He said simply as she came to a stop in front of him.

"Oh really? Well Angela's video would beg to differ." His mouth fell open and she smiled.

"She showed it to you?" Rosalie laughed at that.

"Me and her are anything but friends so, no, she didn't show it to me. We just both happen to have the same computers class and I may have overheard that one part."

"Overheard my ass." He smiled, showing off his dimples causing her to involuntarily smile as well.

"Its true!" She protested as he rolled his eyes.

"Mhmm, of course it is. But, I'll just be honest and say that I did indeed say that. I hope you don't think too lowly of me now." He poked out his plump bottom lip and Rosalie looked at it, biting her own, and slowly raised her eyes to meet his.

"My opinion of you could be lower." She said with a smile. "Honest men are just so hard to find now a days."

"I'll try to pick up the slack for the rest of my gender." She laughed as she walked around him and opened the door.

"Good to know." She said as she walked out and into the parking lot, leaving him behind. Alice was standing next to Rosalie's car tapping her foot impatiently as Rosalie approached her.

"What took you so long?" She asked sweetly as Rosalie unlocked the doors and threw her bookbag into the back seat.

"Sorry, I was talking to Emmett." Alice grinned.

"I knew you liked him!" Alice yelled causing Roslaie to hush her.

"Be quiet Al! And no, I don't like him, thank you very much." Alice opened her mouth to make a comment, but Rosalie held up her hand to silence her. "However, I do think that he's cute."

"One confession at a time, I suppose." Rosalie shook her head and decided not to fight Alice on the subject. "But hey, I brought you food!" Alice went to Rosalie's hood and grabbed a McDonalds bag that was sitting on top of it and handed it to her.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Rosalie chanted as she took the bag and gratefully opened it, taking out a french fry to shove in her mouth.

"No problem. I figured since the munchies were getting to me that they'd probably be getting to you too."

"Ugh you have no idea." Rosalie said through a mouthful of fries. She stayed by her car and ate the chicken sandwhich and apple pie that Alice had gotten her while they talked.When Rosalie had downed her soda, she checked her watch and groaned.

"Time to go already?" Alice asked with a frown.

"Unfortunately." Rosalie said as she dropped her empty cup into the white bag with the rest of her trash. "But I'll call you later and we can talk about my non-existant love life since that seems to be your favorite hobby."

"It won't be non-existant for long." Alice smiled as she gave Rosalie a hug. " Now hurry up and go before you're late!" Alice said while giving Rosalie a slight push.

They said their goodbyes and Rosalie hurried into the school. She was halfway down the hall when she heard sounds coming from one of the empty classrooms. She glanced in curiously and her eyes widened when she saw Bella sitting on one of the desk with her lips locked with Emmett's. Rosalie covered her mouth with her hand to hold in a gasp, just as Emmett pulled away from Bella.

"I don't feel like swimming today." He said as he ran a finger from her collarbone down to between her breast.

"Who ever intended on swimming?" She asked as she leaned up to kiss his chin while he chuckled. That dirty little skank, Rosalie thought angrily as she watched Bella's hands roam Emmett's body.

"What I meant is,how about we take this back to my place?" He asked as he burried his face in her hair. "We'll be alone, just me and you." She pulled his face away from her neck so that she could kiss his lips. He lifted her by her ass and pressed her tightly against his groins, causing Bella to moan into his mouth.

"Okay, but drive fast. You're driving me crazy right now." She replied as she nibbled on his bottom lip and he smiled broadly as they began to move for the door. Rosalie hurried down the hall and into another classroom to avoid being caught by either of them. When she was positive that they'd left the building, Rosalie frustratedly beat her fist against the wall.

I don't know why I expected him to be any different, Rosalie thought to herself as she headed to her prep class. Good men are and always will be too good to be true.


Emmett was sitting upright in his bed with his back against the headboard and his arms around Bella's naked, sleeping form, as he gently stroked her hair. He looked over at the clock that read 5:43pm and sighed as he shook her slightly.

"Bells?" He whispered in her ear as he kissed her cheek lightly. "Bella, wake up." She shifted slightly with a groan and placed her hands over his that were around her.

"I don't want to." She said in a groggy voice causing him to smile.

"But you have to because its almost six and my dad will be home soon." Her eyes flew open as his words registered and she turned to look at the clock.

"Shit, Em, why didn't you wake me sooner?" She pushed out of his arms and threw the covers off of them before hopping out of the bed in search of her clothes.

"I wore you out pretty damn bad, so I thought I'd let you sleep for a while. Was that so wrong?" Bella blushed as she hooked her bra over her breasts and started pulling on her underwear.

"No, you weren't wrong for that. I'm sorry, I just had plans with Edward at six that I completely forgot about until now. It's not your fault, I shouldn't have yelled at you." Emmett found his boxers on the edge of his bed and pulled them on as Bella slipped into her shirt and began to pull on her jeans.

"It's fine babe," He got out of the bed and stretched before walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her waist as she fought with the button on her jeans. "But when are you going to finally break up with that prick?" Bella froze.

"What do you mean?" He pulled back from the kiss he was about to lay on her neck and turned her around.

"Well, you are going to break up with him and be with me so that we can stop all of this hiding around and shit, right?" She shook her head slightly and scrunched her eyebrows in thought, her hand unconsciously going through her hair.

"We... We never talked about that before." She stammered and his arms fell away from her completely.

"I thought it would be obvious that a choice had to be made between the two of us, Bella. I don't like to share, and its a wonder how I've managed to put up with it for two weeks already." Emmett said, his face devoid of emotion.

"Emmett..." Bella said softly as she took a step towards him. He stepped away from her and looked at her in shock.

"You weren't planning on choosing, were you?" She rubbed her neck and looked down and he became angry with her incapability to look him in the eyes. "You were going to keep me around as your little sex toy while you walked around with that guy. And you thought I'd be okay with that?" He asked in a harsh tone.

"Em, please calm down." Bella urged. "Yes, okay, I knew I had to choose eventually, but not this soon. Its all so complicated and-"

"There's nothing complicated about it, Bella." He said in a lighter tone. "It's simply a matter of who you want to be with more. And that is me, isn't it?"

"I..." She closed her eyes and ran frustrated fingers through her hair once more as she softly shook her head. "I don't know, Emmett, I just don't know."

He stared at her for a hard moment, really seeing her for who she was for the first time. Walking around her, he made his way to the door and opened it without a word. She understood that she was being kicked out, and picked up her bag and grabbed her shoes. She stopped beside him as she reached the door and slowly turned to look him in the face.

"Can I call you tonight?" she asked in a soft voice. He gave an abrupt laugh, and shook his head.

"Are you sure that's what you want, Bells?" He asked condescendingly. "Because from what I see, you don't know what it is that you want and you never will. I can see why you and Jacob broke up now-a girl who can't make up her mind needs someone to do it for them. And that's what he did, isn't it? He made up your mind for you and broke up with you, and now, you're sleeping around with-" He was cut off as a sharp sting shot through his cheek and he realized that Bella had slapped him.

"Shut the fuck up! You know nothing about me, and you have no right to judge me because the last time I checked, you knew I was taken and still you made an effort to get in my pants. You walked into this knowing you would be second, and that's not my fault." Emmett touched his reddening cheek and stared at her with bitterness.

"Second to who?" He asked as he took a step forward and she stepped back, fearing what he would do. "You don't love Edward. If you did, my dick wouldn't have just been up your vagina and you wouldn't have been screaming for more."

"Stop..." She whispered as tears began to slowly fall from her eyes.

"Stop what, honey?" Emmett asked closing in on her still. "I'm just giving you the facts that if you continue to be so damn undecided, you will become a whore. Hell, you already are! Tell me I'm the only guy you're fucking right now, and I may just have to laugh in your face. You put out for me so easily that yes, it does actually give me room to judge."

"Emmett!" She cried, full out crying now as her back hit the wall. She slid down to the floor and dropped her head in her hands. "Just stop, please." She begged.

He watched her crumpled figure shake from sobs and shook his head. He felt no remorse for anything he said, but he did feel dissappointment. He thought that he'd finally found someone worthy of his attentions and heart, only to find out that she was too fucked up to have her own heart in order. He looked at the clock that now read 5:57pm and sighed.

"Bella, get out of my house." She looked up at him with puffy red eyes and sniffled as she got to her feet and headed for the door. "You can call me if you want." He called as she reached the door and picked up her dropped belongings.

"Okay." She replied without turning to look at him.

"Whether I'll answer or not, that's a different story." The door closed on his words and he ran a hand over his head before grabbing a towel and heading to his personal bathroom for a well needed, mind clearing shower.