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We Are Young

Emmett is the new guy at Forks High, and with his appearance, he brings the truth. Cheaters, secrets, and forbidden affairs will all be brought to the light, and love will be won and lost. Senior year will most definitely be a year to remember.


4. Chapter 4

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The next day at school, Bella found herself unable to focus on anything in class. Her mind was a blur with the thought of everything Emmett had said to her the previous day. She didn't have the nerve to call him, and instead cried herself to sleep after her dinner date with Edward. She knew that she didn't love Emmett, but the fact that her relationship with Edward now held a question mark over it made her heart sink.

"For the last few mintes of class, I want you guys to partner up and discuss the first three questions in your textbooks and then answer them for homework. You have five minutes." Rosalie slid her desk next to Bella's as their history teacher took a seat and the rest of the class excitedly got with their friends. Bella was caught off guard, seeming to be in her own world.

"Mind if we partner up?" Rosalie asked with a small smile. Bella looked at her, bewildered seeing as her and Rosalie weren't very close, but she eventually nodded slowly.

"Uhm... Yeah, sure." Bella looked down at her book as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "This is really embarrassing, but what are we suppose to be doing?" She looked up at Rosalie with a small smile. "I completely zoned out for a minute."

"Got a lot on your mind?" Rosalie asked sweetly.

"You have no idea." Bella mumbled as she bent to get a pencil out of her bookbag.

"Actually, I do. Emmett is quite the looker, so I can see why he's raping your every thought." Bella froze at the mention of Emmett's name and slowly sat back up, forgetting all about her pencil.

"Wh-what're you talking about?" Bella asked with a nervous laugh.

"Oh don't play dumb honey," Rosalie leaned into her with a viscious smile. "I know all about you and Emmett's afterschool fuckfests, so don't try and play me like you are Edward."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Running a nervous hand through her hair, Bella bit her lip and looked down at her book. "We should really get started on-"

"Oh, Emmett! Let's go back to your place." In a mock sultry voice, Rosalie ran a hand from her jaw to her chest as Bella's eyes grew wide. "But get there fast because you're driving me crazy right now." She ended with a dramatized pant.

"Ssshhh! Okay, okay," Bella looked around nervously with a deep blush to make sure no one was listening as Rosalie laughed. "How'd you find out?"

"That doesn't matter, but know this," Rosalie opened her book and tapped her pencil against the open page as the teacher walked by, and when he was gone, she cut her eyes back to Bella. "Edward and I have a project together in English and I can only keep quiet about this for so long."

"So what does that mean?" Bella's teeth were clenched almost as hard as her hands, and Rosalie gently laid a hand over them with a taunting smile.

"That means, sweetie, break things off with Emmett before I see to it that things get messy." Bella pulled her hands away with a scowl.

"Don't worry, that's already been done." As soon as the words left her mouth, the bell signaling the end of the class rang, and Bella made sure that she was the first one out of the door.


Emmett walked out of his 3rd period class with his head hung low, a million thoughts rushing through his mind. How could something that had seemed so good been all wrong? He sighed as he walked over to his locker and rested his head on the cool surface, calming himself. He shouldn't be this concerned with girls when he was trying to finish high school anyways, but he couldn't help it.

Since his mother died months before, he was longing for a feminine touch to fill the void. She had been beautiful, smart, headstrong, and was always there for him. If he ever found a woman like his mother had been, he'd do anything, be anyone for her because his guilt was causing him too much grief.

"Hey Emme-... What's wrong?" Emmett turned to look at Rosalie, her blue eyes fierce with concern.

"Nothing, just getting some books." He turned away and undid his lock, but froze when he felt her hand touch his face.

"Its more than that or else you wouldn't be crying." She wiped his tear and smiled softly. "I have to get to class, but if you want to talk, we could go out for coffee after school?" Emmett smiled a little, toched by her caring words.

"I'd love that, Rosalie." She shook her head.

"Just Rose, hun. See you soon." She gave him a quick hug before hurrying down the hall, leaving Emmett a lot more optimistic than he had been 10 minutes before.


"Victoria!" James yelled down the hall when he saw the bright flash of red hair heading for the doors to exit the school. It was lunch, and when Victoria had walked into the cafeteria and seen James immediately make his way towards her, her meal plans had changed and she was suddenly not hungry. "Slow down Vic, I just want to talk." He yelled as he closed his hand around her wrist and pulled her away from the door.

"Talk about what, James? There's nothing left to say." She shoved him away from her and exited the building, heading towards her car, but he was right behind her.

"There's so much to say Vic. Like how much I love and miss you. How much I want to work through this, and how much I want us to be together." James said as they reached her red Camry and stopped.

"James..." She began, feeling the tears stinging her eyes. "I can't, okay?" She turned to look at his face which looked aged, dark circles showing under his weary eyes. He looked as if he hadn't slept in days and the sight of him like that made her feel ten times worse.

"Why not? Please give me a reason because that's not enough. If its because I got mad that you wouldn't meet my family, then I'm sorry." She shook her head vigorously.

"It's not that James, it's not you at all." She looked down and inhaled deeply. He hesitantly moved forward and cupped her face between his palms, raising her head so that her tear filled green eyes met his head on.

"What is it then, baby? Whatever it is, I'm sure we can work through it." She let out a strangled sob and buried her face in his shirt and he drew her into his body, holding her tightly and never wanting to let go.

"You'll never forgive me James. If I told you the truth, nothing good will come of it, I just know it." He stroked her soft red hair and hushed her.

"Try me." He replied softly as she began to calm down.

"Okay, I'll tell you." She hiccupped as she pulled away from him so that she could look at his face and watch his reaction when she told him the truth. "But I swear that you won't like it."


Seventh period couldn't end fast enough, and when it was finally over, Emmett rushed to the front of the school to wait for Rosalie, hoping he hadn't missed her already. As he waited, Angela walked by and he stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

"Webber." He smiled at her in greeting, and she returned the smile.

"McCarty, how can I help you?" She shooed her friends and told them that she'd be with them soon.

"Well, I was wondering if I could use your video camera for that project in history. I don't feel like writing shit so I was going to make a documentary." Angela beamed.

"Of course you can use it." She reached into her shoulder bag and pulled out her camera and handed it to Emmett. "I'm happy someone is getting serious about their grades. Everyone else seems to have senioritis." Emmett laughed.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Thanks though Ang, have a good weekend." She nodded.

"You too Em, and be careful with that." She pointed to the camera. "Its my baby."

"Don't worry, I'll be careful." He promised as he put it in his backpack and Angela dissappeared in the crowd of rushing teens.

"Hey, I thought you would have changed your mind." Emmett's face lit up at the sound of the soft melodic voice that he'd come to know as Rosalie's as he turned to look at her smiling face.

"Well, I was here waiting for you, was I not?" He challenged as they walked outside, side by side.

"That you were," she said as they came to as stop in front of his car. "Unlock the doors, I'm riding with you." Emmett's eyebrow rose.

"Well alrighty then Ms. Demanding." She laughed.

"I'm sorry, let me try again." Rosalie cleared her throat. "I've told Alice that I wouldn't need to ride home with her today, so would it be alright if we rode to Starbucks together, Emmett?" He shook his head with a smile.

"Yeah, that's cool." He unlocked the doors and signaled with his head towards the car. "Get in."

"Now who's being demanding?" She asked as she opened the door and stepped in. Emmett was beaming as he went to get in on the driver's side but his good mood was interrupted by the vibration of his phone in his pocket. He took it out and became puzzled when he realized it was a text from Victoria. Upon reading it, his whole body went rigid and he was frozen for a moment.

"Are you getting in?" Rosalie asked as she leaned over the driver's seat and looked up at the stunned Emmett. He looked at her and shook his head, closing the door and rushing around the car.

"We've got to get to the boy's gang bathroom, now." Emmett said with urgency, pulling Rosalie by her hand behind him.

"Why?" Rosalie asked trying to keep up with Emmett's quick pace as they entered the deserted hallway and pratically ran the rest of the way to the boys gang bathroom that was located beside the math classroom. Emmett pushed the door open and there on the floor was Jacob's crumpled, unconscious body laying in Victoria's lap, bruises covering his body and blood running from various parts of his face. In the corner sat James, cradling his arm, his fist drenched in drying blood.

"Jesus," Rosalie whispered, her eyes wide. She looked at Emmett who was tense, his jaw clenched.

"That's why."