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Do you Believe in Life after Love?

“Do you believe me Bella?” “I don’t know what to believe anymore!” What if Edward never came back… and Bella was never found in the woods? When Bella is found by a blood thirsty vampire, she wins his heart over before he can kill her… Years have passed since Bella’s heart-wrenching day, now the mysterious vampire and Bella are at the altar… but what will happen when two others barge in on Bella’s big day? Who will die… who will live…. And…. ……. Who will Bella’s heart belong to in the end? Read to find out!

Disclaimer: i do not own any of the original plot... only my special characters! YAY! ^_^

1. Chapter 1

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Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

♥ ♥ ♥

I was lying in the woods, on the dirty ground… whimpering. Why had he left me? He said that he didn’t love me anymore… somewhere deep down, I knew that he would leave me eventually, I wasn’t exactly the most beautiful thing. I should have been ready for this… but I got too comfortable thinking that maybe I was good enough for him… Why’d I let myself believe that?

I lay curled in a ball… praying that I would just die… but I did not actually think that my wish would come true!

As I lay, someone came up to me. They touched their foot to my side, and I stared blankly at them… but fear gripped me when I saw that their eyes were blood red. I knew that my end would come… but I was still shocked at the pain which came when they sunk their teeth into my neck.

I gasped, and struggled for air. I tried to push them off of me, but they wouldn’t budge.

“Please, please… don’t kill me! Please! I’m begging you” I pleaded as tears pored down my mud covered cheeks.

“You… want to be…. Like me?” he said, pulling away from my neck.

“Ye…Yes!” I stammered.

“Good, I want a companion… umm…” he said awkwardly. “My name is Stephen.” he said sitting down by me.

“Be-Bel-Bella.” I said gasping for air.

“There’s less pain if you stop breathing. You die more quickly. Trust me.” he said looking anywhere but my eyes.

“Thanks.” I said letting out my air. I stopped breathing, and felt myself slowly die.

“I’ll see ya when you wake up,” Stephen said picking me up and carrying me to who-knows-where.

♥ ♥ ♥

I woke up in a strange bed that I had never seen. It was a huge canopy bed with black silk sliding down the posts. It had a dark red (almost black) bedspread, and black sheets. The walls were dark red like the bed spread, and they had black flowers creeping up the walls.

I had no idea where I was… or why I was there… until Stephen walked in. Then, the memories came flooding back.

“I… I am a vampire?” I asked looking at Stephen.

“Yes. And a beautiful one at that.” he said leading me to a large mirror.

I looked at the beautiful thing staring back at me… she had long black hair, with dark red eyes, and had perfect curves everywhere. She had full, blood red lips, and shiny perfect teeth that were shockingly white.

I stared at the girl… that was ME. I couldn’t believe it… I was sooo beautiful. I personally thought that I was better than Rosalie even.

Stephen was staring at me in wonder. I smiled at him.

“I guess we should get to know one another… shouldn’t we?”

“Yes, I think we should.” Stephen said leading me out of the room.

He lead me down a dark green hallway, into a dark red living room, which had black leather sofas with blood red pillows.

We sat down and looked at each other. This was the first time I had actually looked at him… he had black hair, streaked with dark green, with dark green eyes. He was perfectly toned, and had striking features. I was very drawn to him. He would have taken my breath away if I had still been a human.

We started telling our stories. I learned that he ate humans (which I was surprised to find not repulsive), that he had been orphaned when his parents died in a fire… and that he was changed when he was eighteen (in 1863) during the war, where his camp had been set on fire. A vampire had found him, and had taken pity on him. I also learned that he had loved a human girl… and that a jealous boy had set her house on fire, because he thought that if he couldn’t have her… no one could. I also learned that his last coven had been killed by a werewolf pack in New Orleans. He had wandered around for awhile…. Until he found me.

I told him about the Cullens and the rest of my life.

“Wow, scary… I never really thought about Gabrielle’s safety… but I never really craved her blood.” he said after I told him about why Edward left me.

“I can’t believe all the things you’ve been through… I can’t believe you’ve lost everyone in fires. That’s so tragic. I’m so sorry.” I said putting my hand on his arm. He looked up at me… and I fell into his blood red eyes.

“Umm… I bet you’re hungry. Let’s go hunt. Umm… are you okay with feeding off humans?” he asked uncertainly.

“Well, yes I am. Oh, one more thing… where are we?” I asked looking around for some sort of sign to show where we were.

“We are in the Volturi palace. It’s where everyone in our clan lives. Come, let’s hunt then we can introduce you to everyone.

♥ ♥ ♥