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Do you Believe in Life after Love?

“Do you believe me Bella?” “I don’t know what to believe anymore!” What if Edward never came back… and Bella was never found in the woods? When Bella is found by a blood thirsty vampire, she wins his heart over before he can kill her… Years have passed since Bella’s heart-wrenching day, now the mysterious vampire and Bella are at the altar… but what will happen when two others barge in on Bella’s big day? Who will die… who will live…. And…. ……. Who will Bella’s heart belong to in the end? Read to find out!

Disclaimer: i do not own any of the original plot... only my special characters! YAY! ^_^

2. Chapter 2

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By hunting, Stephen meant stalking humans... which i was absolutely fine with. We followed a man and woman for a while... then we approached them. We charmed them, and then lead them into a dark alley. They had been under our spell the moment they laid eyes on us, so they never realized that they were being drained of all their blood.

I felt refreshed after eating, and was ready to meet with the Volturi.

♥ ♥ ♥

Stephen and I sat across from the leaders of the Volturi. Stephen was well respected so i assumed that he was high in rankings.

Aro stood and greeted me.

"So, Bella you have decided to become one of us?" Aro said sitting back down.

"Yes... I was under the impression that you were the.... bad guys. But, now that i can actually get to know you... i realize that you are all really great! I deffinately want to be one of you." i said smiling my most dazzinling smile.

"Wonderful! Now, we need to work on finding out what your power is... we already know that you still resist powers... but some of us feel that you may have another power. Stephen," Aro said turning to him, "please excort Isabella to Elizabeth. Then go to Katheleen. Then if you get a chance stop by Clarissa," Aro said to Stephen. I looked between them in confusion. Stephen must have understood because he stood up, and led me out the door, into the hallway.

"Who is he talking about?" i asked, still totally confused.

"Elizabeth helps the new vampires with resisting humans, so they don't attack in broad daylight in front of a bunch of humans. Kathleen is our personal seamstress... she will take your measurments, then you will have a huge wardrobe.

"And Clarissa specializes in finding powers... or talents as she reffers them.... it's her power to sense other vampires' powers. Umm.. I'm going to tell you this so i don't forget... do not stare at Clarissa." he stated.

"What do you mean?" i asked in confusion once again.

"Um... well Clarissa is a very unusual vampire... please, don't stare... she does not take staring lightly." he said, signifying that he would not say anymore.

We had gone to Elizabeth, to Kathleen, and now were heading to Clarissa.

Elizabeth said that i did not need any help resisting... that she could tell that i had myself under control.

Kathleen took measurments and designed me dresses (as in ball gowns), bottoms, and blouses in a matter of seconds... and stated that they would be finished by tonight.

I was nervous about going to Clarissa's... Stephen still hadn't said what was so unusual about her.

We turned down another hallway, and went passed all of the black doors leading to other vampires' rooms. We stopped in front of a bright pink door, which was a surprise considering all of the other doors were black.

On the door ribbons and flowers were weaved on. Stephen brought up his hand to knock, but it swung open by the most amazing thing i had ever seen. I quickly remembered not to stare.... but i realized what Stephen had meant by unusual.

Clarissa had butt-length white blonde hair, with a few black streaks. Instead of red or topaz eyes, she had bright green inhuman eyes. Her long nails were painted a vibrant shade of green, and her lips were darker than blood red. One of the most unusual things about her, was that she was very very tan. She was tanner than most humans can get... but i was positive that she was not African. Also, she could blush! How, i have no possible explanation... but she could!

She shook my hand, and i almost gasped in shock when i realized that her hand was warm. I looked at her clothes... she had scarves draped over a long white dress that looked like it belonged in the Victorian age.

Indeed, she was deffinately unusual.

"Hello Isabella. I'm Clarissa. Please sit down so I can find your talent."

She guided me over to a bright green couch. I sat and looked around the room. It was like being inside a fairy's house. Clarissa actually looked like a fairy. The walls were painted a light shade of pink, and were covered with a variety of flowers. The carpet was grass green, and was the shaggy kind so it actually looked like grass too. The window had a semi-see-through white curtain, which had flowers sewn on. One of the walls had a mural on it. It was a beautiful scene of fairies in an enchanted forest.

"I really like this room. Especially the mural. It's beautiful... did you paint it yourself?" i asked Clarissa who was situating herself on the white and green sofa across from myself.

"Thank you... and yes i did paint that. I think it completes the room." she said with a sigh

"Yes, that it deffiately does." i said looking around the room again.

"Alright, now let's figure out your talent." she said sitting up straighter. "I sense... many talents... but... no.... is it possible.... yes!" The whole time Clarissa had closed her eyes... now she quickly opened them and smiled at me.

"You, are quite gifted. I've never seen anything like your talent." she said in awe

"What is it?" i asked enthusiastically.

"Well, you not only resist other people's talents... you also adopt them! It's amazing." she said smiling.

"What do you mean adopt them?" i asked uncertainly.

"If someone who could read minds came near you, you could adopt his power. You would be able to read minds also! You can adopt anyone's power! And no one can use their power on you! It's amazing!" she said smiling again.

"Wow," Stephen, who i had forgotten in all the excitement, sighed. "You are truly gifted. We must go tell Aro." he said heading towards the door.

"Okay." i said standing up.

"Good bye darling! Hope you enjoy your talent!" Clarissa said heading towards another room, she started humming a song... her voice was a magical sound. I had never heard of anything like it.

♥ ♥ ♥

After we were a few doors down, i turned to Stephen, "What is Clarissa?" i asked.

"Well, she's sort of... a fairy." he said uncertainly.

"A what?" i asked in shock.

"A fairy." he said again.

"Wha-Wh-- How?" i asked, still in shock

"She was bitten by a vampire... so now she's both. That's what i meant by unusual."

"Wait... there's fairies? What other mythical creature is real?" i asked stopping in my tracks.

"Well, unicorns, mermaids, werewolves as you know, pretty much everything that is supossedly a myth." he said turning towards me.

"Wow" i breathed.

"Yea, it was a shock for me too. I couldn't believe it either. But you get used to it." he said starting to walk again.

I followed him, neither of us talking.

We stopped in front of the door.

"Stephen?" i asked.


"What's your power?" i asked.

"Well, i levitate things. Why?" he asked.

"Because, i am not sure if i believe Clarissa about my power." i said lowering me gaze.

"Try it."


"Try adopting my power." he said smiling at me encouragingly.

"Okay," i focused on Stephen's power.... then i felt warm enclose my body... What's happening?