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Do you Believe in Life after Love?

“Do you believe me Bella?” “I don’t know what to believe anymore!” What if Edward never came back… and Bella was never found in the woods? When Bella is found by a blood thirsty vampire, she wins his heart over before he can kill her… Years have passed since Bella’s heart-wrenching day, now the mysterious vampire and Bella are at the altar… but what will happen when two others barge in on Bella’s big day? Who will die… who will live…. And…. ……. Who will Bella’s heart belong to in the end? Read to find out!

Disclaimer: i do not own any of the original plot... only my special characters! YAY! ^_^

3. Chapter 3

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After the warmth left my body, I sank to the floor. I sat on my heels and hugged my knees to my chest. My vision blurred on and off, and I waited until it stopped to stand up.

“Wow.” I breathed.

“Yea… do you want to try levitating something?” Stephen said.

“Sure.” I said, I focused on a ornament that hung on the wall. I carefully made it slide off it’s hook, and carefully dropped it to the floor.

“Great!” Stephen said from my side. “Now, are you ready to go see Aro and everyone?” he asked looking at me for signs that I did not want to go.

“Sure, let’s go.” I said smiling. We looked at each other for a long time, then all of a sudden, he leaned in and kissed me. I fell into the kiss, and it was remarkable. I could never be free like that with… him… because of my safety.

When we pulled away, if we were human we would have gasped for breath, but since we weren’t we just clung to each other and looked into one another’s eyes.


200 years later

“Stephen! Where are you taking me?” I said as he dragged me along, blind folded.

“You’ll see!” he said, I could tell that he was smiling.

“You know, I could just look into the future and find out!” I said laughing… he knew I would never do that, I loved him too much. Yes, I said love. It’s been two-hundred years… I am finally over Edward. See, I can say his name! Stephen and I had been together for almost one hundred years… but we never tied the knot, I was still aching over Edward. But, about ten years ago I realized that I loved Stephen even more than I ever loved Edward. We haven’t married yet though.

“You better not. This is going to be a surprise!” he said pulling me along faster.

“Come on… where are we going?” I said laughing.

“You’ll just have to be patient and wait.” he said slowing down. We stopped, and he let go of my hand.

I heard him moving, but kept still, I was wondering where I could be.

“Alright take off your blind fold.” I heard his voice in front of me. I slid off the material that had covered my eyes, and waited for my eyes to adjust to the light. I gasped. We were in the woods were he had bitten me. I looked at Stephen, who I realized was kneeling on one knee.

I brought my hand over my un-beating heart on instinct. I saw him bring up a small black box, and he slowly opened it to reveal the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. It had a large emerald in the middle, and had diamonds shaped like flowers circling the large green stone.

“Wow.” I said, I was still speechless.

“Isabella, 200 years ago, I made a foolish mistake, but I know now, that my mistake was wonderful also. Because of it, I know you. I love you and want to be united with you, for eternity. Isabella, will you marry me?” I smiled and nodded my head. He got up and slipped the ring onto my finger. I looked down at it and smiled, then I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.


After Stephen and I got back home, we relaxed on the black couch (that we still had no matter how much I bugged him to get a new one). I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. Day dreaming about my wedding.

“Bella?” Stephen asked, I blinked open my eyes and looked up at him.

“Yea?” I said smiling.

“You know what would be fun?” he said mysteriously.

“What?” I asked rolling onto the floor and looking up at him.

“I think we should go on an adventure!” he said grinning hugely.

“What do you mean?” I said giggling.

“I think we should change our names and our appearances, and go back to both of our old homes, just for a couple of weeks.” he said sliding down next to me.

I moved onto his lap, and leaned against his chest. “Well, that would most definitely be fun… but what do you mean our appearances? That’s not exactly easy.” I said smiling up and him.

“Well, there’s a new girl and Clarissa was telling me, that she can change appearances. So, I was thinking if you adopt her power…” he said stroking my cheek.

“Sounds good to me!” I said resting my head under his chin.

“Well, how about we leave tomorrow? Early in the morning?” he said holding up tickets.

“You knew I would say yes, didn’t you?” I said laughing, I took the tickets from his hands. “Yea, that sounds great. I guess we should pack, then I can go meet this girl.” I said getting up and heading to our bedroom.

“Actually, I already packed, and the she is on her way now.” he said as he got back onto the couch. Just as he got comfortable, there was knocking at the door. “Come in!” he called as I went to sit by him.


After the girl, whose name was Karly, left, Stephen and I relaxed a while more, until it was time to leave for our flight.

The flight took a couple hours, so I brought a couple of books along. Stephen held my left hand, and was fingering my ring. He leaned over and kissed my hand, which made me read the same sentence over and over, because he slowly planted kisses all up my arm. I smiled, and kissed his cheek. He smirked. He leaned in to kiss me, properly, but we were interrupted by the pilot saying that we were about to land.

Stephen and I walked hand-in-hand off the plane, and as we walked to get our luggage.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom really quick, I’ll be right back.” I said slipping my hand out of his and hurrying over to the bathrooms.

I stepped into the bathroom and looked around for anyone. No one was in there, so I walked up to the sink and fixed my hair. Stephen and I had gone a little over-board with our appearances, I had dark blue (almost black) hair, and the same color eyes. I also made myself very pixie-like. Stephen had dark green (almost black) hair, and the same color eyes. He also had a few piercings and tattoos. I had a few tattoos also. I had a dark purple butterfly on my ankle, a tiny black heart on my hand, and a rose on my back. Stephen had a skull on his shoulder, a tiny black heart, like me, on his hand, and a black and red rose on his chest.

I ruffled my long blue hair, then gracefully walked back out to Stephen. He had already gotten the bags, and was waiting for me near the entrance to the bathroom.

“Hey sweetie!” I said taking his hand in mine. I traced my fingers around the little heart, and smiled to myself.

“You know I love you, right?” I asked leaning my head on his shoulder.

“Of course I do, and I love you.” he said brushing my dark blue hair off my face.

“I can’t wait till our wedding!” I said swinging our arms back and forth. “Are you excited?” I asked, looking up at him.

“All that matters to me is if I have you by my side forever.” he said kissing me softly.