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Just Call Me James Dean

Rebellious "James Dean" Edward wants to get the hell out of Forks to prove himself to everyone, clean cut Bella just wants to get through the day. What happens when they make a deal to stick together, Edward falls hard of course. M for lemons


1. Chapter 1: Tear You Apart

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So pretty much being in this position was pretty fucking sweet. And boy, do I mean sweet. How I love the cow-boy position. Blondie over here was riding me like there was no tomorrow. She started making that face, and I knew she was close.

I grabbed her hips and twisted us so her back was back on the bed. I started pounding myself into her, making her scream and moan so loud I started hearing Mrs. Cope's annoying hick music get louder.

"God, Edward, faster!" the blond yelled.

I started going much faster. The familiar coil in my pelvis started stirring. I grunted and tensed inside her. I came inside her as her walls tightened around me. I pulled out fast and took off my condom, throwing it in the trash.

I hastily put on my jeans and went outside onto my balcony. I took my cigs and lighter out of my pocket and lit up. The balcony one tree across from mine was empty, and lights of her room were off.

I smirked to myself. Let's hope Isabella didn't hear me. She would probably tell her father and then would complain to mine. Last thing I needed was my mother bitching at me for fucking strange woman in her home. When Liz got mad, boy, the phrase hell hath no fury never seamed more real.

I heard the familiar sound of zippers and ruffling clothes. "I'll se ya' around Eddie, call me." she said trying to sound seductive.

Lousy fuck, no thanks. I waved her off without a word. I finished my cig and went to take a shower. After I got dried and changed I went down stairs and found Liz drinking coffee. She smirked.

"Okay, next time you decide to bring a whore into my house make sure she doesn't make fucking coffee and drink out of my cups. I don't need stupid bitches contaminating my shit."

I laughed. "Where's dad?" I asked.

"On his way, he has a big case." She said sipping coffee.

"How was work?"

"Fucking grueling, I had to deal with this stupid fat fuck that didn't know how to pour a fucking drink properly. Oh and hand over your cigs, if you're bringing sluts home, then you loose smoking privileges. Rules are rules, Edward."

I took out the pack and set them on the counter. "Eighteen fucking years old and I still have to give you my fucking cigs to my mother. This is bullshit." I muttered.

"No, you're full of bullshit right now. If you're gonna come into my club and take whore's home, you suffer the consequences."

I smiled and poured me a cup of coffee. My mom owned a local nightclub that she opened with my father. It raked a lot of business and because of that my mother and father were able to move me from the shitty apartment into a fancy house in the suburbs.

My parents were cool about absolutely everything. Behind the suit my father wore for his firm he had sleeves of tattoos, and under the professional club owner attire my mother wore, she also had tattoos. They smoked and they drank, and now that I was legal, I smoked and drank with them.

That didn't mean I was a fucking imbecile that got his ass arrested. I was a fucking honor student with perfect grades and five different scholarships waiting for me after graduation. Teachers hated me; guys fucking loathed me, and girls... well girls loved me and were on my nuts twenty four fucking seven.

That's when the No Sex Get Cigs rule was initiated. My mother understood that I was a legal adult, but she was too protective to let me out of the house before college. I could do whatever the fuck I wanted, except bring woman home.

My father had said, "If you're gonna bring a chick home, do it when you mom's not around, she cock blocks."

But those were my parents and I loved them, even if the whole neighborhood didn't. Liz and I had coffee and talked about school and the club until dad came home. I said my goodnights and went to bed. I actually had school tomorrow.


I got up to the screeching of a fucking alarm clock. Fucking Isabella Swan, her alarm clock was louder than a fucking emergency drill on a military base. I decided to just get up and get dressed. I ate the breakfast Liz had left me on the counter then brushed my teeth.

After changing into a shirt and jeans, I tugged on my leather jacket and went to my garage and got into my Camaro. As I let it idle to warm up I saw Isabella get on her bike, headphones firmly in place. After two years you would think she would be a little nice and maybe smile at me. It always baffled me that she wasn't on my nuts, but truthfully I had enough woman to last me years, so I didn't dwell on her.

I went to school and got my morning classes over with. I met up with Jasper at lunch and decided to eat outside by my car; too protective of Betty. I started eating and I saw some red head and blond approach the bike racks. Lauryn and Victoria: how fuck surprising.

They approached Isabella's bike and slashed her tires. Jasper rolled his eyes. "Two skank's slashing tires, don't you have cock to suck behind the bleachers?" he asked.

They both huffed and ran off. I chuckled. "Defensive are we?"

"Kind of, that Isabella kid isn't bad; she's my partner on an honors project for English. People think she's bitchy, but the poor girls just extremely shy. I had to fucking make faces at her so she could laugh."

Well that explained it. One more point for my ego. Jasper and I started talking about the weakened and what we were gonna do. Just the same old: getting high at my house and calling up some booty-calls: typical mail bonding.

The bell range and we made our way back to class. I walked into biology and saw the new seating chart. Well shit on my balls and call me Hanky, Isabella Swan's my new lab partner. I chuckled at that.

She came into class, tears practically spilling over. She saw the new seating chart and I watched a cute blush invade her cheeks. Now I felt bad for her. Her bike was totally ruined now. She sat down and sniffed. She opened her book and started reading.

I sighed. This was gonna be a long hour. After biology she hastily made it out of there. I went to my locker and took out my shit for AP Spanish.

We reviewed a bunch of Spanish for a droning hour and I was thankful to Satan - no, busting your balls - Jesus that class was over. As I packed my stuff my teacher called me over.

"Hola Edward, I have very good news."

I smiled and nodded. "Well after this year you will be going to college, and your Spanish classes all four years are gonna pay off. You will be even more allegeable for an ivy league scholarship."

She talked to me more about scholarships and after ten minutes she finally let me go. I walked out of school and an almost deserted parking lot. As I made way to Betty I saw someone sitting next to a bike, head down, and arms around her legs. Isabella.

I carefully approached her and sat next to her mimicking her position. I guess if Jasper was cool with her... "So I'm guessing you have no way home."

She sniffed and looked up, that cute blush back in place. "Guess not." She said in a small voice.

"Need a ride? I was heading home anyways."

She shook her head. "I was just trying to cool down. I can walk home."

"It's a four mile walk; it's no trouble, let me drive you."

"Trust me; you do not want to be in an enclosed space with me right now." She muttered.

I laughed. "What, bad kitty might bite my head off?"

"I'm too mad to think about consequences right now."

"Isabella Swan mad, God no," I said sarcastically.

"Hey, I don't see two stupid bitches in front of me, only one ginger who's head is very vulnerable," she said with a small smile.

I laughed. "Watch it Swan, this hair is not red, it's an alluring shade of bronze."

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, keep telling yourself that, buddy."

I huffed. "You know I prefer shy Isabella over you."

"Ugh, please stop calling me that, it's Bella. And it's called being introverted. Who in their right mind would want to be friends with any of these idiots?"

"Point; now get your shit, I'm taking you home."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm not some damsel in distress -"

"No, you're my neighbor, come on. And I got a guy who can fix your tires."

She unlatched her bike from the chains. "Thanks," she mumbled.

"No problem Swany."

She huffed at that and I laughed. We drove home in silence. I parked in my driveway and got out. I opened Bella's door and took out her bike from the back seat. "Leave this with me, and I'll get it fixed for you." I said as I inspected the tires.

"Um thanks," she paused. "Um, do you, uh, do you think you can maybe..." I looked up.

Her face was beat red. I smirked at her. "Spit it out Swan."

"Maybe, Jesus, keep it down next time you bring your girlfriend home. She was so loud I had to put my headphones on. That's why I cranked up my alarm volume to maximum death noise."

I laughed. "Trust me Swan, she was not my girlfriend."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm entrusting Eileen with you. You hurt her, your Camaro-"


"Betty's gonna have a watery grave."

"No insulting Betty! Trust me, Eileen is fine. Can't believe you named you bike."

"Can't believe you named your car," She quipped.

She waved and walked into her house. I couldn't stop that stupid grin from stretching across my face.