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One Percent of Anything

Summary: Isabella Swan is a young and sincere middle school teacher, who has little interest in money. She is also extremely warm-hearted and loves to help other people. When she helps carry an elderly man's belongings from the train to another location, the elderly man is extremely thankful. This grandfather turns out to be the extremely rich owner of a group of companies. His grandson, Edward Cullen is a quick-tempered businessman who rivals his grandfather, but in an almost comical way. In an order to "tame" his favorite grandson, the grandfather agrees to give his entire fortune to the person who marries Bella, therefore forcing Edward to meet the girl whom his grandfather chose. Although at first Bella and Edward don't get along because of Edward's extremely cute but bad temper, their arguments bring them closer together. Edward starts to get jealous when Bella's fellow teacher starts liking her too. Through the clever conditions that Edward's grandfather makes, Edward starts a relationship he does not look forward to. However, what looked like a relationship that would 99% not work out, turns out to be the "perfect" match, the 1% chance. Disclaimer: I don't own TWILIGHT or 1% of Anything. This story is loosely based on the Korean Drama, 1% of Anything.


1. First Meeting

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Bella's POV

I'm late. I'm fucking late!

"I hate Mondays." I muttered, weaving through people as I make my way to the bus stop.

I can't blame no one but myself though. I wake up early and move as fast as I could. Due to that, I often forget something at home. Like now, I woke up at 6am, and ready to leave by 7. I'm halfway to the stop when I rummaged to my purse to look for my wallet. Damn. I forgot it at home. So I ran back and forth.

I finally reached the stop and it's already 15 minutes to 9. Fuck.

Good thing the bus is not so full. I'm able to sit down.

By the time we reached the next stop, the bus is full.

An elderly man entered the bus, carrying a heavy-looking bag. He looked for somewhere to sit. There's a man beside me, who is obviously feigning sleep. Fuck you lazy ungentlemanly man! I sighed.

I stood up and wave to the elderly. He smiled at me and sat down.

"Thank you so much. What's your name?" He asked.

"I'm Bella. Bella Swan." I smiled. "No problem, Mr.?"

"Masen." He smiled back.

The bus stopped near the school. "I got to leave, Mr. Masen."

"Oh. Well, I'll see you around sometime." He grinned.

"How about the park near the school?" I suggested.

"Ok. I'll see you there the day after tomorrow?"

I nodded, carving the words on my head so I wouldn't forget about it. It would be a shame to let this old man wait. "Have a good day, Mr. Masen!" I smiled, leaving the bus.

I ran to the building, hearing the last bell. I sighed. I feel like I'm a student again.

Carlisle's POV [Mr. Masen]

What a nice girl. I hope Edward would find a girl like her and settle.

I slowly walked to my deceased wife's resting place and arranged the flowers and candles.

"Good morning, my beautiful Elizabeth." I sighed.

"I've resigned before they could fire me. I'm too old for those matters." I grinned.

"Don't worry my love. I know you're lonely there. I'll be joining you soon enough." I smiled. "As soon as I finished and clear up all this problems."

I reached for my phone and call my executive assistant, Eleazar Whitlock.

He immediately answered on the first ring. "Mr. President?"

"I wan to change some things on my will."

"What is it, sir?"

Edward' POV

"Sir, Mr. Lee is here." Alec said through the phone.

"Ok. Make him comfortable. I'll be there as soon as I can." I said, hanging up.

Damn this traffic! Ugh! I can't even -

The phone rings again.

"Dude. Get your busy ass down in my office. Now." Jasper said.

"What the fuck? I have an important meeting with -"

"Cancel it or fuck it. This is more important."

"I don't give shit. I need to settle this first and -"

He sighed. "Okay. But be here immediately." He hung up.

I groaned, parking my car in the last available spot.

I ran to the elevators and made my way to my office.

"Good morning, sir. " Alec said.

I ignored him and immediately talked to Mr. Lee.

We talked about the proposal and shit. Finally the meeting is over.

"Alec, lead Mr. Lee to the elevators." I said.

"Yes sir. Let's go this way, Mr. Lee."

"Sir, Mr. Whitlock wants to talk to you." Kate said in the intercom.

"He may come in." I buzzed back.

Jasper bursted through the door. "Dude, you have to see this!"


He threw a folder to me.

"What's this?" I asked.

"It's your grandfather's revised will." He exclaimed.

"So?" I said, confused.

He sighed. "It's written there that you don't have to marry some random girl just to inherit the company anymore!"

I grinned, "Well, that's a relief." Looks like grandpa gave up.

"I'm not finished yet. It's because, the company is given to a woman and whoever marries her would inherit it too." His face fell.

"What the hell? Isn't it the same as last year?" I shouted. "I need to marry some woman to get the company!"

He nodded. "Only this time, the woman to marry is specific and not just random chick."

That old man is one crafty, witty old man. I groaned. I would never give in to his tricks.

"So what's your decision?" He asked.

"Definitely not!" I shouted.

He sighed. "Yeah. I kinda figured, but, you must know, that you're not the only candidate for this."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Jacob Black's is also entitled to this in case you won't agree." He whispered.

"Black?" I shouted. What the hell?

He nodded. "Looks like you have no way out, man. It's either you marry this woman, or you'll give up the company to Jacob."

"I would never loose the MC Enterprise. It's for Masen-Cullen only. Not for Blacks." I said.

"So you're agreeing on the will?"

Fuck you old man.

"There's no loophole?" I asked hopefully.

"Nope. He's smarter than you now. He knows you'll try to get around it." He said.

I sighed. "Who is this woman?"

"Isabella Swan. 26 years old. English teacher in Forks High. We could visit her now, I think." He said, looking at his watch.

"Do you have any idea why grandpa chose her?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I'm afraid not. My father won't tell me why."

"Maybe she seduced him. Knowing he's rich." I shook my head, "Ah, what girls would do for money and fame."

He laughed. "We'll know soon enough. Let's meet her."

"Can we talk to Ms. Swan?" Jasper asked the receptionist.

"I'll call her. Meet her up at the teachers' lounge."

"Thanks." He smiled.

I opened the door and came in.

A dirty blonde woman walked to us. "Hi. May I help you?" She said, blinking furiously. She had too much make-up on and she keeps on leaning over the counter, showing us her fake cleavage. Maybe this is Isabella. I won't ever marry this slut. I shuddered in disgust.

"What's wrong with your eyes?" I asked.

She blushed, making her cheeks redder than a tomato.

Jasper elbowed me. "Ow!" I shouted.

He rolled his eyes. "Are you Ms. Swan?"

Her face fell. "Don't ever compare me to that bitch! I'm far too beautiful than her!" She said, flipping her hair. "Why are you looking for her?"

"It's private matters. Ms.?" Jasper trailed off.

"I'm Tanya. Tanya Denali." She exclaimed, blinking furiously again. It is so irritating. "And you are?" She asked, looking at me.

"I'm Mr. Whitlock and this is Mr. Cullen." He said.

"Oh. Nice to meet you, Mr. Cullen." She said hoarsely or was it husky? Urgh. She's trying to seduce me? Ugh. She disgusts me.

"We're here for Ms. Swan. Where is she?" I asked pointedly.

Someone slammed into my back.

"Sorry. Sorry."

"Don't you look at where you're going? Who do you think you are?" I shouted at her.

She looked at me, her mouth gaping open.

Talia snickered. "That's Swan. Looks like she hasn't evolved yet. She's still the clumsy ugly duckling."

Jasper quickly helped her in her feet. "I apologize for what Edward said earlier. He's hotheaded."

She brushed her clothes, muttering a "Thank you" to Jasper and glaring at me.

"Where are my manners? I'm Attorney Jasper Whitlock."

"Hi Jasper, I'm Bella Swan." She smiled at Jasper, completely ignoring me. What the hell?

"We would like to talk to you in private?"He smiled back.

"Of course." She led us to an empty classroom.

I scrutinized her. What could grandpa possibly see on her? She has a curly brown hair that is pulled up on a ponytail, wearing a blouse and slacks, nothing too revealing, brown eyes, and doesn't wear any makeup. How could she seduce a rich old man like this?

Once we're seated, Jasper spoke up. "Do you know a Carlisle Cullen?"

Her brows mashed together, "I'm afraid he's not my student. Maybe he's on a different section?"

I snickered. "Yeah, right. Play coy with us, Swan. "

"I don't know what you're talking about." She said, looking confused. What an actress.

"How did you seduce him?" I shouted at her.

"What?" She shouted back at me. "I don't know who you're talking about!"

"You see, Mr. Carlisle Cullen is the president of MC Enterprise." Jasper said, putting a calming hand on her arm.

She glared at me but smiled at Jasper. "Oh. So I have heard." She nodded. "But surely, you didn't come here just to say that, right?"

He grinned. "Of course not, but you see, your name is written on his will." He said, passing the folder to her. She looked at him, waiting.

"The President left his company to you." He explained.

"He passed away?" She asked, shocked.

I had enough of this feigning. "Sorry to disappoint you but he's still alive." I snapped at her.

She glared at me. "I'd rather let you explain this to me, Jasper, than this hypocrite here."

He smiled. "Take a look at his will."

She flipped through the pages, and gasped. "There must be something wrong."

Jasper shook his head.

"It says here that I have to marry one of his grandsons in order to inherit the company?" She asked.

He nodded.

"Who are they?" She asked.

"Well, the first choice is Edward Cullen, the second one is -"

"Enough!" I shouted. He should never tell her about Black.

She glared at me, and then looked at Jasper. "Who is this Edwin?"

I growled. He looked at me, making her look at me too.

"You? No fucking way!" She shouted, standing up.

I grabbed her arm. "Look. I don't want this either. Women like you disgust me."

"Good! Because the feeling is mutual. I hate you, too!" She shouted, pulling her arm.

I let her go.

"This will be a problem." Jasper shook his head, laughing.