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Breathless Treasure

After Bella's eighteenth birthday party when Jasper tried to attack her, the Cullen family left her at her most weakest. Soon after they left, Bella found out that she was pregnant with Edward's child, and the only people that she could trust was Angela Webber and Ben Cheney. It's been about ten years. What happens when the Cullen family returns to Washington, finding out that?


18. And she's what takes your breath away.

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"Do you have to?"

I turned to look at Amethyst, and smiled apologetically at her. Nessie grinned and came over to us, blowing a kiss at Landon as she passed him.

"No, don't go anywhere, Riley. Why don't you join us? We were just going to go upstairs and watch a movie," Nessie said as Landon slid behind her, placing his hand on my shoulder. "It'll be fun."

"Um… I don't know. I really should go."

"Thirty minutes, Riley, or I'll hunt your ass down," Nessie said with a smirk on her face.

"Babe, we'll be back in a bit," Landon said as he stole a kiss from her. Then he then gave me a push towards the front door where Rosalie and Emmett had disappeared through. As soon as the door was closed, he turned to me with a knowing smirk on his face. "You like her, don't you?"


Taking Leah to Bartinelli's was a really great idea because the way she dressed up for our date took my breath away right now. We were in a private booth and Leah was wearing this deep red dress that accentuated her feminine curves. Sure, she was beautiful, but seeing her this dressed up? It was taking everything in me to not just jump my imprintee, especially with it being Leah – my Lee-lee.

"I still can't believe how amazing you look," I said softly as I looked at her over my menu and I swore I saw her blushing at my words.

"Oh, shut it," Leah grumbled under her breath, shaking her head as she shut her menu. "I cannot believe that I am here with you. You're only going to break my heart again…"

My face became somber and serious as I grabbed her hand gently into my own hand. "I promise you that I won't break your heart again. You know what the imprint does."

When Leah looked at me, she offered me a small smile, and she nodded. "I know, Sam. I'm sorry. I guess I am just a little nervous. It's our future."

I gave her hand a squeeze. "I know, Lee-Lee. I won't pressure you into anything. You're my perfect woman and I'll wait for you until you're ready."

"Oh, Sam," she breathed as she looked at me, tears shining inside of her eyes, and I kissed the knuckles of her hand that I was holding.


"What am I going to do? How is this even possible?" I frowned as I looked at myself in the mirror after the pregnancy tests showed "error", which I figured was because I was a vampire. I had expected it to show one or two lines, the normal symbols for stating negative or positive. But all it showed was "error", which I guess was par for the course, seeing I was a vampire and nothing inside me was normal.

The more I looked at myself, the more freaked out I got. I could understand why Jasper and Alice were giving me confused glances. We were in their room at the Cullen house. It was the closest house to the pharmacy, and I just didn't want to delay finding out what was going on with me. Alice sent me a sympathetic look, and Jasper finally broke the silence by suggesting that I life my shirt to check it out visually. I shook my head at what I saw.

My hips were a little wider, and as I touched my stomach, it seemed so much harder than usual, and my eyes lit up as I bit my lip.

"Do you think Edward will want it?" I asked them, looking at them from the mirror, then I looked down, shaking my head as I felt my hormonal instincts kicking in.

Jasper chuckled. "Bella, he's going to be there for you every step of the way. It is going to be entertaining to see Edward freaking over your hormones and cravings."

"I "crave" sex too, you know," I grinned, watching Jasper and Alice's face contort with disgust. "Well, not now… but yeah, I am a pregnant vampire."

"Bella, please do not talk about your sex life with my brother," Alice begged as she moved to stand next to me. "And you have bigger problems. If you're pregnant, you can't attend school."

"Well, duh," I said with a roll of my eyes as I shook my head. "I don't want this pregnancy to go as fast as Renesmee's went."

"And how long was that for?"

"A month, Jasper."

"A month?" Jasper and Alice exclaimed at the same time.

I laughed at their expressions and I nodded. "Yeah, she grew exceptionally fast. I just have a feeling that this pregnancy will be better. With Carlisle and Edward around, I know I'll be in really good hands."

With Carlisle being a doctor and Edward having gone to medical school multiple times, I knew that I could turn to them if things got really bad during this pregnancy. Although, I was being optimistic about the whole thing.

"Are you scared?" Alice asked.

"No, she's really excited," Jasper said with a chuckle when I glared at him. "What? You are! I can feel every emotion, Isabella."

I shook my head because he knew I hated that. He was annoying the hell out of me and it was weird. Jasper was usually quiet, but then again, I wasn't my usual "human" self. I was a pregnant vampire and Jasper was just trying to cheer me up. I had to admit that I was pretty grateful.

"Can you two please keep the thoughts of me being pregnant out of your heads if you see Edward? I want to tell him myself," I told them as I moved towards the window and I bit my lip as I stared out at the night sky. "God, I don't even know what Renesmee's going to say or even do."

"She' not a selfish girl, Bella, and you should definitely know that. I can see her totally helping you out just like she does for Rose… oh my god!"

"What, what is it, Al?" Jasper asked as he came forward, placing a hand on Alice's back when she stood there, obviously 'seeing' something.

"It's Rose," Alice said with the biggest smile on her face. "You guys… I don't know how this is even possible but I saw her… round and pregnant. She was so beautiful."

My eyes widened. "Oh my God… how is this even possible? I mean, this is good, but we should talk to Carlisle to see what precautions we need to take to make sure everything is really okay."

Jasper nodded his head. "I agree. Bella, why don't you go find Edward, and I am going to talk to Carlisle about what's going on."

I nodded my head and I kissed them both on the cheek before leaving. I was really nervous as I finally walked out the front door. I needed to see Edward. Our lives were changing. As excited as I was, I was also worried, and I instantly felt Jasper calming me down since I was just outside the house. I looked at their window and I mouthed a thank you to him.

Go find Edward, Bella. Your life depends on him.

I nodded at my thoughts and I got into my car and took off towards my house.


I was scared shitless. When Riley and Landon left to go hunting, I had instantly felt sick to my stomach and I staggered into the bathroom where I ended up puking. It felt like my insides were being torn apart. Emmett held my hair back as I let everything come out into the toilet. I swore I could feel tears in my eyes and it was so strange.

"Rosie, I'm worried. Are you sure you don't want me to get Carlisle?" Emmett asked carefully as he looked at me and he kissed my cheek after he cleaned my mouth with the wet wash cloth. "You know I hate seeing you sick, especially… like this, my angel."

I cupped his face and I nodded my head. "Yes. I am sure it's nothing, Emmett."

As I stood up on my feet, I looked into the mirror, and I frowned. There was something different about me but I just could not figure it out.

"Emmett, is there something different about me?"

As he looked at me, he smiled at me, and he shook his head. "If this is your way of making me tell you how beautiful you are, then –"

I gave my husband a stern look, my face very serious. "No, Emmett. There's something different about me but I can't figure it out."

"Well, you are more beautiful, but you're right. I am not sure what it is but I am sure that it's nothing."

"Maybe you're right, baby."


I looked at Amethyst, who was smiling from ear to ear, and I laughed softly. She jumped at the sound and I smirked at the way she looked right now. Her cheeks were pink and rosy and I shook my head at her looking out the window once again from my bedroom.

"Wow, you are really attracted to my cousin, aren't you?"

"He's your cousin? So… he's not in town for long?" Amethyst frowned. "When does he leave?"

"Honey, he's living with us. He lost everything he had."

"Oh, that's so sad. But he's really quite lucky, having you all to help him.."

I laughed again as I looked at Amethyst. "I've never seen you like this, Amethyst."

"He's different," she mumbled as she looked at me, her cheeks flushed, and she sighed. "He doesn't look at me like I am a freak, Nessie. I am not… used to that. Can you blame me? I mean, he's very sexy. He's got that bad boy image going on, too."

"Just be careful, Ams. I care about you," I said with a smile as I watched my bedroom door open, and I looked up to see Landon and Riley. "Hey, you two… we were just talking about you."

I saw that Landon's eyes were a deep golden hue just like mine and Riley's were brown thanks to the contacts he was wearing. He looked well fed and I was glad that he was here, especially since my good, human friend was insanely attracted to Riley Biers. Riley was so nice but we all had to watch him since it was extremely hard for him to be around humans. His control was good, but not yet perfect. I wouldn't want anything to happen to Amethyst since she was really kind to me.

"Oh, you're back!" Amethyst smiled brightly as she looked at Riley, who looked down, hiding from her the smile that was tugging at his lips.

I smirked over at Landon and he nodded his head. It was so obvious that these two had it bad for each other. Would Riley act on these feelings, though? That's what had me worried.

"So, I was talking to Landon," Riley began as he fidgeted with his sleeve when he looked at Amethyst, who was looking right back at him. "I just started school here but…"

"Did you need a tour or something?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes. "I wouldn't mind giving you one."

Riley chuckled softly as Landon moved behind me on the bed, sliding his arms around my waist as I pressed 'play' on the movie.

"I hear that there's a winter formal coming up this weekend."

"Oh, yes, there is. Everyone's going but I don't think I want to go," she said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Why don't you want to go?" he frowned. "I was kind of hoping I… well, we could go together?"

"The students aren't really nice to me… because of my eyes."

Riley scoffed. "That's fucking stupid!"

Amethyst jumped back.

Riley lowered his gaze. "I'm sorry. I… I don't know what came over at me, but you should let me take you."

"Ams, that's a good idea. Everyone's been hitting on Riley and well…"

"No, Nessie, I am not going to use him to get a good status in school. I'm not like that."

Riley smiled as he sat down next to her as I paused the movie. "Please, Amethyst."

"You really won't stop asking me until I say yes, will you?"

Riley grinned. "Nope, so what do you say?"


I was still in shock that Bella was pregnant. I didn't even want to think what Rosalie would even do when she heard the news about Bella being pregnant because Rose had wanted a child for so long and she would be so jealous. I had to admit that I wanted Alice to have a child of our own, too. I would really love the sight of my pixie wife round with a child. I smiled a little at the thought of having a baby to claim as our very own.

Carlisle and I had been working on things together. Our latest experiment was a touchless computer screen that would be able to do x-rays. I thought that it was really cool. We had done a trial on Esme and Angela. Things looked really good. Well, not for Esme and Angela since their bodies would never be able to carry another child ever again.


I looked at the doorway at my wife, who handed me the pack of the animal blood since I didn't feel like going anywhere. If Edward would be hunting, I wasn't sure if I would be able to hold my thoughts back. Things were just about to get weird for everyone, especially for Bella. She was a vampire, carrying a vampire baby.

"Do you think Bella will be okay?" she asked as she settled her small body into my lap, leaning her head on my shoulder after I set the pack to the side.

"I like to think that she will be all right, Alice."

"Are you sure, though?"

I sighed as I shook my head. "No, not really, but I have hope for Bella. Did you see how nervous, yet happy, she looked when she was looking in the mirror?"

"She's going to be so beautiful pregnant, Jazz. I saw her and Edward. It was so beautiful," she sighed out of happiness as she looked over at me. "I am kind of jealous of Bella, you know?"

I sighed deeply. If there was anything in the world I could do to make my sweet, adorable pixie happy and pregnant, I would definitely do it.

"I know, Alice. I wish there was a way and maybe there is, but... We probably just don't know what it is now."

"Maybe, Jazz."

I leaned in and kissed her softly before I tore the bag open with my teeth, beginning to savor each and every drop of the deer blood. I remembered when there was a time when all I drank was human blood. I just knew that I didn't want to be a cold blooded monster like I used to be when I was first turned into a vampire by Maria.


I didn't know what it was but I felt like something was different. I could not really explain it. Bella wasn't home but I was sure that when I saw her, things would be okay. I was smitten with her, and her body was so much more beautiful as a vampire. She wasn't so fragile and I loved it. Bella was so insatiable, making me want her every time I saw her. She was so beautiful and I knew that she wanted me.

Sure, she hadn't admitted it to me yet, but I wasn't stupid. I heard Rose's and Angela's thoughts earlier when I came back to the house after making love to my blossom. It was so strange how much she needed me but who was I to complain? We had been missing each other for years and I wasn't about to stop unless she wanted to, either.

"Dad, we'll be back later."

I looked at Nessie and Landon before my gaze went to Riley and that human girl named Amethyst. She seemed to like Riley and vice versa. Hm… that reminded me of the times with Bella as a human.

"Where are you headed off to?"

Nessie smiled. "We're going to go to that new diner down the street."

I nodded my head with a smile as I gave both the boys a look which they responded to with sheepish smiles. Before I knew it, Nessie kissed my cheek, and was already out the door with the three of them tagging along with her.

I was so grateful that my relationship was good with my daughter but I was still out of the loop when it came to Landon and her. I definitely didn't want her mad because of what Emmett had done. Then again, Emmett had been stupid, although he learned a whole lot more about Landon than he ever expected.

My ears perked up when I smelled that strawberry scent that I knew so well. She smelled so divine and I wanted to tell her just how beautiful I thought she was. Here I was, alone in the house, waiting for Bella to open that door, and I was a nervous wreck right about now.

What took me by surprise was when I saw her face. I took a step forward, my curiosity getting the best of me, and I saw her eyes. They were filled with tears and she had tearstains upon her beautiful cheeks. Vampires didn't cry, though, right?


I took a step backwards when she pushed her shirt up, revealing that belly bump, which was the most beautiful sight ever. We were alone in the quiet house, but I heard the most beautiful and harmonious sound ever, coming out of nowhere. I could see the look on Bella's face and it was filled with fear. She suddenly dropped to her knees and placed her head in her hands.

"Edward, I'm sorry…"

I was confused. Wait! What?

I moved forward, kneeling down right in front of her, taking her hands away from her face. "Why are you sorry?"

"Edward, I'm pregnant… with your baby."

"I kind of figured that, Bella. Everything's going to be all right."

"But how do you know?"

"I don't know but I have such faith in you. You delivered Renesmee as a human. You're a vampire. Do you have any idea what kind of power you hold there? Besides, you have everyone here to help you, including me, Bella. I am going to be there for you every step of the way."

Bella bit her lip as she looked at me when I wiped those tears away from her face. "Thank you, Edward."

"Bella, you obviously can't go back to school."

As she nodded her head at me, she pressed her face into the middle of my chest, and I let her cry. She needed to let it out and I couldn't believe it. I was getting a second chance to show Bella what kind of man I could be. What was important was maybe this was my chance of showing her what kind of father I could be.