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Breathless Treasure

After Bella's eighteenth birthday party when Jasper tried to attack her, the Cullen family left her at her most weakest. Soon after they left, Bella found out that she was pregnant with Edward's child, and the only people that she could trust was Angela Webber and Ben Cheney. It's been about ten years. What happens when the Cullen family returns to Washington, finding out that?


2. It ends with breathing your name.

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I felt like a complete ass but I just couldn't risk it nevertheless. I should have known that Jasper wasn't used to be around humans yet. Although, when I pushed Bella back, knocking the plates down, I felt so bad because her arm was spewing blood down the length of her arm. It was like everywhere I went that I kept on putting my girlfriend's life in danger. What was the wrong with me? I was supposed to protect Bella.

Ten years had passed since the last time I had seen her. About a month after we left, I went back to Forks to see how she was doing, but I heard that she left. Hell, she hadn't even graduated high school. What the hell did I do to Bella? I was about to freak out when I found out that Ben and Angela had left the same time Bella had. I became curious about that. Were the three of them together or something? I never did find out, though.

When I went back home, I informed my family that Bella had left with Angela and Ben. Alice was so frustrated because she wasn't getting any vision about Bella, which was strange because Alice always used to get Bella even when I told her not to. Although, Alice couldn't just stop the visions because it was a part of who she was for that matter.

My family and I had already moved twice. We had moved to Colorado for three years when we were done with high school. Rosalie and Emmett left for one of their many getaways since Rose wanted to be alone with Emmett, who wanted to show her how much he loved her. Alice and Jasper went to Paris to the romantic city, along with the one best fashion in the world. At least, that's what Alice had told me so many times.

Carlisle, Esme, and I then moved to Chicago after the three years for about seven years. It was nice and quiet but Esme was so worried about me because I was distant from her. Esme was so nurturing to all her children, especially me since I was all alone again. I told her how I broke up with Bella and she was worried.

"Oh, Edward, why would you do such a thing to Bella?" Esme asked me, as she frowned, pushing a few fallen strands from my face.

"Mom," I sighed, pushing her hand away from my hair, realizing that I needed a haircut. "I didn't mean to hurt her but she was so determined on coming with us. The whole reason of us leaving was to protect her. James almost killed her and Victoria and Laurent are dead. Without me, I won't inflict any pain on her."

"Edward, I love you with all my heart, but you don't even know where she is anymore. A month after we left, Bella supposedly left with her two friends," Esme said with a shake of her head. "We could have sent Jasper away for some time. She really needed you more than anything."

"I… I know that now. I just wish that I knew where she was, so that I knew that she was really all right, Esme," I said, as I looked out the window of the house we were living in, and I turned to look back to my mother. "Do you think that I will ever find her?"

"If you two were really meant to be, I do think that there's a huge possibility that you two will find yourselves back to each other, Edward."

"Do you really think that, Esme? I just don't know if we ever meet if she will ever forgive me. Hell, I know I would never forgive myself," I told her with a frown, as I looked down to the floor, and then looked back to Esme.

"I do, Edward. You just need to give it time. You just cannot rush something as important as your feelings or even finding Bella for that matter," Esme said with a nod. "Now… go get that hair cut, Edward… and that rubble on your face. It's definitely not appealing."

Since people were starting to notice that Carlisle wasn't getting any older, we moved once again, and the rest of our family moved back after they missed us. We were back in Washington – Seattle to be precise. We would be attending Roosevelt High School. Another two years of high school. Well, boy… wasn't this just peachy? I already wanted the years to be over and done with. I knew that I had to be on my best behavior or the four of my siblings would never let me live it down.

"Edward, are you going to be a good boy this time?" Emmett asked with a chuckle leaving his lips, as he looked over at me, and I rolled my eyes at Emmett.

"Shut up, Emmett. I am really not in the mood for your stupid comments this early…"

"Come on, boys… knock it off," Rosalie said with a roll of her eyes, as she slapped a hand aside of Emmett's head, glaring at him. "And you better leave Edward alone."

Alice grabbed my hand, giving me a comforting smile. I knew besides my parents and myself that Alice really missed Bella. They were best friends, after all, and it was all my fault. Even though she wouldn't agree with me on that, I knew it was. After all, I was the one that told my family that we were leaving because of what Jasper had attempted on doing.

I also knew that Jasper felt remorse for what he almost did. Besides me, he felt the one that felt the most responsible for almost taking Bella's life. I would have to listen to his thoughts any time he was around and I would pretend it wouldn't bother me. Who I was kidding? Jasper could feel my emotions from a mile away. He couldn't hide his thoughts from me just like I couldn't hide my emotions from him. Sometimes, my girl or Jasper's could be really annoying at times.

The more I thought about Bella, she was probably happily married with kids now. She always hated the fact that she would be getting older where my family and I would never age a day. Sometimes, I wished that I wasn't such a monster, but Carlisle went against my mother's wish. I couldn't help but wonder if my birth mother knew what Carlisle was.

I watched a young girl that looked to be about eighteen when she walked into a classroom with a boy by the name Landon. Well, that's what she called him. For some reason, there was something about the girl, but I couldn't figure out what that was yet.

A few minutes later, I had to do a double take, and that was when I saw them; Ben and Angela. It had to be them or there were two people that looked just like them that were romantically involved. There was something about them that made me take a second glance at them. I didn't smell the blood that I used to smell in them. They were vampires? If that was the case, then Bella must be as well? From what I heard, the three of them had left together from Forks, Washington.

As Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett went one way to Chemistry, Alice and myself went to Biology. I saw her looking at me and I sighed.

"Please tell me you saw them, Edward."

"Ben and Angela… is that who you are talking about, Al?"

Alice nodded. "Yes. Does that mean that Bella is here?"

"I don't know, Alice. I really don't know. They weren't thinking about her. They were both thinking about a girl named Renesmee liking some boy named Landon."

"For all we know, it might not be them, but who are we kidding? We both know that it was Ben and Angela. Let's just hope that Bella is here."

I really hoped that Bella was here. I wasn't even sure if Bella would ever forgive me. Bella and I had never ever gotten into a fight before, so I didn't know what to expect. Then, we walked into our Biology class just as the bell rang, and I smiled at my sister with a cheesy grin on my face. We made it just in the nick of time. The teacher turned to us and I could tell that he was irritated by looking at us. I already knew and I didn't need to read Mr. Ford's mind.

Stupid damn kids… why can't they ever be on time to class, especially the first day of class?

"You two must be our two, new students… Edward and Alice Cullen that moved here. Go and take a seat beside Ms. Swan in the back, will you?" Mr. Ford instructed, handing us both textbooks, and he motioned to Bella in the back.

Oh my God… that's Bella! Oh my God! Bella's here! What the hell is she wearing? I definitely need to take her out shopping for some new clothes.

I rolled my eyes at my sister's thoughts, as we walked to the back. I had so many questions but there was one thing that concerned me the most.

Why the hell hadn't Bella Swan aged? Was she a vampire?