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Breathless Treasure

After Bella's eighteenth birthday party when Jasper tried to attack her, the Cullen family left her at her most weakest. Soon after they left, Bella found out that she was pregnant with Edward's child, and the only people that she could trust was Angela Webber and Ben Cheney. It's been about ten years. What happens when the Cullen family returns to Washington, finding out that?


20. It's just about the breath you take.

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"I just got news that my father got a transfer in New York and I'm moving," Amethyst said as a tear slid down her cheek and she looked down at the ground. "I was really looking forward to dancing the night away with you, too, but well… as my father says, we can't all get what we want."

I already didn't like her father. "Oh."

"Just oh?"

"Yeah, oh. And, oh, I was going to tell you something, too. We're moving also. This really sucks. Here we're just getting to know each other, and we're being split apart." I looked at Amethyst, and really cursed this bad timing. God, she was gorgeous. "Do you have an address where you're going to be moving or even a phone number? I really like you. When are you moving?"

"I don't leave until the end of the week but I can give you my number," she said as she grabbed my cold hand, writing my number with the pen she pulled from her pocket, scribbling it down on my palm. "You can call me whenever… and I'll be happy to hear your voice, Riley. You're not like most boys."

I smirked at her. "I know that I'm not like most boys you've met."


I still could not believe that my mother was pregnant. I didn't even know how it was possible, but maybe it had to do with the fact that something in her changed when I had been brought into this world. I really didn't want to think about that, though, because I had hurt my mother pretty badly during my birth.

"I'm going to get you," Landon said with a huge grin as he followed me closely.

"You're so retarded," I said with a roll of my eyes as we strolled through the forest. "I still can't believe that I am going to have a baby brother or sister."

"I still can't believe that your parents got it on and –"

"Ew, Landon!" I said with a huff, jabbing him in the chest hard enough to make him fall to the ground. "Aw, I'm sorry, boyfriend. I didn't mean to push you so hard."

Landon chuckled as he grabbed me by my leg and pulled me into his lap, wiggling his eyebrows playfully. "I don't mind… not at all, Nessie Cullen. You should know that by now. And I especially don't mind when you call me 'boyfriend'."

And before I knew it, Landon's lips were on mine once again. Landon's lips felt really good on mine. It was like heaven.


Three days. We had been in Rochester, New York, for three days. The Cullens, Riley, Nessie and I, Landon, Angela, and Ben were moving into a big house together. Tanya came with to help out, and Jacob followed her, because he couldn't bear to be away from her. Some of the wolves followed Jacob, to make sure he was safe. They didn't trust Tanya very much. I was not one hundred percent sure, but I would've sworn that Tanya was secretly enjoying Jacob's presence.

Since we were in a big new house, Esme decided it had to be redecorated. It was more like a mansion, though, having so many different rooms and bedrooms. She and Alice were in their glory, trying out different fabrics and floor coverings. The two of them made sure that they set up Rose's bedroom and my bedroom first, before working on the other rooms. Angela, Ben, Landon, Nessie, and I had all been invited to live with the Cullens, especially since Carlisle wanted to keep a close watch on my pregnancy. And Edward heartily seconded the invitation. Tanya was going to stay with us for awhile, since there was nothing pressing needing her in Alaska. The wolves weren't living with us, of course, but they had found a place near by.

Being pregnant again was amazing. I never thought that it was even possible, especially from what Edward had told me the many times before we had sex. It was why we hadn't used a condom any time we made love.

The thought of using a condom had never crossed our minds. Because we were both vampires, we didn't think that there was a possibility of me becoming pregnant. Now that I was, Edward was smitten with my belly. Whenever he would come to see me, one of the first things he would do would be to lay his hand over my belly.

Yeah, we weren't together yet, as that was a big step. Alice felt like this pregnancy would push us back together but I thought that she was crazy.

"You're crazy, Alice. Just because I am carrying Edward's second child, it doesn't mean we're magically going to get back together. I'm not the same girl I was when we were together."

"No, you're not," Rosalie interrupted as she walked into the bedroom, taking a seat on the plush chair by the bed and leaning her back against the big pillow that was on it. "You've turned into a strong woman, Bella, and I can actually tolerate you now."

"Gee, thanks," I said with a roll of my eyes as I looked at both of them. "What is this – gang up on Bella now?"

Alice grinned. "No, Bella. We're trying to make you see the light. Edward's so different now. He's even more different than when you two were dating when you a human, Bella. He's more careful about what he does now, and what he says."

"It's nice," Rosalie stated as she set her feet up on the corner of the bed. "His love for you is so pure. Sure, you two can have sex without hurting each other, but it's more to him. He honestly… loves you, Bella."

I bit my lip as I raked a hand through my hair as I looked at the two of them then grimaced when Angela walked in with a grin on her face. "Are you going to start in on me too, Angela?"

"Should I?" Angela asked curiously as she slid onto the bed beside me, while giving me a small smile. "I could start in on you, if you'd like."

I laughed as I shook my head. "No. Please don't you start, too. It's really getting old now since these two won't stop talking about it."

"It's true, though," Angela said with a shrug of her shoulders. "Edward isn't so quiet or standoffish as he was in high school. It's a relief, actually."

I shook my head when Alice and Rosalie started to laugh. I knew that everyone else wanted me with Edward. Even Renesmee wanted me back with her father. She didn't have to admit that part to me but it was obvious, especially considering all the times I caught her watching us with a dreamy smile on her face, when she thought we weren't looking.

Yes, I loved Edward, but it was ridiculously hard thinking about getting back into a relationship with him as serious as we were before. I was so terrified of getting my heart broken all over again but he had been so amazing lately, especially since he found out I was pregnant. This time would be so different on so many levels, but the most important factor was the fact that Edward was here this time for this pregnancy. I knew it killed him even more now that he hadn't been there for me during my pregnancy with Renesmee. I remembered his words about his devotion towards the baby, Nessie, and me.

"Bella, I promise I won't leave you this time. You three are my life and I don't plan on leaving your side. Not now or ever. I'll do anything to protect you from harm's way. I won't miss a moment of this pregnancy unless I'm feeding or in town getting you one of your cravings."

I wanted so badly to give Edward this chance, but it scared me. Edward had been my first and only boyfriend. That's probably why I was so scared of opening up my heart all over again. At least, that's what Angela had told me, but I wasn't even sure anymore.

"So, where is Edward, anyway?" Angela asked with interest, playing with the stuffed bear on my bed while smiling softly.

"Emmett and Edward went to the market to get some things for Rose and me," I admitted with a sheepish grin on my face. "Edward went to get me some cheesecake since that's all I have been craving and Emmett went to get Rosalie some peanut butter."

"Really… you can eat peanut butter, Rose?" Angela asked with curiosity shining in her eyes.

"Actually… I just like the smell. I haven't tried to eat it yet," Rosalie admitted with a laugh as she shrugged her shoulders, patting her little bump.

"So, do I get to get any details what being pregnant is like?" Alice asked quietly as she looked between Rosalie and myself. "I'm the only one in the room that hasn't been pregnant."

"I'll tell you, Alice," Angela said as she slipped off the bed, grabbing Alice's arm, and she looked at me. "Don't do anything naughty, Bella."

When the three of them walked out of my room, Edward walked in, and I couldn't help but notice the two bags in his one hand while his other hand held a bouquet of white Camellia flowers. That alone touched my heart because the meaning for white Camellia was 'adorable'. Edward was becoming sweeter and sweeter even if I didn't want to admit that fact at all.

"You got me flowers, too?"

"Well, yeah. You're not upset, are you? I just thought that –"

"No, no, I like them. They're really pretty," I admitted with a small smile, watching him set the bags down before placing the Camellia's in the vase on the nightstand. "Thank you, Edward."

Edward then moved onto the bed next to me, handing me a bag. "I got you a little something besides some cheesecake, Bella."

"Really, what did you get me?"

A laugh left his lips as he looked at the bag in my lap before his eyes met mine. "Well, you might want to open the bag that's in your lap."

I blushed shyly as I looked at the bag, taking the wrapping tissue out the bag, not wanting to miss whatever it was that he got me. When we had been dating, Edward had spoiled me with expensive gifts, and since I had only been seventeen at the time, I had always felt uncomfortable by his extravagance.

As I took out the heavy amount of wrapping tissue paper, I gasped at what was inside. There were several things inside. First, there was a teddy bear holding a heart that said 'I love you'. Then, there was a little kit of freesia perfume and strawberry shampoo. I chuckled at the memories of what my smell had done to him. There was a small, rectangular box and I pulled it out. As I opened it, my breath caught, and tears immediately flooded my eyes. The bracelet was a white gold charm bracelet and it already had a few charms on it as well. There was a sapphire charm, a heart charm, a charm with Nessie's birthday, and a Chinese love charm.

"What's this?" I asked as I saw there was another bag inside the bag.

"Bella, just open it," Edward said with a shake of his head and he laughed. "I don't know why you keep asking me these silly questions."

As I pushed my hand into the bag, I pulled out a dream catcher, and I was amazed by the beauty. The circular perimeter was a deep blue and the inside web was a pale sky blue, almost white. In the center, there were blue pearls, and dangling on the sides were feathers with blue and white gems on the bottoms. At the top, I saw something else, and I chuckled. Along the rim, engraved it elegant script, were the words 'It's a boy."

"Edward, it's… beautiful," I breathed out, blinking the tears away, and I looked over at him with a shy smile on my face. "But how are you sure that we're having a boy? Wait a minute… did Alice already see what we were having or something?"

Edward shook his head. "No, I promise Alice hasn't told me anything, it's just my gut feeling. Besides, I can't be just giving you girls now."

"What if it is a girl?" I asked with a coy smile on my face. "Will you be upset that I couldn't give you a son?"

"No, Bella. I would be happy with another daughter but you know every man wants a son. Either way, I want our child to be happy and healthy," he admitted with a sly smile on his face and he looked over at my other things. "Do you like the rest of your presents?"

"Yes, I do," I said as I handed him the bracelet. "Can you put this on me?"

Edward's eyes lit up as he took the charm bracelet from the box and put it on my wrist. As I saw the determination on his face, I smiled to myself. It was at that moment that I knew that Alice, Rosalie, and Angela were right. Edward was by far a better man.

"It looks beautiful on you, Bella," Edward whispered as he traced his finger over the spot on my wrist right above where the bracelet fell. "Anything looks beautiful on you."

I felt my cheeks flush in embarrassment at his words. "Edward."

"You're stunning when you blush. I love that I can see you do that again. It was one of my favorite qualities about you," he grinned as he cupped my right cheek with one hand, while his other slid down to my belly, stroking it gently. "I can't wait to see you when you get bigger."

"You won't want to come near me then," I pouted as I looked down at his hand over my belly. "I'll be so big and not attractive in the least bit."

"Are you crazy?" Edward groaned as he looked into my eyes with a tiny smile. "I think that you're going to be glowing even more. You're going to be so beautiful, Bella."

I couldn't wipe the smile off from my face as I looked at him. "So, you got me cheesecake?"


"Do you think I'll be a good father, Rose?"

I smiled at my husband's words. He had been so quiet since he entered our bedroom after he and Edward had come home from their shopping trip. I was looking at the stuffed animals that Emmett had gotten from the baby store, smiling from ear to ear when I heard his words.

"You think you won't be or something?"

"I… I don't know."

I pushed the stuffed animals away and I slowly crawled into his lap, my belly pressing against him. "I think this baby is going to be pretty lucky to have you as her or his father, Emmett."

I was the only person to ever see the sweet and sensitive side of Emmett Dale Cullen. He would be damned before letting anyone else see him this way, especially Edward or Jasper.

"God, I love you, Rose. I am really happy that I could give you this gift," he whispered against my neck as he leaned his face into the crook of my neck. "I'd do anything for you."

I smiled as I pulled back, cupping his face in my hands. "I love you, Emmett."

"I love you too," he whispered, sliding his hands over my belly. "So, since you're pregnant and the blood seems to keep the baby calm, does that mean that sex is all right?"

I laughed at his words and before I knew it, Emmett's lips were fused against mine.


I was so angry and I didn't know what to do anymore. I was here in New York, but I didn't like it. I missed the familiarity of Seattle. It was where I had met Riley. I was devastated when I found out we were moving, but when I found out that Riley was moving to New York, too, I had been ecstatic. We had exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses, promising to get together as soon as possible. He had sent me his new address the minute the Cullens bought the house. I had gone to a website to see how far it was from where my family had moved to. One hour was what it had stated.

Then my mother had told me the truth about why we had left Seattle. It was because of the Cullens and Riley. She didn't want me interacting with them. She knew they were vampires and didn't want me to have anything to do with them. It was like my mother didn't trust me at all. However, she didn't realize that the Cullens had also moved out here. Hopefully she wouldn't find out, either, or we'd end up moving - again.

I had befriended them all because of Nessie. I was like her and Landon. Yeah, I'm a hybrid, but my parents sometimes act like I'm not. My mother is a witch and my birth father is a vampire. Apparently, while in college, my mom had read her tea leaves, and they had told her she would have a 'very special child' if she coupled with this certain fellow, who just happened to be a vampire. She didn't stay with him afterwards, nor did she ever tell him about me. She met and married the man who raised me, my step-father, about a year after I was born. He was a warlock from her coven.

I had never shown my parents my abilities. To them, I didn't have any, and that was fine by me. In reality, I was actually able to mask the vampire part of me. It was why the Cullens, Nessie, Riley, and Landon hadn't been able to detect what I was, and I made sure to guard my thoughts when I was near Nessie's father..

After spending two tedious hours standing around while my mother enrolled me into Auburn High School, I was in Rochester, New York. It really didn't take me long to get here but I was hoping to find Riley.

There were so many different scents around me and I just wanted to find Riley. I would never forgive my mom for doing this to me, for trying to separate us.. I was seventeen years old and what I felt for Riley Biers was something I had never felt for any boy before. Honestly, what I felt for Riley was so overwhelming, that I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I was fucking in love with Riley Biers and I didn't care what anyone thought.

As I walked further into the forest, a gust of wind flew by me, and I raised an eyebrow when a disturbing smell filled my nostrils. I knew that smell, though, and it was strong.


Animal blood was nearby and I lifted an eyebrow, finding myself furthering out past the trees to see where it was coming from. When I reached my destination, a gasp left my lips as I looked over at where the blood was coming from.

There was Riley, hovering over a deer, with blood dripping from his lips and he looked angry.


Before I knew what happened, I was pinned against a tree by Riley's hands.