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Breathless Treasure

After Bella's eighteenth birthday party when Jasper tried to attack her, the Cullen family left her at her most weakest. Soon after they left, Bella found out that she was pregnant with Edward's child, and the only people that she could trust was Angela Webber and Ben Cheney. It's been about ten years. What happens when the Cullen family returns to Washington, finding out that?


3. How do you breathe now?

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"You two must be our two, new students… Edward and Alice Cullen that moved here. Go and take a seat beside Ms. Swan in the back, will you?" Mr. Ford instructed, handing us both textbooks, and he motioned to Bella in the back.

Oh my God… that's Bella! Oh my God! Bella's here! What the hell is she wearing? I definitely need to take her out shopping for some new clothes.

I rolled my eyes at my sister's thoughts, as we walked to the back. I had so many questions but there was one thing that concerned me the most.

Why the hell hadn't Bella Swan aged? Was she a vampire?


Oh my God! This had to be a damn nightmare because this wasn't happening to me. I kept my hoody on even though I knew they could smell me and see my face. They looked the same, of course. Nothing changed, as they were still young and beautiful. I wasn't even sure what to say at the moment. Hell, I hadn't seen my ex and my best friend in a total of ten years.

Then, I felt them sit down next to me, and I frowned. I placed my hands in my lap, looking straight forward, holding back the pain from my eyes. I really didn't want them to ask me any questions to be honest. Neither one of them deserved an answer, especially the asshole sitting next to me. I just couldn't forgive Edward for hurting me the way that he did. He never loved me, especially from when he said he didn't want me to go with him. The way he broke up with me was something that took me a while. Without my two friends or Renesmee, I wasn't sure where I would even be.

Hearing Mr. Ford mention anaphase, prophase, and the other phases, I let out a shaky breath. This had to be some damn joke, right? Was this like torture? I wished that the class was already over but only fifteen minutes had gone by since Edward and Alice had walked into the classroom. I really wished that we hadn't come to Seattle. If I would have known that Edward, Alice, and the rest of them would have been here, I would have chosen a different destination.

"Bella –"

I interrupted Edward with a shake of her head. "Don't you even think about talking to me."

Yes, I was still angry, but they had all broke my heart when they left Forks many years ago. It hurt. I blamed Edward most of all. Ben and Angela thought I should blame Jasper but he was adjusting to the whole not feeding on humans, so, I really didn't blame him. He was used to killing humans. Edward, Alice, and the rest of them left me at the most vulnerable state.

I needed them the most when I found out I was pregnant with Renesmee – Edward's and my daughter. Just thinking about her, it made me smile because my daughter was my everything. Without her in my life, I was nothing. Sure, I told Renesmee about the Cullen family, especially her father. I never ever wanted her to think that Edward and I broke up because I was pregnant. That wasn't even how it happened.

"But Bella, we're here now," Alice frowned.

"And why does that even matter, Alice? You guys left me when I needed you the most but it really doesn't matter right now. I really don't want to talk about this, so just drop it."

I was so tired of feeling this way. I didn't come to this school to deal with Edward and Alice's crap. I wondered if there was a way that I could switch classes, so I wouldn't have any with either of them. I then realized that if Alice and Edward were here that Rosalie and Emmett would be here.

I bit my lip because I had missed those two. I always felt like Rosalie hated me but I also remembered that Rosalie had wanted to be a mother. I didn't even want to think what she would do to Edward when she would find out about Renesmee. Then, there was Emmett. He was so intimidating because he was big, but if you really knew Emmett, he was just a big teddy bear that loved you. I really had missed Emmett the most to be honest. He always made me smile or blush, which I knew he enjoyed on seeing at a daily basis.

Mr. Ford then assigned us to do a project and I groaned under my breath. I really didn't want to work with these two more than anyone. Why was this happening to me, though? Then, the bell rang, and I stood up, shaking my head when they were about to say something.

"C'mon, you can't do this. I didn't do anything," Alice whined, as she placed her hands on her hips when the three of them walked out the classroom, and she sighed. "I couldn't just leave Jasper…"

"It doesn't matter… I really don't want anything with you two. I don't mind Rose, Emmett, or your parents. You two… I just can't do this right now," I mumbled, as I so wished that I could cry, but I knew it wasn't even possible right now. "You shouldn't have come back. I was just doing fine without you."

I felt so much weight on my shoulders but it only got bigger when I saw Renesmee, Landon, Ben, and Angela walking in my direction. Things were just getting worse and worse. I couldn't deal with this, so I ran. I thought I was going to go crazy if I didn't get out of here.


Oh, my poor mother. So, this man was my father. I couldn't help but feel anger right now. I didn't know if I should go to him or not. If I did, my mother might be upset or something. My mother had it the worse since she had class with my father and my aunt. I knew who everyone was since she gave me a picture with my mother, my father, and the rest of them. She had pointed to me who everyone in the picture. The one person I wanted to meet was Emmett because he seemed funny.

"Ness, you should go after Bella," Angela told me, as we were close enough to Edward and Bella where they could hear us, and I sighed.

"Are you even sure that's a good idea, Ang? She might be upset if she seems me."

"Renesmee, any time you are around, she's happy. You're her flesh and blood. You're her daughter, after all," Ben said with a nod, as he then looked to Landon with a grin, placing a hand on his son's shoulder. "Can you go with her, sport? I don't want anything to happen to two of three of our favorite girls."

"Yeah, sure," Landon said, as he grabbed my hand, and he flashed me a grin. "I won't leave you, Ness. I promise."

"Thank you, Landon… thank you."

I looked to my father, who had wide eyes, but I shook my head, while Landon and me went the way that my mother went. The good thing about Landon was a good damn tracker. My mom even said that he was a better tracker than this guy named James ever was. My mother had been through hell and I wanted to be there for her any time I could.

"Was that him?"

I looked at Landon and I nodded my head. I had shown Landon the picture from my mother's eighteenth birthday. You just couldn't forget who your family was even if you never met them when you looked at the picture every, single day for that matter.

"Yeah, I think your Dad messed up. I don't think my Mom told Aunt Alice or my Dad that I even exist," I said with a frown, as I ran a hand through my hair, and I inhaled a deep breath.

"He probably didn't know. I'm sorry, Nessie," Landon said to me, as he gave my hand a squeeze, walking around a corner, and he pointed straight ahead. "There she is, Nessie. Do you want me to go back or do you want me to join you and your mother?"

"I think that I should talk to her alone for a minute but can you wait here?" I asked my best friend, sliding my hand out of his reluctantly, and I looked into his eyes.

As I watched him nod his head, I walked over to where my mother was where she was sitting on the floor with her knees against her chest. My father definitely had done a number on my mother when she was eighteen. I then sat down next to her, grabbing her hand, and she looked at me.