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Chocolate Swirls and Grown Up Girls

It was never intended to happen...Just as Nez was never intended to happen. She always tried to be good. She tried to make everyone happy. Be a good daughter, be a good friend...But it was just meant for her to be something else...Something conflicting with all that perfect harmony the Cullens had had for so long. The good Nessie was gone and in her place was the brand spanking new Nez. Banner for Chocolate Swirls and Grown Up Girls Banner by me!

This is the story of how Renesmee "Nessie" Carlie Cullen became "Nez".

1. How Nez Was Born

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I never wanted any of this. I never wanted to be an imprintee. I never wanted perfect parents to whom I could never to anything wrong. I never wanted to be some special kid with a great future. Of course, I only recently discovered that.
It happened on a regular Saturday...


"Mom..Dad...I want to go on a date...with a boy from school." I looked at them, blushing.

"What?" The both said simultaneously. I'd already told Aunt Rose. And my uncles. And Alice. They all thought it'd be nice.

"What...What about Jacob, honey?" Mom asked quietly. I sighed.

"What about him? He's not my dad." I looked pointedly at dad. "Nessie, what your mom's trying to say is that -" I cut him off.

"I know! He imprinted on me and wants to be my boyfriend! Well, I don't like him that way! We're just friends. Best friends, yeah, but that's all. I've told him that." They looked sad.

"Renesmee, why would you hurt him that way?" I stared at my mother.

"How? I didn't hurt him. In fact, I think that "imprint"," I made air quotations. " is breaking." Mom gasped and looked at dad. He sighed.

" Are you sure? Are you thinking it through?" I knew this would come. This is exactly why I hadn't wanted to ask them. But stupid Aunt Alice thought it was best. Bitch. Yeah, not a word a fifteen year old should use, right? Whatever. I was getting angry. Like dad, I had a stubborn temper. Unlike him, I couldn't control it.

"I'm not her, okay?!" I pointed at mom. " I'm not so indecisive. I know I hurt him but I have the guts to deal with it! He's a man! He can deal with it. Find new love or something. I don't want to be in a relationship with Jacob! I love him...but like a friend. I'm not mom...I'm not that weak." I stood up and stomped upstairs.

It was a quick fuss and I wasn't all that guilty. I'd seen how the looked at me when I was with Jacob. He's sweet but he's my BFF...Not my BF. I told Jake that. He said he understood. He talked with Sam and in a few months, he started hanging with some girl named Lizzie. That was fine by me. I wanted his happiness.

But, now, I was about to sneak out...of the window.

When we moved to New York, I lived in the main house. My room is located on the fourth story. Lucky for me, there's a vine that grows up the house. I can grab it and climb all the way to the second story. I can jump from Alice's balcony to the ground.

I needed to change first, though. I walked over to my massive walk-in closet. It was rather unnecessary, but I loved clothes. Maybe not like Alice, but much more than mom did. I chose a simple party dress and some sneakers. Alice would kill me if she found out I wasn't wearing the flats she bought me, but to be honest, they were so last season.

I was sneaking out to go with a guy from school named Ash. Ash had invited me to a party. I was honored, especially since he was seventeen! Imagine that. Ash was gorgeous, for a human. He had the softest brown hair and his eyes were such a dark blue and a girl could just fall into them. He was very nice, but I refused his advances. Especially when his hands traveled to my shirt hem...That was a no-no. My aunt Rosalie would have been proud.

I walked over to the vanity and glanced at myself. My hair was styled in the careless fashion that was a family trademark. The old I-tried-for-hours-to-get-it-to-look-like-I-could-care-less. I didn't wear lipstick, foundation, or blush, but I heavily darkened my eyes. Not raccoon style, though. It was more elegant. Grandma Esme showed me how to make it daring yet innocent. That was worth imagining.

Lastly, before I could go, I walked over to my bed and placed the extra pillows beneath the comforter. I patted it around and set a book up beside the pile. I chose a sad book with a huge bold title on the front. Then, I tossed the dress I'd been wearing on the ground. I locked the door to my room and switched of the light, leaving the lamp on. If you're sneaking out, make sure you don't get caught and be thorough.

So, I moved over to the window and pushed it open. The vine looked dangerous but I was slightly more durable so if I fell I probably wouldn't get hurt. I reached for the vine. It was hard to get a hold on, but when I did I could just jump onto the side of the house.

There was a loud thud and I winced. I stayed still and listened for movement. Besides so suspicious and icky noises from my aunts and uncles' rooms, all was fine. I shimmied down the vine and imagined myself as Jane from Tarzan. Rose always had me watching Disney movies when I was little. I loved Mulan and Pocahontas. Rose always said a girl can always save herself. I agreed, usually.

I looked down and saw the balcony. I jumped onto it. Then, I made the mistake of turning and looking into Alice and Jasper's room. I never want to see my aunt and uncle in that position ever again. Talk about scarring. Alice gestured for me to go ahead off the balcony with her free hand. I rolled my eyes and jumped off.

I sighed happily and smiled as my sneakers we on the ground. I pulled out my phone and dialed Ash.

"Hey, Nessie! Want me to come pick you up?" His voice made me smile for some reason. Humans were awesome.

"Yeah, but at that convenience store on Berry street."

"Oh..., you snuck out? Sure, but if some dad comes after me..." I laughed when he did.

"No, they trust me too much." Guilt gnawed on me till I forced it back.

"Sure thing, sweetie. I'll be there." I heard a door slam and smiled. I said "bye" and hung up. Then, I sprinted into the bushes and made my way to the sidewalk. Walking down it, toward the store, I felt free. Why is it that I'm immortal yet so constricted? I didn't understand my parents one bit.

When I got to the store, Ash's nondescript SUV was parked and he was seated on the hood.

"Hey, gorgeous! Isn't that dress too short for a party full of horny teenage boys?" I laughed and jogged over to him. He hopped off and gave me a hug.

"I dunno...Is it?" He looked me over.

"I can play guard." We laughed as he helped me into the car. There was a teddy bear on the dashboard. He handed it to me when he was strapped in.

"Aw, thanks, Ash." I reached over and gave him a one armed hug. He smiled.
Soon, we were at the house. We walked to the door hand in hand. Some chubby dude answered the door. He ushered us in.

It was loud and practically every student from the high school was there dancing and sway and mingling. Ash escorted me into the crowd and I felt like my life had just began.


That was about four months ago, the night Nez was born. Now, I've became a new person. I'm still clean and all, but Ash is still around. I was convinced by Rose to not let him take "it" from me. Emmett said I'd regret taking drugs. Jasper said alcohol is terrible on a kid's system. Alice warned me about doing stupid stuff. I listen to them.

Edward and Bella, as I call them, are panicky and always trying to make me conform to their idea of being a good daughter. They should be glad I even humor them.

I disagree with common ideas of right and wrong. I'm an immortal. I have an eternity of mistakes to make. I can handle myself. And Jacob? Well, ever hear of a reprint?

We all meet Lizzie Saturday.