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A White Wedding

Edward and Bella are getting married. It will be an unusual wedding, what with there being a family of vampires present. But in every other way it will be just like a normal wedding. Except most other weddings don't include insane gatecrashing vampires


1. Chapter 1 - A Ring

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The skirt of the dress hung in folds of silky material and sequins. White lace clung to the hem, which trailed on the ground as I walked. The netting underneath made it bunch out so it looked like I had curves. I loved the skirt, but the corset was really giving me problems.

"Alice, my ribs are killing me!" I gasped, leaning against doorframe of the dressing cubicle.

The female members of the Cullen family were sat around the main room of the only dress shop in Port Angeles. The snotty shop assitant was sitting behind her desk some way off, looking on in distaste as Rosalie and Esme flicked through the rows of bridesmaid dresses. Alice was stood in front of the floor length mirror trying on tiaras.

"Which do you think, Bella?" she asked, switching the crowns on her head. "I like this one, but this one would go with my dress better..."

"So you've chosen one at last then?"

She nodded, turning to me, looking very excited. "Can I change and show you?"

I shrugged as best I could in the outfit, which seriously restricted movement. It also restricted good breathing. How tight had Alice tied it?

Alice bounced off to the changing rooms, short black hair flying in all directions. Rosalie, my other bridesmaid, followed so I could see both dresses together. That left me and my future mother-in-law alone.

"Esme, could you ease this up a bit?" I breathed.

She smiled and set aside her magazine. "What do you think?"

I regarded the dress in the mirror, turning the skirts this way and that as Esme tugged at the lace corset. It really was lovely. I had been putting off dress shopping ever since Edward and I had officially become engaged a few weeks after we had returned from Italy and the Volturi. But, with only today and tomorrow to go before the big day, I finally admitted that it was time I got the dress. I wasn't planning on going down the aisle in my jeans, but neither was I planning on buying anything even remotely fussy. But this dress Alice had picked out took fussy to the extreme.

"It is beautiful," I admitted. "But I'm worried for my health."

"Why?" There was another tug and a curse as Esme got the lace knotted again.

"Well, I'd rather not end up tripping and getting concusion going down the aisle. It might kill the mood."

Esme laughed - a tinkling sound that reminded me of windchimes in a gentle breeze. "Alice has extravagent tastes, Bella. It isn't her fault."

"I'm dreading seeing the bridesmaid dresses." I grimaced.

The corset loosened and I took a large gulp of air. She tied it loosely so I could still breathe but was also able to sit down in one of the plushy armchairs to await the other two.

Everything had been arranged by an over excited Alice the minute we had announced that we were engaged - well, Edward announced it, I just stood there revelling in the massive turn our relationship had taken. Eventually, when Alice had started talking about choirs and carriages, I had handed the reigns to Esme, who was considerably better at handled her excitement. After that, things had been arranged calmly and effectively. There had been a few problems but Esme was absolutely perfect and sorted them all out quickly. Edward had absolutely insisted that we couldn't get married in a church since he believed that he had no soul, and a registry office didn't appeal to any of the Cullens. A location had been chosen as a surprise for the pair of us, which slightly annoyed me. It was my wedding.

But I had told myself that it didn't matter. Because in two days I would be being marrying Edward. Edward Cullen. And I would become Mrs. Edward Cullen...

"What do you think!" Alice exclaimed as she and Rosalie emerged from the dressing rooms quicker than any human could have changed.

Both of them looked stunning - but then, didn't they always. Their gold dresses were made from the same material, but were otherwise totally different. Alice's was in the cut of a tulip dress. It puffed outwards like the dresses you see in all the romantic movies. It dropped down to just past her knees and was pulled in at her tiny waist by a thick, black belt of material, the same colour as her jewellery and high heeled shoes. Rosalie was also wearing black accesories, but her dress was long and trailed on the floor behind her. The front dipped down low to show off her perfect body. I glanced down at my own non-existant figure with dismay.

"Alice wants a tiara," Rosalie smirked at her overexcited sister, "But I told her she couldn't have one just in case you were going to wear one."

I shook my head quickly. "I'm not. You'll have to pay for it yourself, though." I blushed.

"Of course," Rosalie waved her hand vaguely. The Cullens were probably the richest family in the tiny town of Forks. Carlisle had been alive for over three hundred years. Money tended to accumulate over that amount of time.

"We'll pay for these dresses too," Alice assured me and I felt guilty.

I glanced down at the pricetag of the dress and bit my lip. It was expensive.

Esme caught my glance. "Don't worry, Bella," she said quietly, touching my arm. "You don't have to pay for that either."

"I'm paying for my own dress, Esme!" I exclaimed. This I was absolutely going to insist on.

"Nonsense, dear." She continued in a hushed voice that the shop assistant had no hope of hearing, "I'll make the perfect dress for you."

I frowned. "You make dresses?" I was learning more about this family every day.

"Of course. I need to do something with my spare time, Bella. It can get very boring in that big house on my own." She smiled at me.

I thought about it. I liked this dress, but I had difficulties walking and breathing in it - not good in an outfit I would no doubt be spending all day in. Plus, I liked the idea of Esme making my dress. It was a very personnal gesture. And it could be my something borrowed - I was borrowing Esme's skills to make my dress. So far I couldn't see anything wrong with the idea.

"You're sure you don't mind?" I asked to make sure.

She smiled and nodded. "I'd love to add something to the wedding."

"Esme, you've arranged everything for the wedding." I grinned.

"I like being involved," she shrugged. "Now, go get changed again girls so we can go home. I believe you have a curfew to stick to, Bella."

I pulled a face but headed back to my changing room anyway. Charlie had grounded me even more forcefully after Jacob Black had dropped off the secret motorbike he had fixed for me during Edward's disappearance. Of course, I had never planned to mention such a thing to police Chief Swan, but Jacob had gone against his promise and purposefully left it in the driveway. Charlie had been furious and now I had curfew every night and Edward was lucky if he managed to get ten minutes alone with me. That wasn't counting the hours when he would sneak in through my bedroom window, which was another thing I didn't plan on telling my dad either.

Outside, the two bridesmaids were sat waiting, their dresses wrapped in a protective cover and draped over their arms carefully. Alice had picked out her tiara.

The expression on the bored shop assistant's face changed dramatically when Rosalie produced a golden credit card from her handbag. The assistant called her a strange name, but I had grown used to the Cullens' many fake names after my many forced shopping excurssions with Alice.

Rosalie got to ride shotgun but I made sure Esme got to drive. Any of the other vampires were like madmen behind the wheel. Esme was the only one I trusted not to wrap us around a tree. They might get out with only a few scratches, but I might not be so lucky.

* * * *

Cullen Manor - as I had lovingly named it - was easily the most stylish house in Forks. The stream that ran alongside it played a lovely watery tune as we drove up the long gravel driveway and pulled up in front of the house. Trees that belonged to one of the many massive forests surrounding Forks stretched up on either side, branches licking the grey sky and the matting of black clouds that had formed as we driven out of Port Angeles.

I scowled at the sky as though my rage might make the rain go away. "Alice, are you sure it won't rain for the wedding?"

"I'm positive. Weather is the only thing that doesn't get interference." She tapped her head and laughed, bouncing up the steps to the house.

All three vampires had gotten out of the car and were halfway towards the house before I even had a chance to unbuckle my seatbelt. I fumbled at the buckle and nearly fell over face first trying to catch up with them. Usually, they couldn't wait for me and carried me inside, but today Rosalie and Alice were carefully handling their beautiful dresses and Esme seemed preoccupied. Planning my dress in her head, perhaps?

Edward was waiting in the massive entrance hall, perched on his piano bench as though he had been waiting for a long time. Carlisle was probably at work at the hospital and judging by the noises coming from the living room, Jasper and Emmet were busy wrestling.

"Hello," Edward greeted me. "I've been waiting for you." He rose from the bench fluidly and took my hands, planting a soft kiss on my forehead.

I pulled a face. "It wouldn't have taken so long if Alice hadn't made me try on so many dresses."

He looked around with a scowl. "Where is your dress?"

"Esme offered to make me one. I thought it might be nice to have that as my something borrowed."

"Well, I have your something old in my pocket," he smiled that wonderful smile I loved. But I also knew that look that had entered his butterscotch coloured eyes.

"What are you up to?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him suspiciously.

"Nothing. Now, come on. Charlie will be waiting for you." Edward pulled me back out the door, which Esme shut behind us with a goodbye.

For most of the ride back to Charlie's I watched him suspiciously. When he caught me looking he would chuckle and assure me that absolutely nothing was going on. I didn't believe him however. Pigs would fly the day Edward Cullen told me the truth about his little surprises.

"I'll see you in about an hour?" he made it into a question, just in case I didn't want him to come up to my room tonight. Stupid man.

"An hour is fine."

Edward nodded and leant over and kissed my mouth this time. I had an urge to wrap my arms around his waist when he began to pull away, but Edward has his rules, and I try to reign myself in. It doesn't always work. I put his self-control to the test sometimes. But I attempt to keep myself under control too. I get credit for trying.

I waited until he had driven away before going into the house. Charlie was watching a game on the T.V when I came into the tiny living room, sprawled out on the only sofa with eyes only for the screen. I smiled to myself and deposited my jacket on the back of the armchair.

"Good evening, Bells," Charlie greeted, not looking up.

"Evening, Dad."

"Had a good day?"

"Yeah, Alice and Rosalie took me shopping with their mom." No need to tell him what for.

Charlie frowned in confusion. "I thought you didn't like Rosalie."

"It wasn't me who didn't like her, Dad. It was the other way around. But she said sorry for that and we get along fine now." No need to tell him that that apology had come about after Edward had tried to kill himself because of something Rosalie had said, either.

He nodded vaguely, obviously only giving me half his attention. "That's nice. Both of those girls are nice."

"So is Edward," I muttered to myself, but he didn't hear me. A little louder, "Have you had anything to eat yet?"

"No. I was going to wait until the game was finished, but if you could fix something up, that would be great, darling."

I sighed and went into the kitchen. He had probably been waiting for me to return rather than for the game to finish. But I didn't mind cooking. It whittled away some of the time between Edward leaving and climbing through my bedroom window.

After I put the sausages in the oven, I dashed upstairs and had a quick shower before changing into my pyjamas. After twenty minutes, I ran back downstairs still drying my hair with a towel to rescue the sausages from becoming burnt ash. My hair needed help to dry since it was so thick, so while I quickly made the mash potatoes and gravy with one hand, I dried my hair with the other hand. It was something Charlie never could have done. Mulit-tasking is a woman thing.

Conveniantly, the game finished just as I was setting the table. Charlie wondered into the kitchen and smiled at me as I served dinner.

"Smells nice."

"Thanks." I sat down and ran the brush through my hair as I ate. Mealtimes were usually silent affairs, which suited me just fine. Neither of us were particularly vocal people. We were perfect roommates. He mostly left me alone and didn't pester me. I mostly left him alone and cooked. It all worked out.

So today Charlie surprised me. "I went fishing today with Billy. It was a little different without Harry around."

I grabbed the opportunity he had probably brought up the subject to give me. "Did you see Jacob?"

"Yeah. He didn't look too happy. Billy says he's been going out a lot lately and been grumpy too."

"Probably a teenage boy thing, Dad," I said, trying to divert the conversation away from the inevitable comment.

"I don't think so, Bella. He really seems to miss you." There it was.

I looked down and lost interest in my food suddenly.

"He seems real sorry that he told on you."

"Well I haven't forgiven him," I said. Lying and telling Charlie that I was angry at Jake for telling on me for the motorbike incident was the way to explain the break up of our friendship. The real reason for our seperation was much more complex and confusing than me not forgiving him, though I was pretty annoyed about that. But I just couldn't tell Charlie that Edward was going to turn me into a vampire and Jacob's pack of werewolves were threatening the Cullens should it happen. He would think I had gone insane.

"I've finished." I stood up and deposited my plate in the sink.

"Leave that, Bella. I'll wash up. You do too much around here as it is."

I did as I was told. Kissing him goodnight, I went back upstairs. In the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and pulled my hair back into a ponytail.

It had been over an hour since Edward had dropped me off when I got into my bed and buried myself down into the covers, pulling the quilt over my head as the black clouds finally broken. I listened to the rain and the different noises it made as it hit different surfaces.

After about ten minutes of waiting, a cold, hard arm slipped my waist and equally cold lips pressed against the hollow beneath my ear.

"Good evening," he whispered.

I pulled the covers away from my head and rolled over so I was facing him. Edward smiled at me and kissed the tip of my nose before taking my hands in his own. His thumb traced circles around the back of my hand.

"What's my something old?" I asked, hardly able to hold in my dread. Edward had surprised me with things before.

He laughed at me, but fished his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet covered black box. My eyes widened.

"Edward, I told you not to..."

He pressed a finger gently to my mouth to shut me up and pushed the box into my hands. I glared at him before carefully opening it.

The ring inside was simpler than I had expected, but was still incredibly beautiful. The slim gold band was set with a diamond, and on either side of that was a topaz just a bit smaller than the diamond in between them. It really was beautiful.

"I can't take this," I breathed, attempting to push it back.

"No, you have to. I didn't buy it. Carlisle took it from my mother when she died and gave it to me. It would mean a lot to me if you wore it."

I knew he was telling the truth, so I took it out of the box and slipped it onto my finger. It glittered in the light given off from my alarm clock. Edward grinned triumphantly and took my hand again.

"You look beautiful," he said.

I blushed. He laughed.

"Now go to sleep. Esme wants you around early tomorrow. She takes her dress making very seriously."

I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, fiddling with the ring on my finger, I sighed happily. Edward stroked my hair as I drifted off and dreamt of dresses and Alice's tiara.