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Eric Yorkie, The Van Helsing of Forks

Vampires have come to Forks, and only one person can possibly stop them. That would be me. I am Eric Yorkie, the Van Helsing of Forks. The True Adventures of a Vampire Hunter. A Twilight AU JokesonJane made this awesome banner

I don't own Twilight.

10. Chapter 10 Where Allies Are Gained

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Vampires camouflage themselves to pass within human society. But it is, indeed, just camouflage. –From The Diary of a Vampire Hunter by Eric Yorkie


I must have balls of titanium. Six vampires are looking at me, wondering why I have shown up on their doorstep in the middle of the night with demands for my brother's return. They're poised on the steps to their house like a living tableau, absolutely motionless. The porch light behind them throws shadows across their faces.

"My brother!" I yell. "Where's my brother?" The samurai sword held over my head in attack position trembles slightly.

Emmett snorts in disbelief. "How the hell would we know where-"

A quick hand movement from Dr. Cullen shuts him off. "Eric." His voice is calm and soothing. "You remember me, don't you, Eric? From the hospital. I'm Dr. Cullen." Slowly, he descends the stairs.

"I know who you are," I say, gritting my teeth and moving back a step. "More important−I know what you are."

That stops him. He glances behind him at the other family members.

"Vampires," I hiss at them. There. I said it out loud. They don't react at all. They just stand there−so incredibly still, it's as if somebody made cheesy cardboard cutouts of them, like they were movie stars. Get your picture taken with the Cullens. The only sound is the peepers out in the woods.

"Shit," Emmett swears, breaking the silence and shaking his head. "If we have to move, I swear I am not going to high school again."

"Emmett, hush," Mrs. Cullen murmurs in warning.

"You think we're vampires?" Dr. Cullen asks.

"Not think. Know." The sword catches the light from the porch, flashing on the blade still held above my head. I hadn't realized how heavy the sword is.

"And with whom have you shared this theory?" he asks.

I'm not the best at thinking on my feet, but even I can see the advantage of a lie here. "A lot of people," I say defensively. God, that sounds lame, Ithink. I have to stop my eyes from rolling over my own behavior.

"He's lying," Jasper leans forward to murmur to Dr. Cullen.

Thank you, Jasper. That sends a pang of fear through me. They know I'm out here totally by myself. They could drink me, toss my corpse in the woods, and no one would ever know.

"He's scared and desperate," Jasper adds, looking at me like I'm an éclair in a bakery display case.

"That's right, I am!" I yell nervously. "So don't try anything funny, any mind tricks or anything, because I'll know it. I just want my brother, and then we'll go."

"What's happened to your brother?" Rosalie asks from the top step of the porch.

I grit my teeth and wag the sword once. No one seems real impressed that I have a sword. So far they've just ignored it. Way to make a guy feel significant. "That's what I'm here to find out."

Rosalie steps daintily down the front steps and slides past Dr. Cullen to the front of the group. Emmett starts to follow her, but she glances back at him and he stops. "Danny is missing?"

"He never came home after school."

"How old is he?" she asks.

"He's twelve, but, he's…you know, he's got Down's."

"I remember," she says before she turns to Alice. "Can you see him?"

"I'm right here!" I yell. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Rosalie smiles, and it creates these beautiful, girlish dimples on her face. "Alice has the gift of precognition. Perhaps she can tell us where they'll find Danny."

Of course, more psychic vampire powers. Next, they'll be fucking flying.

"Rose. What are you doing?" Jasper asks like he thinks she's crazy.

"His brother is missing. He's a child−we have to help him." She says this with absolute certainty. Suddenly, I realize I may have an ally in this group. It's a feeling I want to cling to. I have felt alone with too many secrets for too long.

"You're putting Eric in danger," Emmett says from behind her. "He can't know…"

"He already knows," she says, looking at me with those wide, expressive eyes. I could get lost in those eyes for years; when she turns them on me, it leaves me speechless. Maybe she's just yanking my chain, but damn it, if she's holding it, go ahead. I wonder if she would ever want to be rescued from this coven. Maybe she'd only have to suck a little of my blood.

"She's right," Mrs. Cullen says. "We can't turn him away. Do you see anything?" she asks Alice.

There's a pause as Alice stares off into the distance. "It's dark and hot. The walls are irregular, like rock. He 's watching. The fire is getting closer."

"Rock walls? Like a cave?" Emmett asks.

"It could be." She shakes herself and then speaks to Dr. Cullen, who is looking up at her. "He needs to be found soon." I'm not even sure what she means, but the catch in her voice sends a chill down my spine.

"What does that mean?" I'm confused, and they're not making a whole lot of sense. My arms are hurting from holding the sword up.

Dr. Cullen takes a step forward. "Danny's not here, Eric. We don't have-."

"Don't lie to me! I've seen you in the woods. You and the others."

There's a pause. I can see confusion on their faces. "The others?" Rosalie asks finally.

"The other vampires!" I yell. God, what do I have to do to make myself understood?

"I think he means the nomads," Jasper mutters.

"You ran across the blonde man and the redheaded woman?" Emmett asks. I nod. "And you came out alive?" he asks with a grin. "I'm impressed."

I am pushed beyond patience. "I'm so fucking glad!" I yell. "Where the hell is my brother?"

Dr. Cullen takes another step forward. "Eric." He waits until he's sure he has my attention. His eyes burn with sincerity. "Put the sword down. Danny's not here. But we'll help you find him."

The sword in my hand wavers a bit. "No…"

"Eric," he says. "Do you consider yourself prejudiced?"

"What?" He has totally lost me.

"Do you believe black men are criminals? That Mexicans can't learn? That Asian women are dragon ladies?"

"Huh? No, of course, not," I'm still trying to figure out where he's going with this. I've got a sword raised in my hands, talking about social politics with a vampire at four in the morning. The feeling of surrealness comes rushing back at me like a freight train. My shoulders, my arms and back are starting to tremble with the effort of holding the katana up. Next time I have a long-winded conversation with vampires, I'm bringing a gun.

"We've lived in Forks for three years now. Have you ever seen any suspicious deaths? Drained corpses?"

I don't reply; my mind is too busy doing circles, but inside I know the answer is negative.

"I set your sister's arm when she was in that car accident. My wife volunteers at Danny's school. I'm asking you to trust your experience with us and not your pre-conceptions."

"My pre-conceptions? But… you're vampires." I'm trying to understand, trying to make some sense of what he's saying, but it's like I'm underwater. It's all happening in a liquid-y blur.

"And yet you are safe."

"Am I?" I ask. "Am I really?" I search their expressions. Sincerity shines out of Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's faces as they nod. Rosalie just shines, period, and even Emmett is smiling and nodding encouraging. Alice nods enthusiastically; Jasper and I look at each other−something dangerously close to a smirk crosses his face, but then he just shrugs, like 'hey, nothing personal.'

Dr. Cullen senses my wavering. "Are you so sure you can't trust us?" he asks.

I don't know what to believe any more. I'm tired and exhausted, and I just want Danny to come home. "Put the sword down," Rosalie says in that voice that's like angels singing. "We'll help you find Danny."

She's within sword reach. I could lop off her head if I swung right. But she looks at me with those beautiful, expressive eyes, and I know I could never hurt her. That somehow I have to trust her, trust them. I let the sword tip drop to the ground, while my shoulders pulse with relief. I just hope someone stops me if I wind up doing a Renfield imitation.

"If he's not here…" I say, staring at the ground and feeling my throat get thick with tears again. "Then where is he?"

They all step forward and surround me. "You said he didn't come home from school?" Dr. Cullen asks.

"No, the bus company said they left him off at our road."

"Do you know of any caves that Danny might have gone to? I keep seeing him in a cave," Alice says.

"He's never been to−" I stop. I remember when I took him down to see Grandpa's old place, he wanted to go see the caves at Deer Ridge.

"What is it?" Rosalie asks.

"Deer Ridge," I whisper.

"That's in southeast Forks, isn't it?"

I nod. "By the park boundary."

"The fire's not far from there."

I pick the scabbard up off the ground and sheath the sword. "I-I have to go," I say slipping my head through the strap of the sword. "I think I know where he is."

"Wait," Dr. Cullen says. "We'll take you. It will be faster." He turns to Jasper. "Please, the sat phone. And in the garage, the fire blanket."

Mrs. Cullen says, "Maybe Eric should stay here." She puts a hand on my arm. "For your own safety. You don't have the−"

"No way," I say flatly. "If you think I'm letting you go without me, you are sadly mistaken."

She looks at me, her face filled with concern. She turns to Dr. Cullen. "It could be dangerous."

"You need me," I argue. "He won't go with you. It has to be me." I don't know if that's true, but they're not going without me. It couldn't be any more dangerous than facing down a fucking squad of vampires. I feel like I've cheated death once, everything from here on in is gravy.

Alice speaks up. "He needs to be there."

Well, her word carries some kind of weight with them, because the subject of me staying behind is dropped. I realize then that we're short a Cullen. "Where's Edward?"

"He's in Phoenix with Bella. She should be able to travel in a few days."

"I'd heard that she got hurt."

"Yes. Well, not everyone escaped unscathed from the nomads."

That's an interesting reply, but I don't have time to think about it because Jasper comes back and Dr. Cullen turns to Mrs. Cullen. "You and Jasper follow us in the car. Take mine−my bag is in it."

He turns to me. "We'll need to carry you."

"Carry me? Where?"

"Over to Deer Ridge. We'll get there faster if we run."

"You can run faster than you can drive?" What am I saying? Of course, they can. I guess those pictures I took of Edward in the parking lot were right after all.

"Oh, yeah," Jasper says with a grin. Involuntarily, I shrink away from him; of them all, he's the one I could trust least. There is just something… homicidal about him. His eyes drop to the ground, and his mouth tightens like he's trying to stop from smiling.

Emmett steps up to me, his arms wide. "I'll carry you, little buddy." Despite the wide grin and the reference to an ancient TV show, he's asking me to put my life in the arms of a vampire. My face must show my skepticism.

Rosalie comes up and lays a hand on me. "This is the best way, Eric. We'll get to Danny the fastest." God, she is so beautiful. Her face could launch a thousand−a million ships. Helpless to do nothing but trust her, I stare into her eyes and slowly nod. Maybe when this through, I should ask her on a date or something. I wonder if she prefers the slight, heroic type over a muscle-bound−

Before I can say or think another word in protest, Emmett grabs my arm and slings me behind him like a backpack. He handles me like I weigh nothing at all. "One arm around my neck and the other here." He puts my arm under his and then places my hands together. "Lock your fingers." He grabs my legs and looks over his shoulder at me. "All set?"

I nod because I am out of things to say, and we head for the tree line. The feeling of unrealness keeps getting stronger; I mean, I couldn't make this shit up. I'm riding the back of a vampire to go rescue my brother. Pressed against Emmett this way with my legs around him, it feels strangely sexual. I pray to God and all that is holy that I don't get a woodie. All this adrenaline in my system is making me very edgy. Behind us, I can see Esme and Jasper waving goodbye and then getting into Carlisle's Mercedes.

Emmett is hard, like hard all over. It's like holding onto a statue; there's no give, no fleshiness to him. Carlisle is leading the way, followed by the two of us, then Alice and Rose in the rear. I hope my ass isn't hanging out my pants. We're gaining speed as we start to weave in and out of the trees, and yet Emmett's movements are so smooth, I'm not bounced around at all. I'm extremely grateful for that; I don't need the extra stimulation. The wind starts to whip my hair around.

Emmett turns his head over his shoulder to speak to me. It affects his running not in the least. "Hey, man. About the other day in school. I didn't mean anything by it. I was just fucking with ya."

"No, it's okay," I say. What else am I going to say? Talk about feeling awkward-I'm on the guy's back and I'm going to hold a grudge? Maybe I should add, Oh and by the way, I jerk off to fantasies about your vamp girlfriend every night.

The night is inky black, and the few glimpses I catch of the moon between the trees show it's covered in haze. The smell of smoke is getting stronger. The trees start to blur as we go faster and faster. In the darkness, I can't recognize any of the landscape. It's like riding a motorcycle without a helmet, the wind snatches your breath away and my bangs whip violently.

"We should head back to the road and then south," I say above the increasing wind.

"This way is faster," he says. The forest is dark and eerie, and in no time, I have no idea where we are. "So you ran into James and Victoria, huh?"

He sees my look of incomprehension. "The other vampires. They were around the week before last?"

"Yeah." Is he making small talk with me? This is just too bizarre, but I'm just along for the ride, so whatever. "We were over by Three Corners. The redhead-she was…intense."

Emmett throws back his head and laughs. "Yes, for sure." We cross a field, and I realize how fast we are going. The vampires continue to hold formation, with Carlisle up front and the girls behind us, even though we are virtually flying. They're so incredibly quiet, there's no heavy footfalls, no gasping for breath, nothing but the gentle brush of grasses and bushes.

"We're not like them, you know," Emmett says.

"Not like them?"

"The nomads. We don't use humans for food."

"Uh, good to know…" I don't know what to think about that, and I have no time to consider it because I realize we're by my grandfather's old house ruins. "Wait! This is where he would have gone."

The five of us stop, and I slide off Emmett's back, but my legs are wobbly and I land flat on my ass. I bounce right up, pretending it never happened. "This way. I'm almost positive," I yell, running down the path that leads away from the ruins and toward Deer Ridge. In the dark, I barely avoid tripping over the uneven trail. I know I'm right when I almost stumble across a light blue backpack. "This is his!" The sight of it sends a pang of fear through me again. God, he is out here alone and in the dark. Danny…

Dr. Cullen takes it from my hand and sniffs it. He passes it to the others who do the same thing. "How's it look, Alice?" he asks.

"Too close to call," she says in a whisper.

"Let's go," he says and virtually disappears down the path. Emmett slings me back across his back so fast, we're running before I realize I have to hang on again.

We're flying down the path, going so fast, I have to squint to protect my eyes. Above the tree line, the feeble moon hides behind a few straggling clouds. But it's the orange-ish glow in the sky that sets my heart racing.

"Looks like the fire's ahead," Emmett murmurs.

I've seen vampires run incredibly fast, they catch bullets, and obviously considered my sword no threat. "You guys are like, impervious to that, too?" Vampires are seeming a lot like superheroes in their invulnerability.

"No," he answers ruefully. "It's one of the few things that can hurt us. We tend to be flammable."

The colors of a fire on the ground are reflected in the clouds above, and it's strongest right where we're headed. The two of us are quiet as we keep running.