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Eric Yorkie, The Van Helsing of Forks

Vampires have come to Forks, and only one person can possibly stop them. That would be me. I am Eric Yorkie, the Van Helsing of Forks. The True Adventures of a Vampire Hunter. A Twilight AU JokesonJane made this awesome banner

I don't own Twilight.

12. Chapter 12 Where Oaths Are Taken

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Even television has jumped on the bandwagon, as witnessed by this quote from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, 1997:

Xander: Yep, vampires are real. A lot of 'em live in Sunnydale. Willow'll fill you in.

Willow: I know it's hard to accept at first.

Oz: Actually, it explains a lot.

Myths, legends and stories exist for a reason: to open our minds to the possibility of things beyond our awareness, to prepare us for the real truth, and pave the way for understanding that which is beyond the selective tools of science. From the prologue of The Diary of a Vampire Hunter by Eric Yorkie


My mom lets me off on front of the Cullens. She thinks it's to pick up my bike and drop off the jacket one of the Cullens had draped over me when we were waiting for Mrs. Cullen and Jasper to pick us up. It's been three days since Danny and I came home from the hospital, and I've been doing a lot of thinking during that time.

It's school vacation week, and I've had time on my hands. I've taken all the sketches and storyboards for the "Vampires in Space" game I'd been working on and destroyed them. I couldn't even look at them anymore. They were the efforts of a pitiful, naïve geek, and I couldn't stand to see the misrepresentation and misconceptions. I saved Danny's vampire queen picture, though, and put it in my treasure box.

I know I have broken the natural order of things. There is a price to be paid for knowing the hidden world of the supernatural. I know now the Cullens tried to keep it from me, from all the good people of Forks. But I found them out−found out the whole secret world going on under our noses. At least we were able to keep it from Danny.

What Emmett said to Rosalie keeps running around in my head. "You're putting Eric in danger. He can't know…" I can imagine how he'd finish that sentence. He can't know that vampires are real. Yet the Cullens claimed I was safe around them. That can only mean there's somebody or something out there, then, that has decided that I−that humans−shouldn't know. That humans can't know. It makes perfect sense. What's the best way to hide? Make sure nobody is looking for you.

So, the fact that vampires are real and alive, and at least some of them are living in Forks, is very dangerous knowledge. And I have it.

I don't even know if I'll be going home after this visit with the Cullens, but I had to come, regardless. I don't know the penalties for the laws I've broken or whether the Cullens will be compelled to carry them out. But I do know the only reason my brother is safe at home and complaining about his ankle is because the Cullens broke their own code of silence and even risked their own lives to help me. So I'll gladly give them my gratitude, and whatever else they demand of me, they can have as well. Emmett said they don't use humans for food. I'm hoping they won't decide to make an exception for me.

The Cullens' house is beautiful, lots of glass and varnished wood. I climb the front steps and knock on the imposing wooden door. Mrs. Cullen answers, dressed beautifully as always. She has that sexy Donna Reed housewife thing going on.

"Hello, Eric," she says warmly, opening the door. "Alice said you would be dropping by."

"Hi, Mrs. Cullen," I say. "I've come to…" Bebrought to judgment? Sacrifice myself? Instead I say, "I brought your jacket," as I thrust it into Mrs. Cullen's hands. The jacket they lent me has the most incredible scent. Kind of like patchouli oil or rose petals but not so heavy; it's the kind of scent that makes you just want to mash it in your face and just inhale, like the smell of Christmas and the first snow of the year and a sunset of a perfect summer day all rolled together.

"Please come in," she says, gracefully taking the jacket from me. I step into their house; inside it's light and airy and modern−not at all what I expected. I really wish I could take pictures of it to show all those Port Angeles Goths. They're all sure vampires hang out in dank dungeons and dark castles. Boy, do they have it wrong. But I suppose there's not much glamour in acting like the vampire version of the Cosby family.

"Well, that was sweet of you to bring it by. Wasn't it?" Mrs. Cullen asks the rest of the family who have almost magically appeared from other parts of the house. Alice and Jasper come in through a hallway, Dr. Cullen appears from a door that looks like it comes from the garage, and Rosalie and Emmett descend a large staircase. She looks like a movie star followed by a bodyguard. Still no Edward−I heard he and Bella were flying in tomorrow.

"Hey, Eric, how are you? How's Danny?" Dr. Cullen asks, smiling like he's glad to see me and wiping his hands on the towel he's carrying.

"He's doing good," I answer, thrusting my hands in my pockets.

"He's very sweet," Dr. Cullen says. "He was still asking for marshmallows when I was carrying him." Everyone kind of titters over that, and even I smile nervously.

"He-he didn't see anything." I feel compelled to reassure them that only I know their secret. "He doesn't know…"

"Ah, yes, that…issue." He frowns at the floor. "What are we going to do about that?" he muses.

"I won't tell anyone. Really." I start to make the sign of the cross over my heart, before it occurs to me that such a Christian gesture might be offensive, and I drop my hand awkwardly.

"I wish it was that simple," Dr. Cullen says. "There are laws against humans having that knowledge. Not our laws, but…others'."

Ha! I knew it. My throat gets dry. "Please don't kill me."

"No, Eric." Dr. Cullen shakes his head, smiling. "I don't think we need to go that far." Over his shoulder, I'm sure I see Jasper's face fall in disappointment. Haha.

What other options are there? My stomach does a flip-flop. "Do I have to become a vampire, then?"

Behind Rosalie, Emmett snorts with restrained humor. I glare at him, suddenly offended. What-I'm not good enough to become a vampire?

"I certainly hope it won't come to that," Mrs. Cullen says, her hand on her chest.

There's a moment of awkward silence as we all stand there, unsure of what to do. Alice stiffens, her eyes glazing over. Jasper puts a hand under her elbow. "What is it?" he asks her softly.

She shakes off the stupor and takes a step forward. "He has to take the oath."

Dr. Cullen has to turn around to see her. "The oath?" he asks, sounding thoroughly perplexed.

Alice widens her eyes. "You know, the oath."

"Ah, the…oath," Dr. Cullen says, sounding unsure.

"What oath is she talking about?" Emmett murmurs to Rosalie.

"Shut up and go along with it," she mutters back.

"Well, Alice, why don't you administer the oath?" Dr. Cullen suggests.

"Yes, please do," Jasper says with a smirk. "I want to see this."

Alice steps up so she's right in front of me. She's just a bit shorter than me, but the air she carries with her makes her seem like an ancient priestess. "Eric Yorkie," she intones, her golden eyes imperious. "You have discovered the secret of our kind. Are you prepared to vow an oath of secrecy that you will never reveal what you know of us?"

I look around at the golden eyes watching me. These people saved my brother's life. I'll go along with anything they ask. I fall to my knees in front of her. "Yes," I answer breathlessly. "I will swear." I can hear Emmett make a strangling sound behind his hands before Rosalie jabs him with an elbow.

"Then come," she says and turns on her heel. As she passes Mrs. Cullen, I'm sure the two of them wink at each other. I scramble to my feet to follow her. If this is what they want from me, then I will do it and swear whatever they want, with all my heart.

She leads me up the staircase, with the others stringing along behind us. At the top of the landing, there is a huge cross hung on the wall. Alice turns when she gets to it and waits as I climb the steps to join her.

Well, there goes my theory that crosses are their kryptonite. I doubt they'd hang their nemesis on the wall of their hallway. Mrs. Cullen and Dr. Cullen wipe smiles from their faces as I catch their eyes, but Jasper and Emmett aren't as successful.

Alice crosses her hands in front of her. "This cross is an ancient relic of our kind," she intones like a priestess, "empowered with the spirits of the ancient vampires who have gone before us. Any oath sworn on it will require the strictest obedience from the oath-giver. Should they break their vow, their life and that of their family would be instantly forfeit."

"I understand," I say, nodding, joining her on the stair landing. It's a big cross, and it looks really old.

"I didn't know that," Emmett whispers to Rosalie, earning yet another jab in the stomach.

"Put your hand on it, Eric Yorkie," Alice orders me. The wood is warm and rough-hewn under my hand. This must be powerful magic. Oh, god, this is so freaking cool. I feel like I am being ushered into the halls of Narnia or MiddleEarth.

"Do you swear, upon forfeit of your life and those of your family, that you will never tell anyone that we are vampires? That you will not imply, refer or otherwise insinuate we are anything but purely human? And furthermore, will you keep the existence of vampires a secret, guarded with your life, resisting all efforts and temptations to reveal your knowledge?"

"I will," I say solemnly. It may be just my imagination, but some mantle of power, of wisdom settles on my shoulders.

"Then go and walk among men, keeping this secret buried in your heart, never allowing the word vampire to cross your lips when you speak of us." She gestures back down the stairs. The Cullens each pat me on the back as I pass them, descending the stairs like a walk of victory. They're smiling, but Rosalie is serious as I pass her, and her eyes are filled with a tender light. Her touch lingers on me, like perfume that has filled your senses. She is so stunning, it makes me weak in the knees and I stumble down the steps, before someone grabs my collar and saves me from flying headfirst down half the flight of stairs.

"Thanks," I murmur, straightening my shirt before I turn back to glance at them. They're all so different, yet still beautiful in their own way. My heart is filled with affection and gratitude for each of them. I was wrong to call them demons; they're more like angels.

Dr. Cullen ushers me out the front door. "Your bike is stashed here on the porch." He grabs it and handily brings it down the steps for me.

"Thanks," I say. The rest of them have followed us out the door and are standing on the steps, not unlike when I first challenged them for my brother only days ago, but somehow it feels like a lifetime away. I thought then they were monsters; now I know they're indeed just regular people, like all of us, just with different dietary inclinations. And some extra psychic powers. And some super speed and strength. And really good-looking.

Okay, maybe they're nothing like us regular people, but they are certainly the coolest thing to ever hit Forks. I grab the bike's handlebars and glance briefly upward at them. "Do you think I could maybe come by and just hang out sometime?"

"Oh, Eric," Mrs. Cullen says. "As much as I adore you, I don't think that would be appropriate. It would be better if we acted as if this whole episode never happened.".

I never really expected vampires to want to hang with me anyway. "Can I ask one thing then?"

Dr. Cullen nods cautiously.

"Does Bella know?"

The six of them exchange glances. "She does, but it would be best if you never spoke with her about us," Dr. Cullen says. "She and Edward must come to their own decision."

I nod. Okay, fair enough.

"Does this really work?" Jasper asks skeptically from the top of the steps. "We're just letting him walk?"

"Yes. Yes, it does." Alice descends the stairs. Her eyes hold mine as she comes to stand in front of me. "Remarkably, he never says anything."

My heart swells with gratitude. It is her belief in me that is getting me out of what could have been an impossible situation. "Thank you, Alice," I whisper. "My lips are sealed. I swear it."

"I know," she says, smiling. "You did terrific, Eric. You rescued your brother. Remember that."

"No, you − −all of you − −rescued my brother." I search their smiling faces. "Thank you more than I can say."

Dr. Cullen pats my shoulder. "We'll call it a joint effort, then."

Emmett comes out of the house and down the steps. He has the samurai sword in his hand. "Here you go. Wouldn't want to forget this."

"Oh, thanks." I'm glad to have it. My mother would have killed me if I lost it.

"It's a beautiful weapon," he says, handing it to me.

"Um, thanks." I slip the strap over my head, flushing with embarrassment at the memory of thinking I could use it against them.

Rosalie comes forward and gently kisses me on the cheek. Her lips are cold and firm and yet totally luscious. It's like being kissed by chilled liquid chocolate. She pulls back, yet lets her hand trail down my shoulder. "Goodbye, Eric. You did good. I'm proud of you."

I stand rock still. Rosalie Hale just kissed me. I will never wash my cheek again. I'm so glad Edward isn't here to read my thoughts because they just took a turn towards the unprintable. You know, she might even like me. Emmett's eyebrows draw together. That's another reason I'm glad Edward isn't here to share my thoughts, because Emmett doesn't look like he'd take well to any kind of sharing where Rosalie is concerned.

Dr. Cullen shakes my hand, Mrs. Cullen gives me a peck, and from the back, Jasper just gives me a nod. That's good enough for me.

I throw a leg over my bike and settle into the seat. "Well, thank you. For everything." It's kind of hard to say good-bye. I have this lump in my throat. Next time I see them, I'll have to pretend like none of this happened, like I don't know and can't say what incredibly awesome creatures these people are.

"Good-bye. We'll see you around town, I'm sure. Take care." They chorus their goodbyes.

I start pedaling, but I have to glance back as I hit the first turn of the driveway. I try to fix in my mind forever the picture of them standing on the front lawn, their hands raised in farewell.

I'm halfway down the driveway when suddenly Alice is running beside me. I brake the bike.

"I have a vision for you," she says. "I didn't want to let you go without sharing it."

"Is this something I'm going to want to hear?" I ask. I mean, after all, she could be telling me some apocalyptic thing that's going to change my life for the worse and totally fuck me over, a la TheTwilight Zone.

"Oh, I think so," she says, laughing.

"Okay, then. What is it?"

"In college, you take a Creative Writing course. You write a fictional book about vampire hunting. It becomes a bestseller, and you become one of the youngest writers to ever hit the top 10 list."


She nods. "It was as clear as a bell."

"Wow, that's pretty cool." I'm in awe. That's going to happen to me?

"Very cool," she agrees. "Bye." She wiggles her fingers. "We'll see you around."And then just as quickly as she arrived, she's gone.

I start pedaling again. I have quite a future in front of me apparently. Even if I don't get to share the secrets about vampires I've discovered, I'll be using the material to write a bestseller in a few years. Very cool.

Besides, there's always the werewolves.


A/N This is almost the end. We have just an epilogue left. And, yes, we will be going to the prom. :)