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Little Red Renesmee

Another one shot that I've just remembered about on my computer :D Take "Little Red Riding Hood" and cross it with the Twilight Saga :)Featuring Sam Uley as the Big Bad Wolf and Renesmee Cullen as Little Red Riding Hood, SparklyCullen presents "Little Red Renesmee"!!


1. Little Red Renesmee

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Once upon a time there lived on the borders of a great forest a vampire and his wife who had one little daughter, a sweet, kind child, whom everyone loved. She was the joy of her family's heart, and to please her, the her mother made her a little scarlet cloak and hood, and the child looked so pretty in it that everybody called her Little Red Renesmee.

One day her mother told her she meant to send her to her grandfather, an old man who lived in the heart of Forks, to take him some fresh butter and new-laid eggs and a nice cake. Little Red Renesmee was very pleased to be sent on this errand, for she liked to do kind things, and it was so very long since she had seen her grandfather that she had almost forgotten what the man looked like, which is difficult considering she has a vampire’s memory.

The sun was shining brightly, casting gentle sparkles off her partly vampire skin, but it was not too sunny under the shade of the old trees, and Red Riding-Hood sang with glee as she gathered a great bunch of wild flowers to give to her grandfather. She sang so sweetly that a cushat dove flew down from a tree and followed her. Now, it happened that a werewolf, an enemy of the vampire clan, heard her song also, and longed to punish the clan for breaking the treaty, but he knew the vampires were hunting nearby, including the big brother Emmett, and he feared they might hear Red Renesmee if he frightened her, and then they would kill him.

So he came up to her very gently and said, “Good day, Little Red Renesmee where are you going?”

“To see my grandfather,” said the child, “and take him a present from mother of eggs and butter and cake.”

“Where does your grandpapa live?” asked the wolf.

“In the middle of Forks,” she replied.

“Oh! I think I know the house. Good day, Red Renesmee.” And the wolf ran off as fast as he could go to tell his pack about what heard.

Little Red Renesmee was not in a hurry, and there were many things to amuse her in the wood, so she went on very slowly. By-and-by she saw Emmett or another family member hunting.

“Where are you going, Little Red Renesmee, all alone?” they asked.

“I am going to my grandpapa's,” said the child. “Good day; I must make haste now, for it's growing late.”

While Little Red Renesmee was at play in the wood, the great wolf galloped on as fast as he could to the old man's house. Grandfather lived all by himself, but once or twice a-day a neighbour's child came to tidy the house and get him food.

Now, grandfather was very feeble, and often kept to his bed; and it happened that he was in bed the day Little Red Renesmee went to see him When the wolf reached the cottage door he tapped.

“Who is there?” asked the old Chief of Police.

“Little Red Renesmee, Grandpapa,” said the wolf, trying to speak like the child.

“Come in, my dear,” said the old man, who was growing a little deaf. “The key’s under the eave.”

The wolf did as he told him, went in, and you may think how frightened poor grandfather was when he saw him standing by his bed instead of Little Red Renesmee.

Very soon the wolf, who was quite angry with the vampire clan, ate up poor grandfather. Indeed, he was not enough to even up the treaty, and so he thought he would like to eat sweet Red Renesmee also. Therefore he dressed himself in Grandfather's police uniform and got into bed, and waited for the child to knock at the door. But he waited a long time.

By and by Little Red Riding-Hood reached her grandfather's house, and tapped at the door.

“Come in,” said the wolf, in an imitation of her grandfather’s voice. “The key’s under the eave.”

Red Renesmee thought grandfather must have a cold, he spoke so hoarsely, but she went in at once, and there lay her grandfather, as she thought, in bed.

“If you please, grandpapa, mother sends you some butter and eggs,” she said.

“Come here, dear,” said the wicked wolf, “And let me kiss you.” Red Renesmee obeyed.

But when Red Renesmee saw the wolf she felt frightened. She had nearly forgotten grandfather, but she did not think he had been so ugly.

“Grandpapa,” she said, “what a great nose you have.”

“Thanks, it’s all the better to smell with, my dear,” said the wolf.

“And, grandpapa, what large ears you have.”

“All the better to hear with, my dear.”

“Ah! Grandpapa, and what large eyes you have.”

“All the better to see with, my dear,” said the wolf, showing his teeth, for he longed to revenge the broken treaty.

“Oh, grandpapa, and what great teeth you have!” said Red Renesmee.

“All the better to eat you up with,” growled the wolf, and, jumping out of bed, he rushed at Red Renesmee and would have eaten her up, but just at that minute the door flew open and his pack entered to help him revenging the treaty and one of the wolves saw Red Renesmee. Unfortunately for wolf, this wolf imprinted on her and turned against the wolf.

The two wolves were still fighting when Emmett, the burly big brother, came in and killed the wicked wolf with his teeth.

Little Red Riding-Hood threw her arms round the her uncle’s neck and kissed him, and thanked him again and again.

“Oh, you good Uncle Emmett,” she said, “how did you know the wolf was here, in time to save me?”

“Well,” said Emmett chuckling, “When you were gone by, I remembered that a wolf had been seen about the wood lately, and I thought I would just come after you and see if you were safe. When we came near grandfather's house I smelled the disgusting scent of wet dog and so I rushed in, and between myself and this other wolf, we have killed the wolf.”

Then Emmett took the child home, and her mother and father could not thank him enough for saving Little Red Renesmee and agreed disdainfully that Red Renesmee and her wolf saviour could marry.