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When the Missing Come Home

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“We found her Chief Swan, she’s ALIVE! We found Isabella!" Alive? She had really survived the last tens years? They said I was going home but where was home now? OOC AU Dark themed you've been warned. No rape! But there is talk about slaves and physical abuse Bella x Edward

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
This is A Bella and Edward Story, F.Y.I. on the banner you all will probaly recongnize the picture of Stella but it's what I envisioned Stella looking like. For those who dont it's Ashley Greene.

3. Chapter 3

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

When the Missing Come Home

Chapter 3

Edward's POV

At Carlisle's request, I joined him at the hospital. I was flabbergasted to hear that someone had abducted and held hostage three local humans. After he replayed his recount of their examinations, I understood why he wanted me to read their thoughts.

The multitude of scars on each victim was staggering. His suspicions were definitely plausible. One of our kind could have been responsible. Occasionally, we have come across those of our kind, who are sadistic enough to take, 'cows.' It is a nasty slang word used to describe the slavery of humans. It's where the expression, 'why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free,' came from. I was not looking forward to hearing all the grotesque things that were undoubtedly running through their minds.

As expected, the first one I encountered named Bree was having a nightmare about a shadow chasing her through the woods. She never knew I had even entered her room when I slipped back out. The second human, Stella was dreaming about a man hovering over her with his face buried into her neck, but I couldn't make out the man's face. I slipped out when she started shifting uncomfortably in her bed. Last, but definitely not least, was Isabella.

When I slipped into her room, I could not help but be attracted to the angelic little human as she slept. There was an unexplained pull, telling me I had to get closer to her and my body seemed to move of its own accord. Sleep did not come easy to her, no doubt nightmares from her captivity, but I found I couldn't see them. I could not resist the urge to try to calm her, to try to bring her some peace. Caressingly, I stroked her arm, I half expected her to jump at the coldness of my skin, but she did not. In fact, the opposite happened, she silently opened her eyes and stared at me with a slight smile for a few seconds and then drifted into a deep sleep. Again, I tried to see into her mind and see what she was dreaming about, but again there was nothing.

When I would stop stroking her arm, she would search out my hand on her own and sigh contently when she found it. It was almost as if she found comfort in my cold skin. I had never seen a human do that before. Even with the scent of her blood in the air, I found myself uninterested in drinking from her. She smelled divine, but it was invoking a different kind of feeling inside me, for some unknown reason, I felt like it was my duty to protect her.

I found myself unable and unwilling to leave her bedside. I was totally captivated by this creature that had lived with my kind for ten years and managed to survive. Therefore, that is where I stayed for the remainder of the night, by the side of the fallen angel who needed me.

"Edward, have you been here all night

"How was her night?" Carlisle asked cautiously.

"Restless in the beginning, but then when I rubbed her arm, she settled back down. She relaxed once she saw me. It's strange, I can't read her mind."

"Then, why are you still here?"

"I can't explain it, but I can't find the willpower to leave her, she needs me," he nodded telling me he understood.

"Edward, I think you need each other. It may sound strange, but when she was brought in, she called Master. I think she is going to be looking for someone to fill the void that her master left behind," I nodded.

"I know, but I don't know if I can do that, I think - I already love her," I searched his face for some sign of disgust, but all I found was his understanding.

"If you already love her then you need to fill the role she needs from you. If she needs you to lead her in life then that is what you need to do. She needs to come first, as we all do for our mates," he patted my shoulder in a show of support because he was right and I knew it.

I would give Isabella everything, even if it was not something I wanted. She would always come first. In our world, our wives held all the power; they were to be revered and worshipped as much as the men would like to think otherwise. To find love as a vampire was a special event and it was treated as such. I had heard from my family that they knew the moment they saw each other, they were meant to be together. The bond forms instantly for my kind. I guess I am no exception to that rule.

"I just wish I knew what she was thinking. How can I give her what she needs if I can't read her mind?" When he smirked, I had already seen what he was going to say.

"Looks like you'll have to fumble through it like the rest of us," he chuckled at my horrified expression.

"Are you serious? You can't read her mind at all?" Emmett bellowed.

"Well, now that is a pretty inconvenient time for this to happen, we still don't know the extent of the damage he inflicted on her," like I needed Rosalie to tell me that.

"I know Rosalie, but there really isn't anything I can do about it! Now is there?" She is already on my last nerve and it was only noon.

"That's enough; let's go over what we do know. Jasper what did you find at the abandoned house?" The pictures in his mind made me feel sick. There was barely any food, no clothing, the furniture consisted of three mattress on the floor and one table with three chairs, that was it.

"He left no trace as to who he was or where he went," Jasper was disappointed that he did not find anything useful.

"How bad are their physical injuries?" Esme was worried about the wrong injuries.

"Nothing that won't heal, my concerns are for the emotional scarring," that was where things were going to get messy.

"Have any of the girls told the authorities what happened to them yet?" Rosalie hoped we would supply the justice if we could find him.

"Not really, right now, the police think it was a demon worshiping lunatic," well, they were not too far off on that one.

"From their thoughts, they have no intention of telling them anything that will reveal our secret. In fact quite the opposite, they intend on telling them just enough to send them searching in the wrong direction. They are protecting him."

"Carlisle, will they be able to go back to their normal lives?"

"I don't know Esme, Bree was only there for a few months, so maybe she will adjust better than rest. Stella was there for four years, so she will have a harder time. Isabella is another story; she was there for ten years, who knows what he did to her or if she will ever be able to forget. That's if he doesn't come back for them."

"Do you think he will?"

"I am not sure if he can stay away from them Emmett, they were his food supply."

"Do we know if there was another reason he held them?" Alice was worried that he might have been an incubus.

"The best I can ascertain is that he was only feeding from them. He must have some serious control to feed over and over - and not kill them," I had a gut feeling Carlisle was right, but it was Jasper's jealous thoughts that caught me off guard.

"I need to hunt if I am going back there tonight," I did not wait for any offers of company because I did not want any.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get those beautiful brown eyes out of my mind. Normally, running would have cleared my mind instantly, but not now, not since I had seen her. She was all I could think of, even when I instinctively took down my first buck, it was all about her. The doe I took down next was even harder, looking into her doe orbs made my stomach lurch as I thought about Isabella's. In an effort to free my schedule of upcoming hunts, I took down one more buck before calling quits.

Walking back, I replayed all of Carlisle's thoughts about this morning; it pained me to see Isabella groveling at his feet. However, the most disturbing was how she looked when the nurse had her cornered in the hallway under the computer desk. She looked like a kitten that was cornered by a rabid dog. It was dark when I finally walked into the house, everyone had scattered off. With nothing better to do, I gave in to my urges to return to Isabella's side.

Unlike last night, tonight I drove to the hospital and parked next to Carlisle's Mercedes. When I breezed through, he was in the ER working on a new patient. That suited me fine, this way he would not question me any further. Chief Swan was nowhere to be seen, so I assumed he was at home or the station.

The second I opened her door I froze and dropped to my knees, I knew one thing for certain, Isabella was gone and the scent of a vampire lingered in the air. He had taken her back.

Isabella's POV

When Master led Stella and me out the doors, I shivered, not because I was cold, but because I would not see the bronze haired master again. That had to be the reason the blond master told me I was not his, he knew Master would come back for me. Another sad fact was that I would not see Bree again, like so many others over the years; she was not coming back to us. It was just the three of us again.

"Isabella, on my back now," he has only given me rides like this in the past, when he was out looking for new girls for the farm.

Would we be going out looking so soon? I did not ask because when he scooped up Stella into his arms, he shot off so fast I almost fell off. Stella did not seem bothered to ask either. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift back to last night and the most beautiful master I had ever seen. It would seem, that would be all I was allowed. After what seemed like hours, we finally stopped, but it was not what I expected.

When I opened my eyes we were not home, we were somewhere new, someplace I had never seen before.

The new house looked newer than the farm, but it did not feel like home to me, even with Stella and Master with me. Like our old house, we had a mattress on the floor near the fireplace, which thankfully, Master had started a fire in it. The new house did have a few more pieces of furniture such as a green couch and a small round table. Master never replaced the ones we had when they broke. Glancing around quickly from my spot on the floor where I had knelt naked upon my arrival, I could also see a shelf with a few books on it. I have not read a book in years. Seeing those did brighten my outlook on the house.

Master gently stroked my head when he came back in with Stella, showing me he was pleased with me. He left me there with Stella while he walked around and studied the house closely. The new floors were harder to my knees then the old ones; these were made of a harder unfinished wood. Since I was staring at the floor, I could not help but notice it was not as pretty as our old one. This one was more…rustic.

"Isabella, assume your position."

"As you wish Master." I crawled to his side and laid my upper body across his lap as he had taught me to do all those years ago…

With a quick grazing of his fingernail, I was ready for him. After a moment of holding my breath, I could feel his cool breath on my arm as he raised it to his mouth. I learned a long time ago that it was easier not to fight it, it hurt less if I didn’t. He lightly licked up any of my blood that was escaping down my arm before he settled his mouth over the slice he had created. Hearing him purr happily as he sucked and slurped down his food gave me a sense of pride. I was giving him pleasure, and without me, he would go hungry. When he had licked the wound shut with the venom on his tongue, he removed any remaining streaks of blood up. He released my arm when he was sure he had received every last drop he could from me.

"Off to bed Isabella."

"As you wish Master," I scrambled off his lap, onto my mattress and closed my eyes, but I was not trying to go to sleep, I was trying to keep the memory of the bronzed hair master crisp in my mind, so I would remember him always. I was so lost in my thoughts that I never even heard him drinking from Stella.

"Off to bed Stella, sleep tight my precious ones."

"Tomorrow I will find you two some proper food," he said as he slipped back out the front door.

I was asleep the moment Stella pulled me into her embrace.

Carlisle's POV

The call from Edward was unexpected, I was not even aware that he had come in, but nothing prepared me for what was waiting for me in Isabella's room. The sight of Edward on his knees still clutching his cell phone was only the beginning. There stood Isabella's bed, empty and an unforgettable scent, slightly old but still - I would not be able to miss it.

"Who is Alistair?" Edward snapped at me.

"An old acquaintance, from my days in England," I sighed and replayed all my memories of Alistair, so he could see for himself.

"He's a tracker?"

"Yes and not a very friendly chap, he's - not very well liked. He travels alone, he likes his solitude. I am surprised that he was the one to take the girls though; I am not sure why it is surprising. He hides from the Volturi at all costs. You could say - he is skittish around everyone, vampires included. Maybe, he was concerned that his hunting would draw unwanted attention to himself. That could explain it," I thought my reply.

"Why Isabella?"

"I don't know Edward, let me check on the others," I had a sneaking suspicion that was nagging at my insides.

Turns out, I was right, Stella was gone as well. But why had he left Bree? What was so special about the other two? I knew what had to be done, he had to be stopped. Edward was already bonded to Isabella, it would kill him to live an eternity alone now. I would not let my son suffer, if I had to rip Alistair apart myself, we would bring both of them home, for good this time. My phone went off as soon as I finished that thought.

"Alice, can you see them?"

"Yes, he took them to a cabin in Alaska a couple of hours south from the Denali's. They could reach them first, should I call them?"

"No - let me do that, Edward and I will be home shortly, have everyone ready to leave when we get there," once I hung up, I called the Denali's.

"Carlisle, my old friend, how are you?"

"Not well, I am sorry to say, we have a problem with Alistair," he hissed no doubt remembering their last run in.

I filled him in on everything that had led up to my call. He was pleased to hear Edward had finally bonded, but Alistair's new behavior infuriated him. As I said before, he was not well liked. I would be hard pressed to find someone who was more than an acquaintance to him, and even harder pressed to find someone who would stand with him in a fight. I knew it would have to end, even if we had retrieved the girls he would undoubtedly find them again. That after all, that was his gift, he was pulled to wherever or whomever he desired.

"We will meet you there, I am sure as a family we can bring home Edward's mate, as a family we will rid the world of that despicable creature," he spoke with such conviction I could not help but believe him.

"Thank you Eleazar, we look forward to your help, we will call when we get closer," Edward was practically running for the elevators before I hung up my phone.

As anticipated everyone was ready when Edward and I drove up to the house. There was no mistaking Emmett's itching desire to go and fight for the one he now considered family. "Let's get this party started, the sooner we leave, the sooner Edward gets some!"

"Emmett! I am not 'getting some,' I am bringing home my future wife, if she'll have me that is." Jasper had mistakenly told everyone about Edward's connection to Isabella when Edward stormed out earlier.

"Whatever dude, eventually you will. Right?" You could hear the smack of Rosalie's hand against the back of his head echoing through the trees.

"Moran!" She muttered before sprinting into the tress with the rest of us right on her heels.

Halfway to the cabin everything stopped including us when my cell phone's caller id said Chief Swan. "Chief Swan how can I help you tonight?"

"Carlisle, has the hospital contacted you about Isabella and Stella?"

"Yes, the hospital did call about the girls being missing again."

"Do you think it was him? The one who took them?"

"Yes, I do think he came back for them."

"I have a few - friends from La Push and we are going out to search the woods between the hospital and the old farm. If you hear or see anything will you call me?"

"Actually, that's what my family is doing as well, we're already out looking for them," it was easier to tell the truth without telling the truth.

"Have you seen anything as to what direction we should be going in?"

"No, we have not seen anything yet, but we are concentrating on heading north in case he intends on leaving the country. Please call me again if you hear anything new and I will do the same," we already knew he was long out of their reach.

"Will do Carlisle and please tell your family, I said thanks for helping us out with this."

"I will do that, you can count on us anytime Charlie," when I hung up everyone looked at me as if I was clinically insane.

"What? I didn't lie to him and this way, when we show up with Isabella and Stella, they won't be surprised to see us," I thought that was a logical way to handle the situation, otherwise there would be too many questions when we went back.

Edwards POV

The Denali's were at the meeting point when we arrived. I had not given any thought to what might happen with Tanya. She made no secret of her desire to sleep with me, but I had always denied her. I was not positive to how she might react towards my bonding with Bella. When she ran up and threw her arms around me, enveloping me in a tight hug. I almost flinched away; it felt wrong to have someone else touching me that way.

"Edward, I am so happy you finally found her, the one who will make you whole!"

"Thank you Tanya, I am a little surprised at how well you're taking this though," I raised an eyebrow challenging her.

"Oh Edward, I am not going to settle down, I thought you knew that, I was only offering to make both of us happy for awhile. It was never meant for anything more than that," her thoughts mimicked her words; she was only looking for something to pass the time with and thankfully, it was not me. I could not sleep with someone I didn't love, but she could.

"Okay, so - here's the situation. Alistair is currently running circles around the cabin, no doubt making sure his property is safe," I could not keep back the possessive growl that emanated from soul screaming out.

"Calm yourself son, we will bring her home to you," with his hand on my shoulder I forced myself to calm down and concentrate on the job at hand.

When Jasper smiled I knew he had a little something to do with my calm exterior. Eleazar drew out a map on the ground showing us exactly where everything was and Alice was watching out for our futures to see where the best point would be to challenge him. Once she pinpointed the exact location and time, we split off and went in using the trees to avoid him catching our scents before we were ready to bring our plan to fruition.

I watched him coming, counting it off in my head for the exact time Alice had given me, 3-2-1 at that moment I dropped directly into his path causing him to come to a screeching halt.

"Alistair!" I growled a challenge.

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?" I nodded at his thoughts.