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When the Missing Come Home

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“We found her Chief Swan, she’s ALIVE! We found Isabella!" Alive? She had really survived the last tens years? They said I was going home but where was home now? OOC AU Dark themed you've been warned. No rape! But there is talk about slaves and physical abuse Bella x Edward

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
This is A Bella and Edward Story, F.Y.I. on the banner you all will probaly recongnize the picture of Stella but it's what I envisioned Stella looking like. For those who dont it's Ashley Greene.

4. Chapter 4

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. I do not own the Characters of Twilight. Stephanie Meyers does!

When the Missing Come Home

Chapter 4

Edward's POV

"Alistair!" I growled out a challenge.

"I know those eyes, you're a Cullen! Well, you can not have them, they are mine!" He spat back at me from his now crouched position.

"No, they're not! You can't keep cows, the Volturi won't allow it!" I knew this would stir him up mentally, and I was right his mind start swirling with memories of their brutal punishments he had seen inflicted on others.

"I don't care, they are mine! I raised Isabella to be mine and Stella is my mate, I will not give them up to you or anyone else!"

"You don't have a choice Alistair, my son has bonded with Isabella, he can't turn back now. You know he won't leave here without her, he can't," right on schedule Carlisle came into view from the right of him.

"Carlisle, you shouldn't be here, this doesn't involve you!" He bellowed as he was getting more defensive, now had to watch the two of us looming towards him.

"You're wrong! Edward is my son and that makes his mate...my daughter! Since, Isabella will be his mate, that means she is my problem!" Carlisle explained.

"You don't know that! She could refuse him! He didn't have enough time with her to undo my influence on her. She wouldn't choose him over me! I'm all she has ever known, I raised her as my daughter!" With one whiff I knew, we weren't alone and this was about to get a whole a lot messier.

"She's not your daughter, she's mine!" It was unnerving to see Charlie walk into the opening surrounded by four horse sized wolves.

"You lost her the day I took her from your yard," Alistair sneered as he was losing the internal battle of trying to keep certain information hidden and I had a front view seat to watch it all.

"Alistair, HOW could you! She was a child and you used her to lore unsuspecting girls away from their homes! That's despicable!" I said with venomous laced words.

"She was good at her job, she was eager to please me," he gloated as the images that followed were the most grotesque I had ever seen.

"After you beat her for weeks, she would have done anything to keep it from happening again!" I sneered as the repulsive pictures continued.

"It was training…she needed to learn!" The wolve's growls were becoming more feral.

"Not that way!" I seethed as more of my family flashed in to join now encircled Alistair.

"I think we need to end this quickly, I don't want him near my daughter again!" Charlie grounded out through his clenched jaw. he left the part where he was to throw up over the sicken things he had heard, lucky for him, he didn't have to see them like Alice and me.

Just as I was about to move into the circle to finish him, I was stopped by Carlisle,

"Son…remember who you are," I sighed as his words sunk in.

"Isabella needs you, go to her now and make sure she is safe," Carlisle urged, he was right. If I took him out she would hate me for it, I had to rescue her without violence.

Charlie's POV

It was a relief knowing Edward was going to protect her, but all I could think about was how I wanted this despicable creature gone forever.

"Sam…please you promised me, no traces of him would be left," I begged. No one needed to give the order, Sam knew to just do it.

Everyone except the wolves backed away but never taking their eyes off Alistair. Once we were all in the clear, the wolves went to work. I had never seen them dismantle a cold one. The stories didn't do it justice, really. As the sound of screeching metal permeated the air, I couldn't hold back my smile. For the first time since I had learned of the wolves existence, I was so grateful that Billy and Sam had told me of the legends. There was no way I could have brought him to justice without them. I watched on in amazement as Jasper started a pyre and the purple smoke wafted into the air. Knowing the legends was one thing seeing them in action was another.

"Charlie, exactly how much do you know about what just happened?"

"Carlisle, I have known about your kind for...about two years. You see, I was with Billy and Sam the first time Sam phased. They couldn't hide what I had seen with my own eyes,

so they told me everything, every legend. When you moved to town I didn't think much about it but then you shook my hand and I knew, I knew you were a cold one."

"And...you've kept this a secret? No one else knows?" Carlisle asked in disbelief.

"Outside of the pack, I am the only one that knows and I intend on keeping it that way," I could see he was flabbergasted to hear I had known all along.

"How did you know it was one of our kind who took them?"

"Easy, she would only listen to your family, she acts like human are second rate citizens. She called you Master. I've been a cop for fifteen years and Chief of Police for another five. It wasn't hard to piece it together, since I knew what you were. She's been trained to look at your kind as Gods."

"I don't know what to say, this is...a strange turn of events. We will of course have to leave immediately, I guess we have no choice in the matter." Carlisle sounded a little sad as he announced his intentions.

"Oh…No…you don't! Your kind - broke my daughter, now your kind - is going to fix her! I don't care which one of you she calls Master but one of you is going to retrain her! Is - that - understood?" I starred at him letting my words sink in.

"It will be Edward, he will take full responsibility for her. Financially though, the whole family will take care of all her impending needs."

"Why Edward?" How was he the logical choice?

"He has already bonded with Isabella, she will listen to him and he will put her needs first as our kind always does." He had better treat her as she deserves!

"Bonded, hunh…is that like imprinting?"

"Yes…you could say that. Its spontaneous, it's a one shot thing, we mate for life. He will never be able to leave her, even if she orders him away, he will forever be watching her from afar, protecting her." Okay...then, her own private vampire stalker, creepy but do-able.

"Okay, Edward it is, but we need to talk about everyone calling her Isabella, I now understand why she is having a hard time with conducting her behavior. She is…confused because everyone calls her Isabella, only her Master is suppose to call her that. Stella said they called her Bella," I took great pride in being the one who figured that out.

"Of course, that makes perfect sense…I'm sure that will be no problem, but we should come up with a location for them to live because it has to be someplace Bella can call home. She has had to many changes already, so...we need a private place for them to re-acclimate her back to a somewhat normal way of life."

"What do you mean bloodsucker, 'somewhat normal' what does that mean," Jake boomed out, so I patted Jake's arm telling him to stand down.

"It means…its going to take years for her to stop acting like a submissive slave. She won't wake up tomorrow and be normal," Carlisle calmly explain, even after Jake had insulted him.

The pack all nodded finally understanding what Carlisle had tried to get me to understand all along.

"Ohhhh, I've got it Carlisle! She sees the farm as home, its all she knows. It's abandoned, call our lawyer and we'll buy it for her. I will of course need to update it to suit them but it will be one less change she will have to endure," I don't remember ever seeing Esme so happy before but she looked like she genuinely cared about Bella's well being, so that's all I needed.

"Will Edward agree to the farm?" I asked, unsure of what the son would concider acceptable.

"He will do whatever is best for Bella, so if she wants to call the farm home, so will he. I'll have him talk to her and if she agrees, I'll have my lawyer get right on it. Until it's ready she will be given the choice of your house or mine."

"Don't take this the wrong way…but, I would prefer it be your house. I can't watch my child groveling on her hands and knees on a 24/7 basis. I will be visiting with her as much as possible, getting her use to me but I think it's in her best interest not to see me disgusted with her behavior."

"Charlie, you need to let go of your own guilt, granted it is hard for all of us to watch, especially Edward, but it's what we need to do to fix her. So…she is more then welcome to stay until we can either buy the farm or there is also the option of rebuilding a cottage on the back of our property. We will let her decide where she is the most comfortable."

"I know, I will get there. But right now, lets get them out of here and back to Forks before the FBI gets called in."

Isabella's POV

"Stella…what's that noise?" I whimpered as I shook her awake. It was a freighting sound that had started me awake.

"Isabella, you don't need to be afraid, I'm hear to protect you," I gasped and I looked across the room to see the bronzed haired master leaning against the far wall.

Was I hallucinating? Hallucinating or not I didn't care, he was here. I crawled out of the bed and across the floor to his feet with my head down in the hopes he would be pleased. When I finally reached him, he knelt down and ran his hands through my hair telling me I had been a good girl.

"Isabella, your old Master is gone now, I will be the only Master you need to worry about," Gone? Forever? But no alone, I have a new Master.

"Isabella, stand up and get dressed," we were leaving again I wondered.

"Stella, get up and get dressed as well," his words caused her to scramble to her feet and run to our clothes with me. They were discarded into a heap on the floor.

Our hands were shaking as we struggled to put back on our soiled clothes. Stella just keep whispering it would be okay and to just do as we were told. I knew she was right, she always was. It didn't matter how much I kept repeating her words in my head, by the time I was dressed, my whole body was shaking with fear. Not of the Master but what if he was wrong and the old master came back, he would definitely hurt us for obeying someone else. Even Stella's loving embrace did nothing to stop the uncontrollable shaking my body was doing.

"Stella outside, Isabella come here," he ordered, but it was never a good sign when the Master had separated us.

Was Stella going to be his favorite too? Was he going to leave me here while he took a walk with her? I shuffled as fast as I could and kneeled with my head down, hoping he wouldn't see the disappointment written on my face. When he crouched down so he could my face, I shied away. I didn't want to disappoint him already by being envious.

"Isabella, look me in the eyes," he guided my chin up so I was looking at his glorious golden eyes.

"Listen - closely, so there is no confusion on your part." He was careful in his wording.

"As you wish Master," I whispered softly.

"You're coming home with me, he will not be back for you, so don't look for him, he won't be there...but I will," he spoke slowly and clearly. I nodded dutifully.

"Get up now, I don't want you crawling around anymore, when I tell you to follow me, you will do so on your feet. Is that understood?" I bit my lip wondering if could I do that, yes, if that's what he wanted, I could do that.

"Y-y-es M-m-aster," I really did try to stop my jaw from chattering, it just didn't work.

I think he knew my walking at this point was out of question. Thankfully, he pulled me up into his arms and cradled me safely against his chest. Because the minute he walked out the door, my shaking only got worse when I saw everyone staring back at me. I tried to crawl further into his arms whimpering. I had never seen so many masters at once. The most scary part was the dog like beasts, they looked like they could eat me.

"Shhh, Isabella, I've got you now," he cooed in my ear.

I couldn't help but notice that, that man Charlie, who was introduced to me as my father was there as well. He was nice enough to wrap a blanket around me before we shot off headed back the way we had come yesterday. Charlie seemed at ease on the back of the reddish wolf. Stella didn't even mind getting a back ride from the blond female master. After a while I tucked my face into the blanket and snuggled against his chest, allowing myself to fall asleep peacefully.

When I awoke in the morning, I was back in the original room I had occupied before the old master had returned for me. This time I wasn't so scared, I felt the cold touch of his hand in my hair before my eyes opened. He hadn't disappeared this time.

"Good morning Isabella, its nice to see you're finally awake. We have a lot to discuss," when I tried to crawl out of bed he placed his hand on my shoulder pinning me in place.

"Stay in bed while we talk. Unless you need to go use the bathroom?" I quickly nodded before scrambling off.

Once I was back in my bed he began, "Isabella, Carlisle says you can come home with me today. We are going to have a few decisions to make but you need to tell me how you feel about them. Can you do that?"

"Yes Master, I can."

"Good…now, Alice will be here shortly with your clothes, you should eat now," when I looked at the tray I froze, there wasn't anything on there I could eat.

"Isabella, why wont you eat the food here?" I wondered for a moment if he would be mad if I told him?

"Master…there is nothing on there I can eat."

"What do you eat?"

"He said…we were vegetarians, Master," I wasn't sure why he found that so funny but his chuckle was almost musical.

"Okay, vegetarian I can do," he disappeared out the door but was back a moment later.

"Isabella, I want you speak freely with me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master…anything to please you," I was tempted to look up from my bed but decided against it.

"Have you been confused by having so many Master's around?"

"Yes Master, I don't know which one I belong too."

"I see…well, from this moment on you will only call me Master and you will only be given your instructions from me, does that make it easier?"

"Much easier Master."

"Isabella, look at me when I am talking to you, I need to see you understand," cautiously I peeked up to see him smiling at me.

“Very nice Isabella, you are doing so well, now...here comes your lunch. I want you to eat it before Alice arrives," I breathed a sigh of relief when the tray contained a salad, some fruit and a glass of juice. It reminded me of Stella.

"Master where is Stella?"

Edward's POV

I hadn't thought about how to explain that to her. Since she had no family and was in foster care when she was abducted, she had nowhere to go. The Denali's jumped at the chance to help her, she was going to be going to Alaska with them, once she was released today. Stella didn't take the news of Alistair's death as easily as we had hoped. She had entered into a relationship with him of the sexual nature. At first it was to keep him away from Bella but over the years, she of course developed feelings for him.

"Isabella, Stella will be going back to Alaska to live with the other coven you saw yesterday," it tore me up to see as she fought back the tears but they eventually won and she was left sobbing in my arms.

"She's not leaving you forever, just long enough to get better, just like I am going to help you get better. You will still see her from time to time and I'll teach you how to use my phone so you can talk to her."

"Will I see her before she leaves Master?"

"Yes, you will, you'll be leaving here together before she heads out."

"I'm going to say one word and I want you to tell the first thing you think of, okay? When she nodded I proceeded.


"Farm," I nodded thinking back to Esme's idea about where I should take her to live.

"The farm it is but you need to understand me clearly, the farm is old and decrepit, it will have to have some repairs before I bring you back there permanently. So…until then, we will be staying with my family," when she started gnawing on her lip I knew she was holding something back.

"Isabella, what are you worried about?"

"Um…what if they don't like me, Master," she whispered like it was a secret she was telling.

"You don't have to worry about that, they already have excepted you into the family. You'll see later today when I introduce you to them properly. Enough talking, now eat," she must have been really hunger because she devoured the meal happily just in time for Alice's arrival.

"Isabella, say hello to Alice, Alice this is Bella," her reaction was what I hoped for, she timidly smiled and said "Hello Alice."

"Hello Bella, its time to get you ready to go home?" Alice chirped but Bella didn't move from her perch in the bed.

"Isabella, shower now," she didn't hesitate that time, she was catching on quickly, that was a good sign.

I let my mind wander while I listened to Alice fighting with Bella's clothes then her body and lastly her hair. Alice was absolutely feral in combing it out. I almost had to beat her with the brush to get her to stop. Our room wasn't the only one this scene was occurring in, I could hear Stella fighting Irina too. Two little kittens fighting back, it was almost comical. I had to admit she looked beautiful when she followed Alice out of the bathroom, though she didn't look entirely comfortable wearing the skinny blue jeans and short sleeved white sweater. The Nike sneakers were also causing her to trip over her own feet. A shopping trip was going to be in our future and I didn't need Alice's vision to see that.

"Follow me Isabella, it's time to go to the house," without hesitation she followed me out of her room, down in the elevator and out to my waiting Volvo which Jasper was driving. I opted not to drive home thinking Bella might need me for support.

"Isabella, get into the car," after a quick nod from me, she hopped in and shuffled to the other side.

Once she was properly fasten in the seatbelt, Jasper speed off towards home. I saw Bella looking around to see where Stella was but I knew she was already ahead of us. Bella made no indication to whether she noticed we had arrived at the house. She sat quietly with her hands on her lap stating at the floor boards. Thanks to my research while she slept, I knew now that, that was proper submissive behavior so I didn't mention it. When I opened the door I waited a second to see if she would follow my example, she didn't.

"Out Isabella," she did accept my hand that I had extended for her.

The moment we walked through the door she reached to remove her shirt, "No Isabella, keep your clothes on," when she flinched I knew it was because it was going against her training.

Of course I should have been more specific when I told her, “Sit down Isabella," because she dropped to her knees right there in the doorway.

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