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For the love of a Singer

I have searched for her since the day she was born, My singer. A singer is a precious gift. Its one I will protect and treasure always. That is if life doesn't screw it up! AU reg. pairs OOC EXB


1. Chapter 1

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For the Love of a Singer

Chapter 1

Edward's journals

September 13, 1987

The fall in Whitefish, Montana is particularly beautiful. It is located just miles from Glacier National Park. I am attending Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell. Yeah, I know taking culinary arts is an interesting choice for a vampire, but I actually ran out of things I had an interest. It is only two years so; I will just have to endure it.

Last week Alice had a vision of my singer being born and that I would find her. If I was not watching it while she was having the vision, I would not have believed her. Now, it is constantly on my mind. I keep looking at the vision trying to ascertain some way to find her. I could barely make out her brown eyes and hair. Already I want to search her out, in order to protect and save her for myself. I wanted to know when she would arrive. Just the promise that she is coming has started feelings growing in me for someone I will not even see for years.

June 22, 1988

School is out for the summer, we’re heading to Denali for summer break. Alice still has not had another vision of my singer. I have not told my family, but I had taken to the streets in search of her. Every night I search a different area in the hopes of just getting a peek of her to know she is real. So far, my search has had zero results which is very frustrating. The only thing I am looking forward to in Denali is that it is a new area to search. I crave for more information on her. I know she is only 9 months old now and I cannot help but wonder what she is doing. Is she progressing normally? I started reading books on child development in my spare time. God I cannot wait to find her.

September 1, 1988

Alice is in full shopping mode so; I cannot even ask her if she has had any new visions. She will have us ready for the start of school in a few days. I have been doubling up on my control to make sure when I find her, I am ready. Alaska was a bust, I found nothing except a vampire temptress trying to get me in her bed. Sorry Tanya, but I am saving myself for marriage and my singer. She is almost a year old now, I wonder if she is ready to walk. Does she have many teeth yet? Those feelings that had started almost a year ago have me addicted to her already.

January 6, 1989

Finally! Alice had another vision of my singer and she is so cute. Her pale heart shaped face is framed with beautiful mahogany brown hair and she is petite, even for an 18 month old. In the vision, a man who must be her dad was holding her and crying until her mom came to take her away. Her parents must be divorcing. I wish I could be there for her to make it all better. I am still combing the nights for her. Is she talking yet? The family has decided to summer in Forks this year to make many updates on the family homestead. Yes, a new territory to search!

September 13, 1993

My singer turned 5 today and I spent the entire day thinking about her. Silly things, like is she having a party, the kind of presents she would get and what would I buy her if I could? In the five years since I have known about her existence, I have already developed such strong feelings for someone I have never met. It is really confusing to me. I cannot help but wonder if Alice told me about her just so this would happen. I have played the two visions over a hundred thousand times, just in the hopes to find one tiny clue to who or where she is. I cannot help but wonder if maybe she had moved, after all it is a possibility that she isn’t even where she started out anymore. I now only do my nightly searches when we move into a new location. I can safely say upstate New York is now singer free. I am not thrilled with the idea of us being back in high school again, but it is what we do to stay in one area longer.

June 29, 1998

I am not looking forward to another summer of Tanya trying to aggressively pursue me into her bed. When will she learn! I have no interest in anybody but my singer. After ten years of searching, I have not found anything! Alice has not seen anything in years; maybe I will not ever find her. Maybe something has happened to her. Just that thought makes my stomach hurt. She has to be out there somewhere waiting to be found. All I can do is keep hoping, I have waited almost a century. I guess I can wait a little longer, as much as it pains me.

September 13, 2002

We started high school again, this time we are in Forks, Washington. My singer turned 15 today. This honestly has me not only worried, but jealous too. In this day and age, teenagers are much more promiscuous then in my day. What if she does not wait for me, will I still want her if someone else has claimed her first. Every time I think about someone touching her it makes my venom boil! I do not want someone touching what is mine! And after 15 years of searching, she is definitely MINE! Jealousy has become my new best friend. Every minute of everyday my thoughts are consumed with the possibilities of what if’s, would of’s, should of’s and could of’s. So I have decided to do the best I can and not think of my singer. I will let nature take its course and time torturing me until I find her.

March 7, 2005

Last night, Alice informed me it was finally time to find my singer. She has been blocking her thoughts since she went hunting yesterday. My guess would be she had a vision, but she won’t allow me to see it. She just keeps chanting ‘it’s a surprise’ in her head. God that pixie can make me go insane sometimes! Well, I suppose it is time for school and yet another day of listening to the disgusting minds of the students at Forks high school.

Alice's POV

“Let’s go Edward! I want to be early today!” I chirped

“What is all the excitement about Alice? Surely you can wait five more minutes.”

“No Esme I can’t, we have to hurry! LET’S GO EDWARD!”

He walked down those stairs at human speed just to aggravate me. I know it! Little did he know why I was in a rush. However, he would soon find out! We would not miss this opportunity, even if I had to run to school. Luckily, he did not fight when I shoved him out the door towards the car. We were among the first few to arrive in the parking lot. Everyone tried to head towards their first classes, but I derailed that motion with one statement.

“Hey guys, Edward is going to meet his singer in 2 minutes and 41 seconds.”

Man, did that stop everyone in their tracks and they stood there staring at me with their jaws gaping open. It was all I could do not to jump up and down, clapping. After waiting 17 years, the time was now! I was counting down in my head, when I saw the decrepit red truck from my vision pull into the parking lot.

One more minute and it would happen. I watched as Edwards head snapped in her direction, he knew. And like in the vision came the screeching of the tires from Tyler’s van, skidding out of control heading towards her.

Edward save her now!”

It only took a split second for everyone in the family to see what was going to happen.

No one even saw him flash across the parking lot. In one second, he was at her side pulling her safely into his crouched embrace as he deflected the van with his body, protecting his singer at all costs. The look he gave her as he cradled her, spoke of true love and adoration. He was in love with her and had been for all those years.

Now though, you could see the love growing in her eyes for a man she did not know, but had saved her life anyways. He did not let go of her and she made no move to leave his arms. They stayed that way as everyone in the lot started to move towards them, including my family. We needed to do some damage control. This is where it gets tricky, Emmett made a few adjustments to the dent in the van so it did not look like Edward’s shoulder, but he waited for the sirens from the ambulance to cover the noise. Now, we needed to explain why they both were not crushed. Thank god, Carlisle is a doctor at Folks hospital!

Edward fake being hurt! Don’t let them examine you, tell them Carlisle will do that when you arrive.” I thought to him.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” Edward asked as you could see the concern on his face.

“N-N-No, I don’t think so. Are you…okay?” She was definitely shaken up by the turn of events this morning.

“I think it’s just my shoulder, but my dad’s a doctor at the hospital, so I’m sure he’ll check it out.”

“D-Do you need to let me go?” You could see she was afraid he would.

“No, it’s the other one; I really don’t think you should move until the EMT’s say it‘s okay, so if you don’t mind staying where you are, I think it would be best.”

"Nice pick up line Edward."

“I’m Edward Cullen and you would be?”

“Isabella Swan, but everyone just calls me Bella.”

“That’s a beautiful name, it suits you.”

“Thank you Edward - for saving me - you didn’t have to do it.”

“Yes, I did or else… I wouldn’t have had a chance to hold you like this.” Oh she blushes, Edward’s must like that.

“Oh, their here.” I saw a vision flash quickly as she bit her lower lip.

Edward don’t you even think about kissing her yet. Soon! But not now, not here!”

Luckily, he knew the EMT in the ambulance who reluctantly agreed to wait for Carlisle. However, Bella was not as lucky, as she protested when she was put on the gurney and placed into the ambulance. Edward sat in the back with her to keep her calm, while we all followed them to the hospital. It was so hard; I had to hold myself back from rushing up and hugging her.

After calling Carlisle, he was ready with x-rays he had swiped from someone else’s medical records. He had it all set to cover Edwards’s side of the accident. Edward was still holding Bella’s hand when they entered the ER. Carlisle practically had to tear them apart to get Edward to a private room, where we all waited with him.

I never saw the van; all I heard was the screeching tires. Before I had a chance to look up a beautiful bronzed haired young man had me securely in his arms. How he managed to not be crushed along with me, I do not know! I could not believe that this gorgeous man with the butterscotch eyes would risk his life to save me. He was so strong, yet very gentile in the way he held me, honestly I never wanted him to let go.

I was so scared that he might be hurt, although he seemed okay; however, the dent said he might have been lying. All I could do was stare at him on the ride to the hospital. I found when we reached the ER, I did not want to let go of him. What if I never got another chance to be this close to him again?

I know I just met him, but I was already head over heels in love with him. It was everything from the way he spoke to me, to the way he held me, that made me crave to be with him.

“Hello Isabella, I’m Dr. Cullen, I’m just going to have a look at you if that’s alright.” Cullen? As in Edward’s dad?

“Sure, is Edward okay?”

“Yes, he’s having an x-ray for some shoulder pain, but so far everything looks okay.” THANK GOD!

“Well, everything looks okay here, but just in case you should take it easy today. Has the school called your parents yet?”

“I-I don’t know, if any one called Charlie yet.”

“As in Charlie Swan, Chief of Police?”

“Yeah - that’s my dad.”

“I see, well - I’ll check and make sure. You can rest here, for him to pick you up.”

It was not long before Charlie showed up all panicked. However, I could see him relax as he spoke with Dr. Cullen. Charlie had me released before I had a chance to see Edward again. I could feel the anxiety spread through me as we drove home. All the what if’s were running laps around my brain.

Once Charlie was sure I was fine, he went back to work. There had been a lot of animal killings in the area lately. About an hour later, there was a knock at the door, and to my surprise, it was Edward wearing a sling for his left shoulder.

“Hi, come in. Are you okay? Is it really bad?” Oh My God! He is suffering because of me.

“No - it’s just dislocated, it will be fine in a few days. How about you? Are you okay? “

“I’m good; I was just, worried about you.” Okay, very worried!

“Bella, I know we just met and all, but would you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes Edward, I would like that…” I wonder if he can see how nervous I am.

Bella's POV