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For the love of a Singer

I have searched for her since the day she was born, My singer. A singer is a precious gift. Its one I will protect and treasure always. That is if life doesn't screw it up! AU reg. pairs OOC EXB


2. Chapter 2

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Disclaimer: Lucky Stephenie Meyer’s she owns Twilight and I do not, poor me!

For the love of a singer

Chapter 2

Edward’s POV

“Hi - come in. Are you okay? Is it really bad?” God I hate that I am letting her think that I am really hurt.

“No, it’s just dislocated, it will be fine in a few days. How about you? Are you okay?”

“I’m good; I was just - worried about you.” Really? She was worried about me?

“Bella, I know we just met and all, but would you be my girlfriend?” She probably thinks I am crazy!

“Yes Edward, I would like that…” Did she really just say yes?

“Well, okay then, I should really be getting home. Will I see you in school tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

I really did not know what to do at that point, I didn’t mean to blurt out my question about being my girlfriend, it just kind of came out. I panicked and did the only thing I could think of, yeah stupid me; I just turned around and left her standing there. After all those years of searching, I had no idea how to act around her.

The minute my car was off her street, so was my sling. I needed to think, alone! It wasn’t until I parked on a deserted road, did I realize where I ended up, I was near my meadow; it is where I always go to think. The five-minute run was not long enough to clear my head. The meadow was not in bloom yet, but it was still my place of solace. I sat there for hours, just letting my mind wander. What do human boys do with their girlfriends? They really need to write books on this stuff.

I left the meadow just after twilight; I drove by Bella’s on my way home. Her bedroom light was on and I wondered what she does at night? The greeting I got at home was mixed to say the least. Everyone but Jasper and Rosalie were thrilled that I had found her.

“So Edward, what are you in love with her already? You’ve spent a total of one hour with her and now you’re going to take her life away from her.”

“Yes, I do love her Rose, and quite honestly have loved her since the day she was born. And I don’t know what I am going to do about changing her. It’s all very confusing to me.”

“Edward have you told her anything about us?”

“No Jasper, I haven’t said anything about what we are and she hasn’t asked.”

“You know she will, right? What are her thoughts on us?”

“I don’t know! I can’t seem to read her mind.” Here it comes!

“You can’t be serious! No one has ever been able to keep you out!”

“Well, she can Emmett.”

“Impressive! So when do we get to meet her?”

“I don’t know. I am kind of out of my element here. What should I do now?”

“Edward, why don’t you slow down, taking it one step at a time? How about a date night? Ask her out some place nice so that the two of you can get to know one another.”

“That’s a great idea Esme! I’ll ask her tomorrow at school.” I was excited by Esme’s idea, which was just the advice I needed, she’s really a great mom.

The night went quicker than usual; being so consumed by trying to plan the perfect date that by the time I had to leave for school, I only settled on a restaurant for dinner. I had no idea what she thought was fun.

A few questions would definitely be on order today, so I could figure out the perfect date. We were early again; Alice seemed to think the earlier the better. Everyone floated off to his or her classes, while I waited for Bella to arrive.

When the warning bell rang, I was a wreck, where was she? I knew her truck wasn’t here and I would know if she was because I’d know her scent anywhere. Yes, I would definitely know her scent, I always figured it would drive me to bloodlust just being in the same room as her, but it was not anything I could not handle. I think Alice knew if I was in love with her before she came into my life, then I could control it better.

Unhappily, I made my way through my morning classes. Alice was not at lunch and Jasper had no clue where she was. That was very unusual for her. I tried her cell, she did not answer. I don’t get it, no Alice or Bella, what was going on?

The whole family started to agree that something was wrong when Alice never showed up to drive us home. Esme was shocked to hear that Alice had disappeared, so she called Carlisle. He had not heard from her either.

Alice’s POV

God, my day started so well, that was until I had a vision before we left for school. Luckily, I was nowhere near the house when it hit me. I would not want Edward to have seen it. It was my worst nightmare.


Bella walked into her gym class, which she shared with Jasper. Normally that would not be a big deal, but when Bella tripped over air - yeah really! There was nothing there, but that didn’t stop her from tripping and falling anyway. It would have been fine, but she split her head wide open. Watching him steal Bella away from Edward in one bite crushed me. Of course everyone in the room was screaming and running, as he continued to slaughter as many as he could before we all arrived, leaving eight including Bella lying on the gym floor, all dead. Edward cradled Bella’s broken body, the growl that came out of him was feral. Before anyone could stop or restrain him, he ripped Jazz’s head clean off.

End Vision.

Okay, so I panicked! The minute Edward parked; I hopped out and acted as if I was going to class. No big deal right, so yeah, I went in the front door and snuck out the back door. I was actually lucky enough to get to Bella’s before she left for school.

The problem, how was I going to stop her from going there. Brute force of course! I slipped into her house while she washing her breakfast dish. She never heard me coming. As carefully as I could, I gave her one quick tap to her head and it was lights out. God, I really should have planned this before I got here!

I slipped her into her truck and hit the highway. We still had a house in upstate New York near Cornell; it would be a perfect place to hide her for a while. She needed to be educated in who and what we are, but most of all, she needed to be protected from my husband. God I miss him! But, I cannot see any other way to keep everyone safe.

When I had the vision of Bella 17 years ago, it started a chain reaction. I knew Edward fell in love with her the moment he saw her as an infant, but he was not the only one. I knew the moment I saw her, she would be my best friend and sister.

However, you see I have been keeping a secret from everyone. There were not only two visions of Bella in all those years. I knew why her parents separated; Charlie Swan likes to beat women when he is drunk. I had to endure every time he hit Bella during a rage. If Edward knew this, he would have searched him out and killed him, before he even had a chance to meet her.

Every time I thought about saving her the vision would change and Edward would spend an eternity alone. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that to him. Luckily, I had tied Bella up before putting her in the truck because she is about to wake up and she is not going to be very happy about this.

“Hi Bella! I’m Alice Cullen, I’m sorry I had to do this, but I promise I will explain everything when we get to the house tomorrow.”

“Cullen, as in Edward Cullen?” I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Yeah, he’s not going to be happy with me for this, but it was necessary to keep you alive.”

“W-w-what do you mean?”

“Okay, look there’s a lot you don’t know about my family, but that’s going to change. I need you to understand something. Edward loves you very much and something not very nice was going to happen to you, so I decided to take you on a road trip to keep you alive.”

“What was going to happen to me and how did you know it was going to happen?” Her voice was so shaky.

Bella’s POV

“What was going to happen to me and how did you know it was going to happen?” Does she know about Charlie? Was he planning to hurt me again?

“Bella, those questions all need to wait. We need to start off with the easy ones. So are you hungry or do you need to go to the restroom?” Ok, think! There has to be a way to get out of this.

“Yes… please, both would be nice.” Maybe a nice busy place for me to scream?

“Not happening Bella, so you can forget about it.” hunh?

“What are you talking about?” Can she read minds?

“I can see the future Bella; I know you planned to scream and try to escape when I stopped.” WHAT? How is that even possible?

“When you said Edward loves me is that why you kidnapped me?” Am I like…a gift for him?

“No Bella, he is not going to be very happy, when he figures out I have you. He loves you and wants to be with you forever. He’s not going to rest until you are back with him.” He does? Really?

“Are you in love with him? Am I - in the way?” That would be weird.

“Heavens no Bella, I’m saving you from death, so you can be with him.”

“D-d-death are you serious?” Who wants me dead?

“Yes very! Do you think I would have done this if it wasn’t so important?”

“Could you explain while we drive, or do we have to wait until we get wherever it is that we’re going?”

I decided to go for it and my vision said it would work out. So I started with the beginning, from her birth working up until today. Of course, I left out the vampire part. She was shocked at how much I had seen.

“Wait a minute, how is it possible you saw all that, you were just a baby then too?”

“No, Bella I wasn’t and neither was Edward. He’s been searching for you since he saw my vision of you.”

“I don’t understand how that’s possible, how could he see your vision?”

“Because he can read minds - except for yours, you are the only one he can’t read.”

“You see Bella…we don’t age, we don’t sleep, don’t go out in the sunlight and we have a very special diet.” It’s not possible, those are just myths!

“Are you telling me that you and Edward are - vampires?” I whispered the last word.

“Wow, you got there quick! Most people would have taken longer. And for your information…yes our whole family is made up of vampires.”

“So, you saved me from Edward eating me?” I winced, just thinking about it.

“No! Edward would never eat you. Silly Bella! What part of Edward loves you, don’t you get?”

“Then who wanted to hurt me? Is it Charlie?”

“My husband…is the most sensitive to human blood; you were going to get hurt in gym which would have sent him into a frenzy and eight kids were going to die. Possibly him as well when Edward had seen what he did to you.” He would do that if he lost me?

“I see…so you were willing to sacrifice everything to save him. I can understand that.”

“No, I am willing to sacrifice everything to save us all! Edward has been alone for a century, watching us all happily paired off. The only bright spot in his life is you. And, I have to be honest, after watching you grow up, I already consider you my best friend and sister.” Why am I not scared to death of this little sprite of a girl, who kidnapped me from my house? And why do I feel like I love Edward more today than I did yesterday?

A/N well there you have it, she knows. Now I need to know how you liked it so far.