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For the love of a Singer

I have searched for her since the day she was born, My singer. A singer is a precious gift. Its one I will protect and treasure always. That is if life doesn't screw it up! AU reg. pairs OOC EXB


3. Chapter 3

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For the love of a singer

Chapter 3

Edward’s POV

How is it possible that I waited for seventeen years, to finally meet Bella and now after one day she is gone? I know in my gut she is with Alice, who hasn’t been seen since yesterday. Why would she take her from me? She knows I love her and would never do anything but protect her. So why? Why would she do this to me?

“Family meeting now!” Everyone in the house knew Carlisle wasn’t happy.

Everyone knew better then to keep him waiting, he never lost his patience with us ever, even when we slipped up. However, today he was definitely close to it, with one daughter and my singer missing.

“What the hell happened?”

“It would seem Alice and Bella are gone, Alice never said a word at school. She just skipped off to class, now she is not even answering her phone. Bella never even made it to school.” I couldn’t even look at their faces; the pain was too much for me already.

“So, are we sure they are together?”

“Yes… Alice’s scent is at Bella’s.” My head snapped to Jasper as I saw he went there. The thoughts of him wanting to drain Bella had me seeing red.

“JASPER!” I was growling now. How could he even think about it!

“Edward I wouldn’t have done it. It was just overpowering because I’ve been holding off hunting trying to push myself to be more like everyone else. I’m tired of being the weak link!”

“Don’t you get it? If Alice saw you stealing Bella from me, she would take her to save her! You know it!” This was the only plausible explanation of why Alice would do this.

“Agreed, Alice won’t bring her back until she knows she’ll be safe, so what can we do to make her safe?” I could see in his thoughts, Carlisle was already calling Bella his daughter.

“Jasper needs to get his ass out hunting and agree to do it like weekly, or even three times a day, if that’s what it takes. I mean come on man; Edward has been drooling over her since - she was drooling! Why would you even have to think about it?” Okay Emmett, tell us how you really feel!

“Jasper, until you decide to do it, Alice won’t see it’s safe to come home. My life hangs in your hands. So what’s it going to be?”

“Yes! Hell, I will hunt daily if that is what it takes to keep her safe from me. I won’t let the bloodlust beat me.” I will pour it down his throat if I have to! I want my Bella back!

“Good! Take him out and don’t bring him back until he can’t drink another drop.”

“Has Charlie started combing the town for her yet?” I know I am!

“No, that’s the funny part; he’s not saying a word.” How is that possible?

Watching Jasper hunt, I could see he was holding back, he was not totally committing himself. It looked almost like he was saving room for dessert. That was not going to happen! I took down a bear while Emmett dragged Jasper over. Emmett and I were on the same page on this, he was going to drink it, like it or not. The minute I forced his teeth into the bear, he started sucking. It’s not as if he had a choice with Emmett on his back and me at his throat.

“Please! No more, I’m so full I could puke!”

“Are you going to fight us again?” I growled out.

“No! I promise! I will never drink from Bella!”

I finally saw it in his eyes, he finally meant it; he would never drain my Bella. Now, we just need Alice to see it.

Bella’s POV

If you told me yesterday I was going to fall into love at first sight with the most gorgeous man I have ever seen, I would have had you committed. Nevertheless, I did just that when he saved me from the van. I mean who throws themselves in front of someone when a van is careening out of control towards them? I can think of only one man, Edward Cullen.

I never saw his sister kidnapping me before school either, but I have to admit that after listening to her at first, I thought she was delusional. But, that all changed the minute she dragged me into the woods and displayed everything she could do. Damn she was fast; I didn’t even see her move! And don’t get me started on how strong that little sprite was when she tossed me around like a pocketbook. After her display, I had no intention of even trying to run. I guess she was convinced because she took off the ropes that bound me, letting me sit freely in the truck.

“Alice can you tell me more about Edward?” I was curious about the man who captured my attention.

“Don’t you want him to tell you?” Yeah, more than anything!

“I guess, I just wanted to hear more about him, can you tell me some stories about him.”

God she was so funny the way she talked about Edward. However, I couldn’t help but be a little sad; he had spent his life alone watching everyone else being happily married and paired off. I wondered if he has noticed I’m gone. I am sure Charlie has and I don’t think he was too happy when I was nowhere to be found. I already know what this is going to cost me, probably a week’s worth of pain. I was too young when my mom left my dad to remember any of the beatings she suffered under his roof. I didn’t have to; I had enough of my own memories. Nothing beats court ordered visits, except a court ordered custody change.

“Earth to Bella…you in there?”

“Yeah…sorry, I was thinking about what Charlie’s going to do when I get home.”

“The family knows why we’re gone. They are going to make sure Jasper doesn’t slip.”

“Oh - okay, so are we going back now?”

“Not yet, I need to make sure first, so we’ll stay at a motel until morning until I’m positive.”

Thank god she ordered room service, I was starving. We spent the rest of the night just getting to know each other; honestly, I was really starting to like her. She did really just try to save me.

Remembering that made me think of Edward again. How is it I keep coming back to think about him? It didn’t take long to fall asleep after I crawled into the bed; it had been a really long day.

Alice’s POV

I am glad I waited on returning with Bella because Jazz had a moment when he thought about lapsing, but luckily, he re-committed himself to keeping Bella safe. Edward and the family had decided to forgive me for stealing Bella away, which was a relief.

Unfortunately, Charlie has decided to make Bella pay for running away. I came up with a plan that would stop that from happening, but Bella had to go along with it.

“Bella were going to have to come up with a story for Charlie. Would you be opposed to telling Charlie someone took us and we had to escape?”

“If it will keep Charlie from hitting me - yeah, no problem. Um - Alice you haven‘t said anything to Edward about that, right?”

“No, I wanted to every time I saw it, but it would have killed him to see all those visions.”

“Thank you, for keeping my secret. It is not as if it can go on forever, I turn eighteen in a week. So I can get away from him then.”

That’s when the worst vision of Bella started:


Bella is in her kitchen at Charlie’s, telling him she has decided to get a place of her own now that she was eighteen. Charlie’s face wore a calm expression; but this hands, were anything but calm, they were balled up into very tight fists. The moment Bella turned her back to leave the room; he grabbed the hot frying pan of food and started hitting her everywhere, but mostly on her head and face. Silently, I watched her crumble to the ground, where she remained until the vision went black.

End Vision.

“Alice! Can you hear me? ALICE!”

“Yeah, Bella I’m back.” OH MY GOD!

“Bella, we need to talk about you going home. Maybe we should wait; I don’t see Charlie taking you leaving very well.”

“He’s going to hurt me, right? Not like before though, worse?”

“Yeah, a lot worse. Look, we need to decide what to do here. The way I see it, we can call in the family for help, or we can stay away until you turn eighteen and then we can move you out before he has a chance to do it. How do you want to play this out?”

“Honestly, I hate that you and your family have to pay for my screwed up life. I am really scared if we tell Edward, that he won’t want to see me anymore, and at the same time, I don’t want to keep you from your family. They must be worried about you.”

“I know you’re worried about what Edward would think, but he won’t want to stop seeing you if he knows, he may want to kill Charlie, but he would never blame you.”

“Hey Alice, can we do both? Can we call the family telling them over the phone so they won’t worry, then we could still be here, far away so Charlie won’t find us?”

I decide she was right, we could do both, the visions all said calling the family would get us the help we needed and would keep her away from Charlie. I turned on my cell phone to see I had twenty missed calls. Good guess would be my family. Carlisle was the one I had to call, I knew he would know the best way to handle the situation.

“Alice! Where are you? Is Bella with you? Are you both safe?” His voice was so frantic.

“Safely hidden, yes and yes for now. Carlisle we cannot come home yet. I know you figured out that Jasper needed to solve his problem and I know he’s firm on his decision, but there is another problem that I’ve known about for a while and its going to get worse if we come back now.”

I gave him every detail of the visions I have had over the years, while poor Bella was clutching her stomach remembering them all with me.

Carlisle’s POV

I know it pained her to tell me all the details of Bella’s painful past, but now they were only going to get worse. We needed to fix this in order for her vision of Edward and Bella being happy to come true. My son needed it to come true, and now I think so does Bella, even the rest of my family too.

“Okay Alice, I’m leaving work right now, I’ll go home and talk to everyone. We will come up with a plan and call you back. Until then, you and Bella stay hidden.”

“Carlisle be careful when telling Edward, he’s not going to be happy with the fact that I’ve kept these visions from him all these years.”

“I will, you and Bella just stay hidden, I mean it Alice.”

How was I supposed to tell Edward this? He was definitely going to lose his mind when he hears this. I was rereading a medical update in German when I pulled into the garage; only to find myself being stared down by Edward, he knew I was hiding something.

“What are you hiding Carlisle? Does it have anything to do with Bella and Alice?”

“I’ll explain everything to everyone all at once. It will be easier that way.”

Everyone heard our exchange and had gathered in the living room waiting for us. The look on their faces said it all; they were not going to like what I had to say. As gently as I could, I explained the entire phone call to them. Edward reacted pretty much as I had expected. Luckily, Jasper and Emmett were close enough to restrain him.


“Calm down Edward, we will handle Charlie soon enough, let’s get Alice and Bella home first.” That was easy for him to say, it is not his wife getting beaten.

“Edward, Jasper is right we need to find a way to keep Alice’s vision from happening, so any ideas?”

“I’ll take her away and we won’t come back.” That not an option.

“No, you won’t! She’s going to be in our family, we do this together.”

“Why is she our problem, we don’t even know her yet.” Ah… Rose, when are you going to learn.

“Because Edward loves her, Alice has already seen she will be one of us, and she and Edward will be happy. So get to know her!” I was not going to let Rose ruin Edward and Bella’s future together.

“What! What if I do not want her changed?”

“I am sorry son, that’s not your decision.”

“The decision has been made by someone!” I knew Rosalie was right. Someone had made the decision to ensure Edwards happiness. It was me. The minute I saw him falling in love with the infant he saw in the vision I swore to myself, if Edward found her, I would change her to be with him.

“Are you saying she knows about us?” Edward couldn’t believe his own ears.

“Yes, she does. Alice has been explaining it to her for the last two days, and Edward, it’s unimportant to her what you are, she cares about you anyway.”

“Then maybe we should just let Charlie have her so we won’t have to take care of her.”

I do not know what Edward saw in Rosalie’s thoughts, but it was enough for him to lunge at her. She was lucky Emmett caught him in mid-air because he was furious.

“Like your fiancée Rose! We should just let him beat her to a pulp and let her die! That is what you think? Well, I’m out of here! I’m going to help Bella and Alice. I can’t be near her anymore.”

“Rosalie that was an awful thought, I thought we knew you better than that.”

I sighed heavily because I had to say, I was thinking the same thing as my wife. She out of all of us, should know the pain of that, having lived through it in her human life. When Rosalie stormed off we didn’t stop her, we had family that needed our help.

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