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One second too late....

What if Bella was that split second too late as she ran to save Edward? What would happen then? Includes suicide (obviously) hence I'm giving it a Teen rating unless advised otherwise :) one shot <3


1. The End

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“No!” I screamed. “Edward, look at me!”

He wasn’t listening. He smiled very slightly. He raised his foot to take the step that would put him directly in the path of the sun.

A flash lit up the courtyard as the clock tolled for the final time. It was impossibly short, barely a hundredth of a second – enough to temporarily blind anyone, without them noticing the flash. I knew the flash was made up of millions of tiny rainbows like that you get off a glass crystal that has caught the light. I did not see the sweeping, cloaked characters that snatched Edward from the mouth of the alley, smiling grimly in triumph. The after effects of the brilliant flash prevented me from noticing the smaller hooded figure who scanned the crowd briefly to ensure no human had witnessed neither the suicidal vampire nor his captor’s. In my misery, I did not take in the plumes of black smoke trickling from one of the top towers, growing with volume each second.

I stumbled forward regardless, searching around the blobs that shrouded my vision, reaching for Edward, hoping against reason he was still there.

“Bella.” I did not hear my name being called from the shadows as I hunted around frantically. “Bella, it’s too late, we have to get out of here-”

“Not without Edward,” I rasped to the shadows.

“Bella,” Alice stepped forward with purpose, grabbing my arm gently and tearing me away from the shadows and shoving me towards the crowd. “You have to run, before they find you as well.”

“No,” I said, a sudden rush of strength escaping from no where. I tried to fight Alice’s hold, but she predicted my next moves before I did, blocking me every time.

“Bella, you must run,” she hissed. “The Volturi are coming and we are both going to die here unless you agree to flee!”

“I will never leave Italy,” I growled fiercely, anguish shredding apart my organs. “Not without Edward!”

“It’s too late for that,” whispered Alice remorsefully. “He’s burning right now.” I struggled against her grip, but my strength had disappeared. “Bella, please, go home to Forks.”

“No, I can’t,” I murmured in anguish, but Alice froze for a moment before shaking her head.

“Come on, we have to go now, or we’re both dead,” cried Alice, pulling my arm and leading us further into the alley. I tried to dig in my heels to stop her but it didn’t work, so instead I lifted my feet off the ground, but she scooped me up and ran at vampire speed to the stolen Porsche. “Please Bella, get in!”

“No,” I sobbed.


“Just leave me here, Alice,” I said, stepping away from the car. “It’s too late.”

“You are not going to kill yourself,” she hissed, shoving me into the car, swiftly buckling me in and setting the child lock on the car door, a precaution for an instinctive escape that she might miss. “Not on my watch.”

“What are you going to do?” I wept angrily, as she started the engine and drove out of Volturra at a hundred and ninety miles per hour. “You can’t watch me for the rest of my life!”

“Want to bet?” she asked, glaring at me.

“What sort of life is one that I can’t do anything? Because I won’t!” I bawled. “You’ll have to force feed me, wash me yourself, take me to the toilet because I won’t go! Your life would be easier if you got Carlisle to put me in a chemical coma or just killed me yourselves, because I refuse to live, I can’t live without Edward!”

“Bella, please,” Alice said, her granite forehead creasing with anxiety, although I could see it was not caused by my promises. “You have just gone six months without him, so please try to last another sixty years or so – for Edward.”

I choked with anguish, as she pulled up on the side of the road, leaving the engine running.

“Bella,” she murmured. “You have to listen to me, please.” Something in her expression told me she had had an ominous vision, and this one could not be avoided. “The Volturi are gaining speed on us and they will arrive here in four minutes and seven seconds in counting.” I opened my mouth to object, but she impatiently covered my mouth with her hand and carried on. “Bella, listen. They will follow us and catch us up in sixteen minutes and forty-three seconds if we carry on driving, so I’m going to get out and run east, alright?” I tried to object again but she ignored me. “It’s me they’re after and I need you to drive west to Rome and catch the plane to Seattle, OK? And don’t kill yourself Bella!” she hissed as I saw a flicker of hope. “I need you to tell Jasper what’s happened, alright? For me? Here’s my phone.” She pressed the wafer thin mobile into my hand and wrapped my fingers around it tightly. “Don’t lose it! Goodbye, Bella. Please tell Jasper.” She kissed my cheek swiftly and hopped out of the car. Before shutting the door, she turned back. “You have seven minutes from when I start running to get moving, and then you will have about four hours and thirty-two minutes before they’ll follow you – bye.”

Alice slammed the door and ran across a crop field to the left of the car. I sat stunned for a few seconds, tears trickling regretfully down my cheeks. What had I done? Jumping from that stupid cliff was the most idiotic and consequential thing I could have ever done. I slid, sniffling, over to the driver’s seat and tried to open the door. She had set the child lock on that as well. I wept as I started the engine and warily pulled out of the ditch. I would complete Alice’s favour before I died. I flipped open the phone and warily flipped through the contacts until I came to Jasper. Still watching the road, I pressed call.

One ring was all it took. “Alice?”

“Um, sorry Jasper, it’s Bella,” I said, aware of my blocked nose and croaky voice.

“Bella?” Jasper suddenly sounded panicked. “Where’s Alice? Why have you got her phone?”

“I’m sorry Jasper,” I said, following the sign stated Roma. “We’re running from the Volturi. Edward’s dead. Alice is running right now but she hasn’t got long.”

“No…” Jasper’s voice grated through the receiver. “Bella, where are you?”

“Alice got out just outside of Volturra and ran east about five minutes ago,” I said, a fresh wave of tears leaking down my face. “I’m sorry, Jasper, but I think she’s dead by now.”

I heard faint murmuring in the background before the rattle of Jasper’s phone being snatched from its owner.

“Bella, what’s happened?” It was Carlisle.

“Thank you, Carlisle, for everything you’ve ever done for me,” I sobbed down the phone. “Including changing Edward for me, I owe everything to you for his existence.”

“Bella?” Carlisle grew louder with worry. I had never heard Carlisle break his kind, gentle hush, but there was a first time for everything. “Bella, where’s Edward?”

“They’re dead,” I heard Jasper murmur in disbelief in the background. “Both of them.”

“Bella?” Carlisle’s tone became more panicked as my sobs surged. “Bella, who’s with you? We’ll meet you at Seattle airport, alright?”

“Could you thank the others for me?” I said, ignoring him. “Thank them for everything and being so kind, I’ll miss you all.”

“Bella!” shouted Carlisle.

“Bye,” I said and folded the phone shut. I drove down a bit further, until I came across a dirt track with a sign warning drivers not to drive any farther. I cut the engine and flipped open the phone, tapping in my home number. It rung once, twice-

“Bella?” The raspy voice of Billy Black flowed into my ear.

“Billy? Is Charlie there, please?”

“Bella! Charlie! Get down here! She’s on the phone!” I heard him yell, which was followed by a shout and some quick words.

“Go on then, son, but as soon as Charlie comes down, you get off, right?”



“What’s happening? Where are the leaches?”

“They’re dead, Jacob. I’ve phoned to say goodbye.”

He paused trying to understand what I was saying. “But how’re they supposed – Bella! No! Come home, please?”

“Give it over, Jacob,” barked Billy in the background. I waited as the phone was wrestled over to Charlie.

“Bella? Where are you? Where have you been?” Charlie gushed angrily.

“Dad,” I said slowly. “I love you, and I’m sorry.”

“What? I love you too, but where are you? Come home!”

“I’m sorry, Dad, especially as Harry’s just died, but I can’t live any longer without Edward.”

“What?” His voice sounded surprised, but instantly gentler. “Bells, come home. What do you mean you can’t live without him? Come home and we’ll talk about it-”

“Sorry, Dad,” I repeated. “Bye, I’ll miss you.”

“Bella! Come home, right now!” roared Charlie angrily as I hung up. The phone began to ring, but I threw it out of the window before checking the user I.D. I drove down the dirt track, getting thrown about. I would continue driving until I came to a cliff or I ran out of gas and starved; I was going to die in this stolen, yellow Porsche. I drove down, avoiding the trees. I was desperate to die and starvation was too slow a death. The potholes caused me to head butt the low ceiling, but I was passed caring. Suddenly the car broke through the woods, and was welcomed with blue sky and a limit of green grass. I drove to the edge and peered over, admiring the view. I wound down the windows and reversed to the edge of the trees.

“I’m coming Edward, Alice,” I whispered, jerking the stick into drive. “Bye Charlie.” I slammed my foot down on the accelerator and burst off the cliff.

“Bella, what are you doing?” asked Edward angrily, appearing in the passenger seat. “Are you insane? What about Charlie? Esme? Carlisle? Jacob!”

“They all want me to be happy,” I sighed as we fell through the air towards to vicious waves. “So I’m coming to be with you.”

“No Bella!” growled Edward as water began to flood through the open windows, filling my ears, nose, mouth and lungs until my sight began to cloud and darken.

“Bella...” Alice whispered faintly in my ear as Edward squeezed me so tight I guttered and choked on the seawater surrounding us.

After all, they say drowning is the easiest way to go.