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The pain of losing

What if Bella hadn't jumped off the cliff because Jacob had stopped talking to her sooner, and because of that she hadn't gone to his house and had a lot of free time to waste sitting on the beach? What if Edward was the one that needed to save her?


3. Chapter 3

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Bella’s Point of View

I was about to put the pills in my mouth when I heard him say, “NO BELLA! DON’T!”

No! He can’t be here! I must be hallucinating. But at the same time I can’t be. If I was, he would look the way that I loved. Topaz eyes, crooked smile on his face, and he wouldn’t have onyx eyes that look petrified.

“Bella, please don’t do this!” He pleaded.

“Why not? You don’t love me; I love you too much to love anyone else, and-great I’m talking to a figment of my imagination. I can’t even stay sane in my last moments on Earth. See what you did to me?”

“Bella, please think of how this would hurt Charlie and Renee. Remember your promise! You promised nothing stupid! This definitely qualifies. Bella, don’t do this to try to get back at me. Charlie needs you. I ne-“

“Why do you care anyway? You don’t even want me.”

“Bella if you die, I will have no reason to live.” No! He can’t love me. If he did that would mess up my plan. And even if he did- He is just lying. I need to do this. Get away from my world of hurt and pain that never goes away. I barely survived in this world for the past four months. Four months with a broken heart. Or was it already five months? I lost count. It doesn’t matter because He will never truly love you because you aren’t anything that someone as perfect as him could want.

“Liar! If I was your reason to live, you wouldn’t have left me here to die alone because you broke my heart! If you loved me you wouldn’t have broken my heart. You would have stayed with me. If you loved me you would have walked up to me and said I love you. BUT YOU DIDN’T!”

“Bella, I am not lying! I love you. I never stopped loving you. When I left it was because I wanted you to be safe, but I can’t live in a world where you don’t exist. If I had known you were going to try to kill yourself when I left I wouldn’t have left. You are my life and always will be the one person I love. Please give me the pills and don’t hurt us both.”

“No! You never loved me and I know that now!” I shove the pills in my mouth.

“NO BELLA! DON’T DO THIS! SPIT THEM OUT!” but after somehow getting around his fast arms and taking a gulp of water, I swallow and the world around me starts to fade.

“BELLA!” Edward grabbed me as I started to fall. “Bella don’t leave me. I need you! Stay awake, please

Bella, stay here with me don’t die.”

“I love you Edward.” I whisper and then I see nothing but feel like I am flying. No! I am going to lose Edward again what am I thinking?? I can see the darkness rushing towards me, almost as if it was welcoming me.