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When Edward feels home sick for chicago, he convinces Carlisle to take them on vacation to see his hometown. But what happens when a hunting incident causes the impossible...?


2. sick

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Edward POV

The next morning my family and Jacob were on a plane to Chicago. The flight time was short, but for me it stretched on endlessly until I heard the Pilot say,

"Please fasten your seatbelts. We are now beginning our descent into Chicago O'Hare international airport."

I smiled in relief. Bella, who sat beside me, squeezed my hand gently. I couldn't get off of the plane fast enough. as soon as we got to the rental car, I hopped into the drivers seat, Bella and Renesmee in tow. Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper followed us, Rosalie and Emmett after them. And then at last, at last I could see the sign of the street that had been as common to me as hunting. I turned onto Broadway Lane and gazed at the palacial mansion that I had called home a lifetime ago. It was well-proportioned with two white columns in front. There were five steps leading up to the French doors with stain glass windows. To the left of the door was a small glass table with four chairs set up around it. I got out of the car at the same time as Bella and Renesmee. The rest of my family was there only two minutes later. I climbed the familliar five steps to the doorway, Bella holding Renesmee at my side. I turned the key and opened the double French doors, and I was home.

To me, my home was normal and plain. I had lived in this house for the seventeen years of my human life. To everyone else, it was shocking. The grand foyer leading into the home was adorned with a crystal chandelier that sparkled brilliantly in the sunlight. The floors were a beautiful marble, Leading to the spiral staircase. In one corner, a piano was stationed perfectly. On the opposite wall there was a Cabinet with glass doors that held my mothers most treasured fine crystals and diamonds. The great room was just past the staircase, the white furniturre glowed against the dark blue carpeting and looked modern with the cozy fireplace beside it. The room to the right of it was the kitchen. The old stove seemed ancient with the marble-countered island and microwave in comparison. The dining room was next to it, marble floored like in the foyer with a banquet table that could hold eight at the very least. There were also eight bedrooms, a sitting room, a computer room, an office, a garden, and a library, holding all of the families most treasured literature.

I wrapped my hand around Bella's waist, waiting for her to say something.

"Wow." was the only word that escaped her lips. I looked down to my daughter who wore the same expression as her mother. I cleared my throat, getting everyone's attention immediately.

"I would like to show you to your rooms." I said. Everyone followed, still staring in wonder. The first room was down the hallway where the piano stood. He came to the first room on the right.

"Carlisle, Esme, this is your room." I said, waving them in. He continued down the spacious hall. The next room was a few feet down.

"Emmett, Rose." they walked in obediently. I led the others up the staircase and came to two split hallways. They went to the left wing first.

"Jacob." I said, leading him in.

"Alice, Jasper, your room is down the opposite hall, first door on the right. They nodded and left to see it. Bella, Renesmee and myself walked down the hall just a short ways and came to the next door.

"Renesmee, this is your room." I said, smiling. Renesmee peered out of Bella's arms, waiting to see what it looked like. She leaped down and ran in. Finally, Bella and I came to the end of the Hallway.

"Bella," I whispered, "We get to stay in my room." I opened the door. The room was painted a bright red color, letting the lamp above the bed be more distinct. The king sized bed had an Iron headboard with vine shaping. The comforter was made of down feathers and was white with a strip of black roses near the edge. There was a TV positioned nicely on the cherrywood dresser. There was a small nightstand beside the bed holding a vase filled with roses. On the opposite side of the bed, was a nicely-sized desk with a small stack of stationary, a cup of pens, pencils, and other writing utensils, and a desk lamp painted chrome. There were another set of double French doors at the end. I led Bella over and opened the doors to show her a balcony. We went out together, holding hands as we sat on the small chairs by the edges. We kissed momentarily before the sound of the door flying open distracted us. Renesmee came bounding in, full of optimism and as hyper as ever. She ran straight into my arms.

“Daddy, I love my room!” she said, exuberant. I laughed, figuring with her happiness being so radiant, Jasper would probably be trailing behind her. I wasn’t wrong. Jasper peered into the doorway, smirking the way he usually did when he tried to prank Emmett. I didn’t care what he did as long as he didn’t break my mother’s crystal. Edward, me and Emmett are going to wrestle outside, you want to come?” He asked through his thoughts.

“No thanks, Jazz. Good luck.” I said, trying to sound serious. Jasper had all the tactics, but Emmett had all the muscle. It had been a 50/50 chance between who would win since day one. I ignored them and turned my attention back to my wife and daughter. I was home with the people I loved the most, even though there was one I did not like in particular, I didn’t care. I was home.


By noon the next day we all decided to go to the woodland area of Illinois to hunt. I stayed the furthest behind, protecting my daughter with a line that consisted of Bella, Jacob, Emmett and myself. We had made a diamond around her, myself being the south point. The woods were getting very thick now, and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. No- someone. His speed made it clear that he was of my kind. His eyes were a deep red, but not the red of the newborn vampires. I had guessed that he had been around for a few years, most likely hunting the humans that hiked on the trail behind the forest. His hair was a brown color that I had no name for. I saw his pupils dilate, but thought nothing of it. It was most likely because of the light reflecting off of my skin. I headed on.


About thirty human minutes later I felt a bit dazed, as if not fully taking in some terrible thing that had happened to someone I love. The minutes went by and the dizziness increased, which honestly scared me. All of a sudden, out of nowhere I felt a sharp pain. It was so intense that I fell to my knees, clutching my side, my face twisted in agony.

“Edward?” I heard Bella call from a few yards away. And then I felt myself falling, and then everything went black.


Bella POV

I rushed over to my husband and put a hand on his forehead. It was getting warmer.

“Carlisle!” I screeched, not caring if he could hear me even if I had spoken softer. I could feel panic come across my features and ring in my voice. I could hear the rest of the family stop hunting and retreat back toward me. I waited just two more seconds before Carlisle arrived, looking with a shocked expression as his seventeen-year-old son lie unconscious in the dirt. Then, the change came. It was fast and short. His body had a faint luminescence surrounding it, and it faded for everyone to see the unconscious human body of Edward Cullen. I swept his warm body up into my arms and rushed him back to his parent’s house. The office, he had told me, also held medical supplies. I rushed in and opened the door, pulling out the early nineteen hundreds version of a hospital bed. Simply put: a cot with bars. I laid him onto the bed just as Carlisle arrived. He immediately got to work putting Edward on oxygen. Thank god my father-in-law was a doctor. He began hooking up machinery he had brought for any serious injury, placing tubes on Edwards wrist and putting a pocket mask connected to a long, thick tube over his mouth and nose. Soon, He began coughing up blood. It would not happen often at first, but got to the point where someone constantly had to be there to wipe the blood off that ran down from the corners of his mouth. It was the cruelest torture anyone could ever imagine. I watched my husband die, praying with false hope that his condition would improve. I spent as much time as I could with my daughter, not wanting her to see her father with such a terrible affliction, but Jacob usually kept her entertained. I sat by his bedside, holding his hand, and praying he would wake up.


Edward POV

I couldn’t breathe. I only felt myself choking- coughing up the very blood that had once given me life. Now it only survived to secure my death as I wavered between consciousness. When I was unconscious, the pain of death subsided just long enough for me to feel the nightmarish blackness that it brought. That wore off long enough for me to remember the pain I was causing those I loved. It was pure torture. I did not even have enough strength to pity myself. All I could do was lie there while I wavered between consciousness and unconsciousness. It got to the point where I could barely tell them apart. I knew just enough to open my eyes at the right time. When I did, all I saw was the anguish on my family’s faces, and the blood that had left a stain on my pillow. My vision faltered until I could not differentiate reality and dreams. My hearing had not been destroyed by the influenza that threatened my life. I could still hear Esme sobbing somewhere close to me, and heard Carlisle trying to calm her down. This made the transitions between consciousness increasingly difficult. Sometimes I would feel a pressured squeeze of my hand- my wife trying to bring me back to her. So when I was conscious I took the opportunity to ease their pain, I forced myself to talk even though the oxygen in my lungs was scarce. They needed to feel no pain over me. They did not deserve it. I would not wish this pain upon anyone, because it was so much more than pain. It was the feeling of losing everyone you ever cared about. It was feeling your breaths shorten as you ran out of oxygen. It was the pain of losing your sanity. It was the pain of death and, for God knows what reason, it had come upon me.