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Renesmee's New Moon

Sometimes you do things that you never mean to do. The can cause you to hurt those you love. That is, they will hurt them if you tell them. But sometimes not telling them will hurt them more. Nessie learns that her actions can hurt people so badly, that she will lose the one thing that was more important then the air she breathes. I put it under the New Moon Catagory because it is RENESMEE'S NEW MOON! If you have not read BREAKING DAWN and you don't want it to be spoiled, DON"T READ THIS!


5. Innocent

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Jake’s POV

We sat together, every so often whispering little things back and forth but mainly just enjoying being together once more. I knew I needed to talk to her about the one thing on my mind.

“Ness, we need to talk.” Her face fell.

“I know,” she whispered.

“You know what the imprint means right?”

“Yes it’s the person your perfect for, which is why ours is wrong-”

“No because nobody is truly perfect. It’s your other half but that doesn’t mean that we won’t fight and stuff won’t happen.”

“But I caused you so much pain. How can you even think about being with me after what I did?”

“Because when I was away from you I felt empty. I wasn’t able to truly live without you by my side. I realized shortly after I left you that I was hurting myself and needed you, but at that point you had already left. I’ve been searching for you and when I finally found you I felt complete. I almost fell straight back into my old habits when I saw you yesterday. But I wasn’t sure if you even still loved me after I left you. Then to find out you weren’t at school today, I almost died all over again, thinking you had left again like you were planning on.” She tightened her arms around me not wanting to let go.

“You make it sound l like it’s your fault for leaving, but it wasn’t. It’s my fault for-”

“It doesn’t matter what happened then, it’s the past and this is the present. Let’s forget about it.” She nodded and smiled a short lived smile before letting it fall and the sadness returned to her face. “Babe, what’s wrong?”

“I still can’t forgive myself…” she whispered in to my shoulder as she turned away trying to hide the tears that fell. I pulled her into my lap and held her as she cried, drawing circles on the small of her back and whispering little nothings in her ear, trying to calm her down.

Eventually she quieted down and then fell asleep in my arms. I decided she needed her sleep and so I pull away carefully; and once she is lying on the bed, sheets tucked around her, I turn off the lights and close her door quietly. Her family is downstairs, having come home from school hours ago. Bella came over to me.

“Is she going to stay?” she asked me fearing a departure that was not going to happen. I nodded and she gave me a hug in thanks for keeping her daughter here.

“You know I’m not going to let her leave without me and I’m not leaving anytime soon,” I said smiling, the thought of being with Nessie for the rest of forever always made me happy.

“JACOB!” Nessie screamed from her room and I flew up the stairs, adrenaline from the need to protect her pushed me faster up the stairs. I entered her room to see her curled up in a ball on her bed, tears pouring down her face. I ran over to her and grab her into my arms.

“Nessie, Nessie, Nessie, calm down. What’s wrong?” I held her close to me hoping to calm her down. Her tears and sobs that killed me inside forbid her to tell me what was wrong but with her powers she told me, or well showed me.

She was walking on the beach with me and then she turned to pick up a seashell that she saw on the ground. When she looked up I was gone.

“Jake?” She turned and looked around, searching. “JACOB THIS IS NOT FUNNY! COME OUT THIS MOMENT!!”

She ran towards the forest thinking I would be there. “JACOB BLACK, WHERE ARE YOU?!” She called out my name even louder than before. Then she saw him, Aro.

“Looking for the dog, child?”

“Where is my Jacob?!” She demanded.

“He just over there,” Aro said while pointing to a nearby area where three of the other vampires were holding me so that I couldn’t move. “Now since he refuses to join us a guard dog. There is only one thing to do, kill him.” He smiled at his last words. He signaled to his vampires and with one bite, I was on the ground.

“JACOB!!!” she screamed and then woke up.

“Nessie, it was just a nightmare. I’m right here and fine. I’m not leaving you, ever.” She said nothing but wrapped her arms around my neck and cried into my shoulder from the second time today.