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Renesmee's New Moon

Sometimes you do things that you never mean to do. The can cause you to hurt those you love. That is, they will hurt them if you tell them. But sometimes not telling them will hurt them more. Nessie learns that her actions can hurt people so badly, that she will lose the one thing that was more important then the air she breathes. I put it under the New Moon Catagory because it is RENESMEE'S NEW MOON! If you have not read BREAKING DAWN and you don't want it to be spoiled, DON"T READ THIS!


6. Enchanted

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Nessie’s POV

I woke up the next day in Jake’s arms. My head and eyes hurt from crying almost all of yesterday, my heart hurt from the dream and yet swelled because of the love that came from Jake.

“Good morning beautiful.”

“Jake,” I said smiling.

“How are you feeling?” he looked worried.

“I’ve never felt better.” I smiled.

“I don’t believe that for a second. I know you’ve felt better.”

“Nope, I’ve never felt better than waking up in your arms.” He smiled at me. We laid there for what felt like eternity, just holding each other and not wanting to change anything. We only moved because soon we were both hungry and knew we needed to eat. We went down stairs to find some human food and found that Grandma Esme had prepared some eggs and bacon for us. While we ate, I realized that none of my family members were here. While I waited for Jake to finish eating, I decided to call Momma and see where she was.

“Hello?” her bell like voice answered happy as she almost always was like Aunt Alice.

“Hi Momma.”

“Nessie, how are you? Are you still at the house? You’re not leaving are you?!” she asked many questions before I could answer, worried about her only child.

“Momma, calm down and take a breath. I am fine now,” I said smiling at Jake. “I am still at the house and I am not planning on leaving anytime soon.”

“Good because Alice will let me know if that changes.”

“I was calling ‘cuz I was wondering where everyone was.”

“Oh, ok. Esme and Carlisle went to run some errands; Daddy and I are going hunting with Alice and Jasper. And Emmet and Rose decided they needed a weekend away.”

“Oh well I guess that’s all I needed to know,” I said and she let me go to talk with Jake. We silently cleaned up the kitchen and then retreated back to my room to sit with each other again.

“Nessie,” he said once we had settled back into my bed.

“Yes Jake?”

“We do need to talk eventually, you know that right?”

“We have talked,” I said suddenly confused.

“About whether we are going to stay together or if we want to be just friends or what,” he said and I finally realized it was time for that dreaded conversation.

“I know,” I said quietly. “I would like us to be back together, but at the same time I feel like I’m not worthy of you, whether or not you say I am,” I added to the end before he could tell me otherwise.

“Why don’t we just try to be together like we use to be and if it doesn’t feel right to you, we can break it off, ok?” I nod.

“I guess then you might like your wedding ring back huh?” he smiled and I went and grabbed it out of the dresser where I have kept it to, well remember what had been. I handed it to him.

“I’m only going to where it if you were yours,” he said pointing to my hand when I gave him a confused look.