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Guilty Innocence

A thirteen-year-old girl is haunted by memories that may or may not be hers. Her dreams are poisoned to nightmares by emotions that are unfamiliar to her. She is hit by spasms of merciless pain, in which she is separated from her own body. And then there are the gifts. Powers and beauty are not unknown to this thirteen-year-old girl. And then she is bitten by an odd stranger, with ice-cold skin, and left on the Cullens' doorstep. What will happen when 10 lives packed into 1 body, meets pale skin and enhanced human qualities as a vampire?

I've thrown this idea around in my head for a while. I decided I liked it enough to try and post it. Some Friendly Advice: Reviewing is good for your self-esteem!

1. Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?

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My name is Helena Morale. In many ways I am a normal girl. In so many more, I am different.

I am talking about the memories. The ones that have haunted me for thirteen years, the ones that have taken over my life. The reason my parents sent me here.

I am in a mental hospital. None of the people I've met here so far have the same... abilities that I have. I don't talk to them much, so they don't talk to me. I spend my life wasting away the hours as I sit on this window sill and watch the cars pollute our Earth. Right now I'm sitting there, counting the multicolored metal pollutants fly past. They don't care about me, and frankly I could care less about them.

I've escaped from the hospital numerous times, only to return later for food. Tonight, though, I may try to escape on my own. I tell you, the ticking of the clock is practically maddening! They won't take it out of my room though! Something about evening out my brain-waves. My brain-waves are fine, thank you very much!

4:30... 5:30... 6:00, dinner time. 5,4,3,2,1.

A man in a white suit comes in carrying a tray of steamed vegetables and roasted chicken. He doesn't even wave or acknowledge me whatsoever as I move toward the plate where he sat it down on the table and mutter my thanks. I eat, barely noticing the flavor.

At 8:45 I go to the window sill again. They claimed lights out 15 minutes ago, which means that the building is completely dark. I put my fingertips to the glass and squeeze my eyes shut. It removes itself noiselesly from the frame. I open one eye and push myself off the wood.

I can feel myself float down to the grass. And still no one notices.


A hour later, I'm hidden behind some trees near the edge of the woods. Breathing heavily, I close my eyes and try to calm down. But I can feel an attack coming. A tingly sensation fills my body, then the familiar sting as if I'd been smacked everywhere. Suddenly, I feel numb and a wave passes through my body. As if someone was gripping my throat, I can't breathe anymore.

Then... I'm looking at my body sprawled on the forest floor. Familiar waves of pain ring throughout my every cell, but my body won't move. The familiar urge to swat something away is almost taking over. And then, with a gasp of breath, I'm back in my body.

The ground is sticky, as are my hands. Well, it is Washington, isn't it? I can sense a pair of eyes staring at me. I try to get up, failing of course. So I chose to use my voice.

"Who's there?" I say fearlessly. A throaty chuckle meets me. It's a woman, I can tell.

"So tell me dear: what would a pretty girl like you be doing so far away from that mental hospital? Surely you don't want to dissappoint the male half of Mental Cooperation Staff?"

"So you have been stalking me. I suggest you leave." I answer, making my voice twirl. "The Mental Cooperation Staff can kiss me good-bye. I refuse to go back there."

"Dear, dear, we are feisty, aren't we?" A woman walks out of the trees. Her eyes are blood-red, matching her hair, which is flying around madly. A storm is approaching. "I'm hungry dear. And you do look so pleasant. Perhaps I'll leave you in the company of a friend when I'm finished." She licks her lips hungrily. I don't dare blink from her gaze. "Fun, fun, fun! You smell like a fruit basket."

I know I'm going to die. Just by instinct, I know. So why not let my clever nature take over for a bit? Have some fun, like she said? "Bite me." I whisper.

She chuckles merrily. "I will, I will, don't be impatient."

"Not a very good predator, are you? I would pounce before my prey runs. Maybe I should just speed it up, eh?" She's a vampire. She wants my blood. I'll give it to her. I run a long nail down my arm and blood trickles out of it. Her eyes go dark with thirst. I lick my arm, happily. "Yum. Want some?" I shake my wrist at her.

"You little... I'll make you pay for that!"

"I'm sure you will. Now, just because I am beginning to doubt the fact that I'm going to die, I'm going to get up, walk over there, and see if you follow. Okay? Good." I get up and walk toward the edge of the trees. An ice-cold hand grabs my ankles. The pure white skirt I have on, rustles from the movement. "See, now that's better." I turn around and kick her in the eyes.

"Stupid girl." She grabs my wrist and drags me down. Her ice-cold breath races along my neck. She runs a fingernail down my stomache. She rubs her finger along it and sucks her finger merrily. She bites my wrist letting venom into my bloodstream. It burns like fire and I try not to scream.

I think I passed out for a little while. I woke up to the red-head sucking on my right wrist. She seemed to be enjoying herself immensely at the sight of my eyes open. She releases me and grabs me by the shoulder. From my observation, I think she broke a bone in my shoulder, my wrist, my ankle, and permanently scarred my stomache.

She slumps me over her shoulder and runs. "I think we should leave my friends a little present, don't you?" She cackles.

I gather enough strength to whisper, "You have friends? Did you torture them too?" She glares at me.

About 36 minutes later, we're standing in front of a white mansion. The curtains are closed and I'm vaguely aware that we're in the middle of the forest.

"No one's home. That'll give you time to ponder your ending life on the doorstep." She drops me on the cement steps. "Maybe I should leave a message." She bent down and scratched something on my arm. I'm only half awake so I run my finger on it.

Love, Victoria.

I watch the feline-likevampire slip out of sight and fall asleep.