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(Also on fanfiction.net) A crossover between Twilight and Heroes (the T.V. show). Peter's nuclear blast is so powerful, it launches he and Nathan all the way across the country, deep into the middle of Forks, Washington. Now, everything is changed since one unsuspecting, heartbroken girl happens upon them. But is it for the better? (The first chapter is much shorter than the rest)

Um, this is a crossover between Twilight and Heroes! Yay! And it WILL NOT BE A BELLA/EDWARD FIC! Or Bella/Jacob...or any of the Twilight guys. Just so you know. But there's nothing to really tell besides the fact that you can read through each chapter up to 12 (+ the prologue) right as we speak (or you read, to be more specific ;) But yeah, if you'd rather follow here, then I will submit when possible. I hope you like it! :)

1. Prologue

Rating 5/5   Word Count 760   Review this Chapter

“I was always told that changes were slow, gradual things…”

I stumbled my way forward, each inch a battle as my mind swirled with erratic thoughts. His golden eyes, intense and hard as stone as he broke my heart flashed before me. But soon they melted into those familiar pools of topaz, full of love and affection, beckoning me forward and toward him. Stupidly, I drifted further into the forest, trying to catch up with them as they floated away. But all too soon they disappeared and I was left alone, tear-streaked, cut, bruised, and broken as the sky’s light waned to darkness.

Rain began to softly patter down on my as it battered the canopy of trees above. Each drop was frigid in the cool night air that Forks brought, and yet I felt it all begin to ebb away. My fingers and toes began to tingles with numbness and I continued on my quest to catch him, because if I stopped I’d surely collapse. But I needed to find him, or what would life hold for me? He had quickly become my life, and I wasn’t about to let him slip away. I needed him more than I needed the air I breathed.

But he was gone, and I knew this, though I shunned the information violently. He had most likely already packed and left, somewhere far away from me, the human that had quickly gone from the status of a pet to a pest. But I tried my hardest to ignore all logic that told me to turn around and trace my steps before they were lost in the rain. If I did that all chances of me finding him before he disappeared from my life forever were gone. I couldn’t deal with that.

I walked on and on and on, my whole body crawling with the needling feeling of numbness. I barely noticed the odd purple-blue color of my hands, or felt the sting of the chapped skin on my face, neck, and arms. I only knew that he had left this way, and this is where I would find him. And I would find him, because I simply had to find him. He was everything, and without him, there was nothing. Not for me.

A small clearing in the trees made my hope perk—had I found our meadow? Would he be waiting here for me, telling me that he was sorry, that it was all a lie, a mistake? But my hope crumbled under a wave of disappointment as I found dead leaves and brown grass, fallen trees, and nothing resembling the beauty our meadow held. It was just another clearing among the many, and I wouldn’t find him in any of them.

I stood, tears falling rapidly down my face, for just a moment in the rain as it pelted relentlessly down on me. But that one second was all it took to interrupt the flow of my life forever, changing everything.

Something crashed.

Right in front of me, something hit the ground with such speed that dirt and sticks and whole branches were flung up and into the trees, some hitting me and covering me in mud. I stared in wonder as a smoking crater held something that looked wet. I felt, though, as if I was about to get sick as the metallic tang of blood reached my nose, and that wet thing began to move. Though I stayed standing upright, watching it unfold into the shape of a man. Though he was twisted and mangled, spots of blackened skin peeling off and showing glistening muscle and vein.

But with sickening pops and cracks, his bones began to snap back to their correct angles, mending themselves. My mouth dropped open as his burned muscles brightened to a healthy pinkish-red, any tissue hanging or missing repairing itself and sometimes being completely regenerated. Soon, he was healed, skin closing and hair growing to show me a handsome, completely unscarred man.

I choked on my words, “How…how?” He whipped around to see me, toffee eyes wide and panicked as he realized I had seen everything. He looked at me, I looked at him, and I felt my vision begin to blacken. A distant ringing sounded in my ears and I felt the briefest of headaches before Everything went black. I felt myself hit the ground, heard muddled words, and there was a gust of air and a whoosh as I fell out of it all.