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Search for the Cold Ones

The year is 2079. It’s not so different now to what it was in the past. Medical and scientific advancement has been frozen for the last seventy years and the globe is stuck in a rut. A new craze has just hit the world. A saga, unlike any other, has evoked the imaginations of thousands around the planet. It’s last June and it’s unseasonably cold for this time of year. The film ‘Eclipse’ has just hit the box office and everyone is caught up in the vampire frenzy...


2. Chapter Two: The First Kill

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Search for the Cold Ones – Chapter Two: The First Kill

She had a mobile phone securely locked to her right ear which she laughed into, staggering slightly in her high heels. Her step faltered further, as mine had done when I had first saw him in front of me, as she caught sight of my rigid figure trying to fight every urge in my body down the street. “Gotta go. See you in a bit’” she announced nervously into the mouthpiece of her phone and stuffed it into her handbag. “Poor move. Someone on the other end of the phone might have just saved you,” I thought to myself cynically as I desperately tried to cling on to my sanity. Thankfully, yet another dim memory flitted across my mind then as the girl slowly walked up the road, afraid to get any closer to where I was. “Just stop breathing,” something whispered in my mind. Right. Simple. I could do that. Who needed air anyway? Not me, especially when it sent such painful spasms down my aching throat. Without her scent clouding my mind, it was easier to control my urges and take a step back to lean against the shop front casually, relaxing ever so slightly. The poor girl noticed my change in behaviour and subconsciously walked a little taller, her speed increasing. “Probably trying to convince herself it was all in her mind,” I thought dryly to myself once more. The memory of her blood still lingered dangerously in the forefront of my mind, so I felt it would be safer if I didn’t try to move yet, just hold my breath until she has passed then walk away in the other direction.

I was going to do it. I was going to let the girl pass and live. Being a newborn wasn’t so hard! She was almost upon me now and I thought less of my control and focused more on the jubilation of my success. I looked at her as she passed, a little smug from the favour I had just done for her. While I thought of how she would never know how close she had come to death tonight, I caught sight of her long, tanned neck. I could see the warm blood pulsing through it and could hear the frightened thump of her heart. The sound was not dry like mine, but somehow wet, slick with the hot, thick blood that flowed round her... My mind went crazy and I instinctually took a breath just as the unfortunate girl passed me. My throat burned with a fire that almost matched that of the venom's and, before I could even think to stop myself, my arms shot forward to grab her. She stopped, momentarily, shocked by my strong, frozen grip. Then, her instincts kicked in as she tried to run, despite the stilettos strapped to her feet. She was larger than me, though not in height, and could not have dreamed of the inhumane strength in my muscles. I took her down easily before she had even taken a step. I pushed her to the floor face first, my hand slamming into the back of her neck to keep her down. She screamed as she fell and I feared, for a brief second, that someone would here. “Ha!” I thought to myself as I whirled her onto her back so her terrified eyes were looking at me. “The place is deserted and, besides, if they came, who could save her from me?”

Now I had officially waved ‘Goodbye’ to any shred of human compassion I may have still had, I was rather enjoying myself. It filled me with glee to watch her weak eyes fill and overflow with salty tears, which just further scented the air, driving me crazy. All the while I could see the blood coursing through her veins, racing faster as her heartbeat increased. Her own fear was making it worse! Out of spite, I watched for as long as I could before I dropped my head to her supple neck. The scent here was astronomical and in a hundredth of a second, I had sunk my razor sharp teeth into her flimsy skin. The taste of her blood filled my mouth. It tasted oddly metallic, which I found mildly off-putting, but below that was an almost addictive taste that was beyond words. It was warm, it was lush, it was bliss. I could feel her struggling under my grasp, but I ignored her feeble attempts to escape, my mind all consumed with the feel of her hot blood gushing down my throat. Soon, her struggles slowed then stopped altogether, and shortly after her veins ran dry. I pulled away, disappointed, wanting more and was about to push away from the ground to go and search for my next unknowing victim, when I noticed the poor girl’s broken body still in my grip. She must have only been eighteen, her young features pretty and subtle. I could see from her glossy, red hair, that was tangled from her fall, that she would have blushed easily and the thought of her plump, defined cheeks filling with colour reignited the dull itch in my throat.

I thought back to just a few moments ago when this pretty girl has snapped close her phone for the last time. I wondered who her last call had been to. Ashamed, I reached for her purse, which she had dropped in my attack, and pulled out her phone. I flicked through the menus until I found her calls. The one word that filled the screen made my slow heart falter and pain, so very different from the burning venom’s, ripped through me. I felt unable to pull my eyes away from the single word. Mum. I thought of my own mother, my hazy human memories almost failing me in my sadness and thought of everything I had lost tonight once more. A fresh stab of pain hit me again as I thought of what else has been lost this unfortunate night. This woman, who I didn’t even know, had had her child taken from her wrongfully. By me. I wondered if she could tell that she had gone already, though there was no way she could possible know, or whether she would have to wait until when the police found the body sometime in the next few days. I thought back to the girl’s last words: “See you in a bit.” Was her mum sitting at home now, waiting for her daughter to knock on the door so she could let her in and go to bed for the night? I wondered where she lived. Should she be home by now? Had her mum started to worry yet? Would she try and phone?

As though this mystery woman could hear my thoughts, the phone buzzed to life in my hands, the shrill ringtone piercing the silence of the street. I looked once more to the lifeless body of my victim and felt a twist in my stomach as her phone continued to ring in my hand. Then my innards lurched and I jumped up without a sound. The red blood which had previously been coating my insides roared up my neck and hit the pavement next to the body. I heaved until my body was empty, but it didn’t seem like enough. When my muscles finally relaxed, I looked at the bodyful of blood that now swam around the little corpse. What a mess I had made! I no longer knew what to do. I had no way to clean up the pool that was steadily spreading along the street and could not bear to move her body and damage her anymore. Plus, although not the same as before, her blood had made the air heavy with a mouth-watering scent that I had to get away from. But I couldn’t just leave her. I looked around, searching, and saw a drainpipe stapled to a nearby wall. Silently, I walked towards it and gracefully pulled myself up it to land on the flat roof above. I sat down, leaning my back against a metal vent, thought it was totally unnecessary. I would have been just as comfortable standing. I stayed there, absorbed in my own thoughts, replaying the night over and over again. My own transformation, my shock and delight at my new image, the terrible moment that she walked round the corner...

I stayed subdued in my personal grief and disgust until it was light and my thoughts were broken by a blood-curdling scream from the street below. Like a shot, I raced across the flat roof, not making so much as a soft ‘thud’ and peered over the edge of the building. An elderly woman was staring dumb-struck at the younger girl who lay still and dead in front of her. After ten seconds, a man appeared next to her, panting from running to find the woman. “Good Lord...” I heard him exclaim as his eyes took in the scene. Then, more rationally: “Edith. Go inside – get a blanket to cover her. I’ll call the police.” A moment passed where neither of them moved, still staring. “Edith” the man pressed more forcefully. Immediately, as though snapping out of a trance, the woman turned, stumbling back towards to shop. Every few steps she would glance behind her open mouthed, as though she was hoping the dead girl wasn’t really there. When she was safely inside, the man exhaled loudly, spinning round to look skywards, fingertips pressed to his temples. In an instant, I flew away from the ledge, surprisingly clear headed as I viewed my murder scene in the cold light of day. “Yes, it was messy,” I thought to myself. “But the taste of that blood was worth it.” “And what about how you felt afterwards and the fact that you killed an innocent girl?” my mind shouted back at itself.

By now more people had come out of their nearby homes to find the source of that horrendous scream. I groaned quietly to myself, once again unnecessarily sinking to the floor. Curse that evil creature that had created me. He had made something unimaginable: a vampire with a feeling, beating heart. Another question shot through my mind. Do I have a soul? Edward had refused to stop Bella’s heart because he could not bear to take her soul. But if my heart was still beating did it mean my soul of still intact? Is that why I had had such an adverse reaction last night? If so, I needed help, but where could I go? The street below was almost full of people now, all shocked – some in tears – and police sirens filled the air as they turned off the main road. I groaned quietly again. This was so not as cool as human me thought it would have been. I wished I had the choice now so I could choose not to be this monster. Another pivotal word from the book grabbed my attention. Monster. Suddenly, I knew what I had to do. If vampires and all their mythologies were true, were other things from the book also real? The police sirens wailed down the road and I heard the crowd shift and part. The police would be searching the area soon and they could not afford to find me here. The whole street would be dead in minutes if they did. In a moment I was on my feet. Even if they had been looking, no one would have been able to see the ash-blonde that jumped off the building and sprinted down the street, hell-bent on her task.

I was going to find the Cullens.