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What if?

What if Bella accepted Edward's proposal in New Moon and they run off to Las Vegas to get married?

I didn't like it when Bella refused Edward's proposal.

1. Chapter 1: Excepting.

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"Condition? What condition?" I aske, looking confused. "Marry me first." Edward said. "If it means you changing me into a vampire, then yes." I said. Edward took my face in his hands and we kiss. A few weeks later. I was grounded by Charlie for leaving. "We could run away and get married." Edward suggested when we were coming home from work. "Sure." I said, with a smile on my face.

"Lets go talk to Carlisle." Edward suggested. We go to Edward's house and talk to Carlisle. Carlisle stood thinking for a minute. "It would work. Las Vegas is the plan. We'll all be there to witness you two getting married." Carlisle said. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist, with a smile on his handsome face. Alice smiled and pulled me to Rosalie's room. "We're going dress shopping." Alice said. Rosalie and I were now getting along with each other, which made Edward and Emmet happy.

We head for the bridal shop. We enter the shop and started looking for a dress. I found a strapless dress with rhinestones on it. I came out from behind the curtain after getting help from Rosalie. Alice squeeled at the sight of me. "You look lovely. Now lets find you a veil to go with it." Alice said. We found one that went perfect with the dress. We came home an hour later. Charlie thought I was dead and so was Edward. Edward and Emmet already got my stuff in Edward's room.

Alice put my dress in her room. Edward and the rest of the men were off hunting. I modeled in front of Esme. "You look beautiful Bella. By the way. How are we going to do your hair?" Esme asked. "French braid. Rosalie can do that." I said. We all arrived in Las Vegas the next day. Edward and I got our room looking to the east. That same night. I sat on a stood as Rosalie french braided my hair. Alice entered holding something in her hand. "I wnat you to wear this." Alice said, holding her hand out for me to see.

It was the heart necklace that I gave her. I hug Alice. "Thank you." I said. We get in the lemosine and head for the chapel. We arrived in five minutes. Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, and Emmet were waiting for us. Edward stared at me with his jaw dropped to the ground. "You look beautiful." Edward said, smiling. I smile back. I was so nervous and I could tell that Edward was nervous also. We enter when it was our turn. Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmet, Carlisle, and Esme sat in the front pew to watch us get married.

My eyes were sparkaling and so were Edward's. We were pronounced husband and wife half an hour later. Edward takes my face in his hands and we kiss. There were a lot of pictures taken afterwards.

A week later.

I lay on the ground in pain as I got changed into a vampire. Alice was at my side trying to calm me down. Edward was leaning on the wall watching. It was almost over. The pain was now starting to fade away, then it was gone in one minute. I sit up, slowly. Alice smiled and Edward didn't move an inch. "Edward." I said, after ten seconds of silence. Edward scooped me up in his arms. Alice left us alone. "Bella. You look beautiful." Edward said, kissing me.

I wrapped my arms around Edward's neck and kissed him back. "Thank you." I said. I go take a shower. My eyes were gold, my hair was a little bit longer, and curly. I get into new cloths after I was done with my shower. I reach for my hairbrush, but it flew into my hand. I had the power of telakanisis. Edward sat on our couch waiting for me. I curl up in his lap. That night. A thunderstorm came. I stood coaching the baseball game. I wasn't ready to join in on the game.

Edward caught my eyes a couple of times. I heard sticks break behind me. I turn just in time to see a figure jump out of hiding. Edward was in front of me as fast as a cheetah. Jacob and his friends were around us. "You two are suppose to be dead." Sam said. "She's a vampire. They broke the treaty." Paul said, shaking from head to toe. "Bella run." Edward whispered. I ran all the way home and into Edward's and my room. I sit on the couch after putting a Cd into the radio. An hour later. The door flew open and I jumped to my feet.

Edward fell into the room badly hurt. I hurried over and caught him before he hit the ground. I carry him to the couch and set him down. Carlisle hurried into the room with his bag. "He's hurt. Jacob got him real good." Carlisle said, stitching him up. "What happened?" I ask. "All the werewolves and Bill are dead. We're going to Alaska." Carlisle said, leaving the room. I put an ice pack on Edward's head. "Bella." Edward whispered an hour later. I looked up and looked into Edward's golden eyes, which were sparkaling.

I curl up against him. "You scared me." I whispered. Edward kissed the top of my head. I had a future with my family in Alaska.