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Age Before Beauty

Bella is eighteen years old and she is crushing on Edward, Alice's older brother. Edward's twenty-five and he's always noticed Bella Swan. Edward's the new doctor at the hospital, thanks to his father working there, and that only makes Bella become even more attracted to Alice's brother. Bella's kind of skittish about dating since she had a horrible breakup a year ago when she caught her ex in bed with another girl. Can Edward be the man that gives her life full of happiness and joy?


2. Forks is where the heart is!

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"No, I'm not, but I was kind of hoping you'd let me give you a makeover. You would be a total knockout, Bella."

I shook my head. "I'm already a knockout, Alice. I've grown up in the last three years since he met me." I tried to make myself believe this, but, the truth was that I was a little nervous about seeing Edward again. I knew I had grown up, and I knew all the guys thought I was good-looking, but would Edward? Would he see that I wasn't just his little sister's friend, and see me for the woman I had become?

I then heard Alice's phone vibrating in her pocket and she smiled over at me. She looked at her phone for a moment before she turned to me. "Edward's home."

September 15, 2007


Being fifteen years old didn't feel any different than being fourteen years old. The only thing different was at fifteen years old I had finally met Alice's hot and sexy brother, who was as handsome as a Greek god. Yesterday I spent the day with my dad. We had decided to celebrate my birthday on his day off since he had to work on my actual birthday. He was happy that Alice had thrown me a party on Friday. To make up for missing that, he took me to the zoo on Saturday, and it had been so good to spend the day with Charlie. My father was the chief of police down here in Forks, Washington and he was a very hard working man. Fortunately, I wasn't the type of girl who craved her father's attention because I knew that he definitely didn't need that.

"Bella, Alice is on the phone!" Charlie called from downstairs.

I rolled my eyes as I jogged downstairs and I grabbed the phone. "What do you want, pixie?"

"Come over to my house… I'm bored and my brother's annoying me!"

I laughed, shaking my head, knowing that she was talking about her hot brother, Edward, and there was no way I would say no to Alice inviting me over. I smirked to myself and I leaned back against the refrigerator, inhaling a deep breath.

"I guess I could come over."

"Bring your bathing suit. I'm not staying cooped up in this hot ass –"

"Alice Cullen!"

"Sorry, Mom," Alice mumbled, and I could just picture her rolling her eyes while walking up the stairs to her bedroom. "Anyways, come on over."

After we both hung up, I smiled to myself as I went back to my bedroom. Once inside, I moved towards my dresser, opening my underwear drawer where I kept my bikinis with my bras and underwear. A smile lit my face at the thought of Edward possibly joining us, then shook my head. Of course he wouldn't be joining us – he was a man and we were just jail-bait kids.

Finding the perfect bikini, I grinned when I put it on. It had a dark blue bikini top, which tied around my neck and across my back, and a pair of black bikini bottoms with ties along the sides. I then slipped on a pair of jean shorts and a tank top and grabbed my purse.

Since I wasn't old enough to drive, I got out my old Schwinn and biked over to Alice's house. It was an easy ride, one that I had made countless times in the past seven years, since Alice's family didn't live too far from me. The Cullens were like my extended family, one that I had always wanted to begin with. Carlisle and Esme were so welcoming to me and they always loved it when Emmett, Jasper, and I would stop by to see them.


Oh geez, Bella was here and she looked fucking great. I instantly knew that my sister had invited her over just to spite me because Alice had heard me talking to Rosalie about 'Alice's best friend'. I swear, Alice just didn't know how to mind her own business, and she had told me that if I made a move on her friend that I better be respectful? Like really – what the fuck was wrong with Alice? Why would I make a move on a high school-age girl, no matter how hot she was? I wasn't that crazy. I would never touch that, but there was no harm in looking, though, was there?

All my stupid sister would do was smile at me and I had no idea why. She did this on purpose. She was trying to make me suffer, wasn't she?

Oh, fuck no, Bella just had to remove her shorts and her tank top, didn't she? Here I was, looking through the window like a peeping-tom, watching my sister and Bella. I thought Bella in shorts and a tank top was hot, but her in that bikini…? What were the two of them trying to do to me?

"Edward, you should go out there."

I turned around and saw my older sister smiling at me and I rolled my eyes. Did Alice really talk to Rosalie too?

"I… I can't. She's like Alice's age and –"

"But she's not Alice, Edward, and there's nothing wrong with just talking to her. And for all you know… Bella could like you. You won't be here for that long, before leaving for medical school. And in three short years, she will be eighteen."

What in the heck was Rosalie thinking? Such an insane idea. Bella's dad was Chief of Police, and I couldn't see him condoning an inappropriate friendship with his fifteen year old daughter, no matter how old she would be in three years. I shook my head and frowned. "I can't, Rose. I need to go for a drive…"

Before Rosalie had a chance to say anything, I ran out the door. I needed to get away from this house.


"Bella, did you hear me? I said that Edward's –"

I interrupted Alice, holding up my hand, and I nodded my head. "Of course I heard you. With you squealing, who could not hear you?"

I saw Alice smile and I shook my head, grinning. Being Alice's best friend was definitely one of the best things in my life. I remembered the first time I met her. I was eight years old, and had been walking down the school driveway, thinking that it rained and snowed entirely too much in Forks. Being the total klutz that I was, of course I had slipped on a patch of ice, landing on my butt. Everyone around just laughed, except for this little slip of a girl. She came over, asking if I was OK, while attempting to help me up. She was just so tiny, though, too little for the job, and I ended pulling her down on top of me. We both sat, stunned, but then we both starting laughing at ourselves. She and her family had just moved to Forks, but ever since then we had been inseparable. Being Alice's friend had given me a better sense of self-esteem. She was always telling me how pretty and smart I was, though even she couldn't find anything positive to say about my klutziness. My lack of coordination had kept me from having a serious boyfriend most of my school life. After all, what guy would want a girlfriend who tripped him constantly or stepped on his toes while dancing? Ha - who was I even kidding? I basically compared every guy to Edward Cullen - from his bronze hair to his charms and even to the way he dressed. I knew he wouldn't have ridiculed me – at least I hope he wouldn't have. The only reason I had dated Tyler was because he sort of reminded me of Edward.

"You know… I don't think that Edward is dating anyone this time around," Alice told me with a huge smile on her face, looking over at me. "Can you please let me dazzle you just a little bit? A little bit of makeup won't hurt you, Bella, and while that tennis outfit is cute – and why wouldn't it be, since I picked it out for you – it makes you look fifteen again, especially with your hair in that pony-tail."

I looked down at the tennis outfit. Yeah, it was cute, but maybe I should wear something a little more adult, now that Alice put that notion in my head. Alice definitely had an eye for fashion, especially when it came to my clothing style. I had to give her props for that. No other girl that I knew had that uncanny sense of fashion, to know just exactly what looked good and what didn't on me.

"Alice, I swear on my life that if you go overboard that this will be the last time I'll let you do this. I just want to look my age. I'm eighteen. I don't want to look older. I just… want him to see that I am actually all grown up," I told her with a nod of my head as I looked over at her with seriousness in my eyes.

"All right, so, let me think…a skirt, jeans, or a dress?" Alice asked me as she moved away from me to see what I had in my closet.


So, here I was back in the states. My father had gone out of his way and gotten me a really good internship at Forks Hospital. I had to admit that I was really excited about it, too, because this was my chance to show my father what an amazing doctor I could be, just like he was. My father was known as the best surgeon in his field, but he also knew so much about other medical fields. It seemed like he could do practically everything and it was amazing. I envied my father, and everyone I knew agreed that he was an awesome role model.

Another reason why I was so enthusiastic about being back home was because of Bella Swan. I hadn't seen her since that September when she had turned fifteen years old. She was the reason why I didn't have a serious girlfriend because whenever I met girls I kept comparing them to Bella. Now that she was eighteen, I was hoping that maybe I might have a chance with her, but I had no idea if she even liked me. Alice had told me that I was just over thinking it, though, but I wasn't sure what that meant. Could Bella Swan be interested in me? Was my pixie sister trying to subtly tell me something?

"Eddie! I am so excited!"

I rolled my eyes at the voice next to me. This girl, Lauren Mallory, had liked me for so long, and had even gone to college near my medical school. Since we both lived in the same area, she conned me into sharing the trip home with her. Not only did I have to endure eight hours on a plane ride with her, now I had to put up with her in my car. It was aggravating as hell because her voice was like a broken record. It was pretty clear why guys didn't like her except for a booty call but I didn't fit in that category.

"How many times have I told you not to call me Eddie, Lauren?" I asked with annoyance in my voice as I stopped at a red light and shook my head. "It's 'Edward', just like everyone else calls me."

"But Eddie –"


"It's so cute and it's so you," she said with a huge smile, grabbing my hand off the gear shift. I quickly untangled our hands, and pushed hers away.

It was like she didn't understand anything that left my lips. In my opinion, she was so damn spoiled by her rich parents that she was used to getting everything she wanted. Well, I wasn't something that she could have, as I had told her so, so many times now. It just never registered with her mind because she would only pout and then start all over again with her flirting tactics.

"I'm not some cute puppy, Lauren. Look, here we are," I said when I finally pulled into the driveway of her house, and I shook my head. "And no, I'm not coming in. I am going to go home and see my family."

"Ooooh, can I come, Eddie?"

"Hell no, Lauren! This is private," I said with a roll of my eyes, not really caring that she was pouting, as I watched her get out the car to get her things.

While she got her two suitcases from the backseat of my silver Volvo - a graduation gift from my father - I was relieved when she finally disappeared into the house. I just wanted to rid of Lauren Mallory before I did something I would regret, like throttling her. She just didn't get it! Oh well, now she was finally gone and I could get on my way. I was really excited to be home.


I wanted to die of excitement as I looked at myself in the mirror in Alice's room. I honestly hadn't thought that Alice was going to listen to me and I was going to end up looking like a twenty-five year old skank. But Alice came through after all. I bit my lip as I did a little spin, not being able to help it. I looked damn good and it was all because of my best friend. Alice had dressed me damn good and I had to give her props. I was dressed in these tight, black jeans that showed off my ass and hips perfectly. Along my torso and chest was this top that hung off of my shoulders and stopped right below my belly buttoned. Adorning my feet were a pair of black, princess flats.

Alice and I had come to her house after she found the clothes in my room at my house. I was so excited to see Edward, though. I just hoped that he liked what he saw when he saw me. It had been three years and I had definitely developed over the last, several years. I just wanted so much to look good, especially with the arrival of my best friend's hot brother.

"Bella, you look great. He's going to love what he sees."

I blushed, and then I blushed even more as I heard a voice I wasn't expecting to hear so soon. "Wow."

As I turned my head, there was Edward Cullen with a huge ass grin on his face. He looked just as good as I remembered.