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Age Before Beauty

Bella is eighteen years old and she is crushing on Edward, Alice's older brother. Edward's twenty-five and he's always noticed Bella Swan. Edward's the new doctor at the hospital, thanks to his father working there, and that only makes Bella become even more attracted to Alice's brother. Bella's kind of skittish about dating since she had a horrible breakup a year ago when she caught her ex in bed with another girl. Can Edward be the man that gives her life full of happiness and joy?


3. Three years ? that?s all?!

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Alice and I had come to her house after she found the clothes in my room. I was so excited to see Edward, though. I just hoped that he liked what he saw when he saw me. It had been three years since I'd seen him and I had definitely developed during them. I just wanted so much to look good, especially with the arrival of my best friend's hot brother.

"Bella, you look great. He's going to love what he sees."

I blushed, and then I blushed even more as I heard a voice I wasn't expecting to hear so soon. "Wow."

As I turned my head, there was Edward Cullen with a huge ass grin on his face. He looked just as good as I remembered.


I could not believe what I was seeing in front of my face because I was in complete shock. Bella certainly wasn't fifteen years old anymore. No, she was a woman – a beautiful one at that. I was in complete shock to what a beauty she was. Those jeans hugged her hips perfectly as well as hugging that delicious ass. That blue, tight top did no justice in my opinion as it hung off her shoulders, making me want to rip if off of her. Damn, this girl had an effect on me. It was a feeling that not even Lauren Mallory could make me feel.

"Bella," I breathed in her scent when I walked even closer, standing directly in front of her. "I've got to be dreaming. The last time I saw Bella, she was scrawny, and well, you're not scrawny."

"Ew, I am like so leaving. I don't need to be here for this," Alice said with disgust in her eyes and I smirked at Bella when it was just the two of us.

"Hi Edward," Bella said with a smile in my direction and I watched her shuffle her feet.

Bella was too adorable and it was obvious to me that I made her nervous. I couldn't help but wonder what else I made her do. I was still in shock to how beautiful Bella had become over the last, several years – three years to be exact. Isabella Swan had definitely grown up since I last saw her. I was honestly excited to finally be home.


Heavens! It was like he had grown up even more. Edward Cullen was officially a man and that made me smile. Sure, he had been a man the last time I saw him, but I had been fifteen years old. I hadn't been legal, but now, I was definitely legal for anything Edward dished out at me. I was pretty sure with his good looks and a body like that, he was certain to have a girlfriend, right?

"You know… everyone's missed you while you were at medical school," I said to him with a shy smile, completely impressed that he was going to be a doctor just like his father.

"Oh, did you miss me too?" he asked me and I felt my cheeks flush out in embarrassment.

The more I looked at Edward, the more I thought about Jacob – my ex that had cheated on me. Honestly, I didn't even know what I was going to do. Alice had done a great job of distracting me but I was a girl that had been cheated on. It didn't help that the girl had slept with Jacob when I had told Jacob repeatedly that I was not ready to give myself to him. Although, Alice told me that Jacob had been a damn fool. Where was Alice when I needed her?

Before I could say anything, Alice walked in, and that was freaky. Every time I needed my best friend, she was there to the rescue, and I walked over to her and I turned to look at Edward with that shy smile of mine.

"Welcome home, Edward."

I was then pulled away from Alice's bedroom and she dragged me out the front door.


Bella was a mess and I blamed it on Jacob Black and his slutty mistress, Jessica Stanley. The girl wasn't even all that pretty to begin with. Bella wasn't going to have sex with Jacob, so he went to the first girl who would open up her legs. Damn pig! I am just glad that Bella dumped his ass instead of running back to him when Jacob came begging on his knees. He was lucky that Charlie didn't come after him.

"Bella," I sighed heavily as I placed my arm around her shoulders and I gave her a gentle smile. "I know you're hurting but you can't let Jake do this to you. He lost a pretty good thing."

I heard that sigh leave her lips and I honestly felt bad for her. It had been eight months since she had a boyfriend and I thought that Edward would be the perfect guy for her. Usually girls didn't want their friends dating their brothers, but Edward was a sweetheart. Sure, he had girls coming to him all the time, but he was the type of guy that didn't sleep around, either. It made me happy that my parents did a good job on Edward, Rosalie, and myself. Rose and I were dating and I wanted Edward to be happy as well. I wanted Bella to be happy just as well as we were, so why not get these two together?

"If I was a good thing, why did he cheat on me?"

"Jake's a jerk Bella and you can do so much better than him, anyways. Young guys usually don't know when they have a good thing until they lose it. What you need is a man," I told her with a nod of my head, flashing her a huge grin, and I motioned to the front door. "There's a man inside and he happens to be my big brother…"

I saw her roll her eyes and I hit her in arm.

"Alice, you hitting me does not feel good at all," Bella said with a huff, shaking her head, and she rubbed her arm where I hit her. "Why do you even want me with Edward so badly?"

I looked at her like she was crazy. I was pretty sure that Bella had been crushing on my brother since she had met him at her birthday party and I was positive that Edward had fallen for her that day when he gave her that IPOD.

"Are you seriously asking me that?"

Bella shook her head. "No, Alice. It was seriously a rhetorical question. I just don't think it's the perfect time for me to be dating and I wouldn't want him to feel like I was using him, either. I am not that type of girl."

"I know that you aren't that type of girl but you really need to get out more. We're all sick of you staying at home all the time, Bella, and we all want you happy. Did you know that Charlie even came to me because he was worried about you?" I rhetorically asked her as I moved in front of her and I took a deep breath. "You should ask him out or I can set it up myself."


"Anything but that," I paused as I closed my eyes and I placed my hands on my hips, staring over at her.

"Aw… but Bells, I thought it might be fun," Alice said to me with a huge smile on her face, looking over at me.

I honestly could not believe that I was going to do this. What if I hurt this guy? Hell, what if Edward Cullen thought that I was too young? I was really taking a huge risk by doing this. Sure, he was tempting, but I knew that I couldn't be doing this. For all we knew, he could have a girlfriend, and I would be hurting all over again.

"What if he is dating someone, Alice? Do you even know if he has a girlfriend or not?" I asked her with a raised eyebrow and I moved back and forth, glancing at her before I stopped moving finally.

"Well, no, but –"

"Alice! What the fu – " I sighed as I stopped myself from using any sort of profanity. "You were about to let me ask out your brother when he could possibly have a girlfriend? Have you completely lost your mind?"

"I am pretty sure that he doesn't even have a girlfriend, Bella. I mean… he's never told me, and –"

"Why would he tell you? He's never told you before!"

"I am his sister and he was coming home," Alice said with a shrug of her shoulders as she looked over at me with a smile. "Besides, he would have told your brothers, who would have told Rosalie or me."

God, I hated it when she was right, and I slumped down in the bench on the front porch. I wasn't sure if asking out Edward was a good idea. When it came to boys, I was a little shy, especially when it came to Alice's hot and older, yet mature, brother. It was so funny because I was usually outspoken, but when it came to attractive guys, especially older men, I was smitten and closed off.

"He just got home, Alice. I am not about to ask your brother out just because you want me to," I said with a shake of my head and I put my foot down, leading us back in the house.


I was like a child right now as I watched my mother put the vanilla icing on each individual red velvet cupcake, which was my favorite type of sweet to eat. It definitely beat chocolate and vanilla. That was definitely for sure. I heard the front door open and I could hear Alice talking to Bella about some new purse she saw at the mall the other day. All my sister was into nowadays was the latest trends and of course, Bella's older brother, Jasper. When my mother finished icing the cupcakes, I took my chance, and I grabbed one.

"Edward Cullen!"

I grinned at my mother and took a huge bite, moaning at the taste. It had been such a long time since I had these. She had sent these to my college but I had never ever received them, which sucked because I had wanted them. Buying them at the store or even making them myself, it wasn't the same because my mother made it with her loving hands.

"I'm sorry, Mom, but you know I love food, especially your home made sweets," I told my mother with a grin, which caused her to smile, and I looked over at Bella when she entered the kitchen. "Do you remember when you tried sending your red velvet cupcakes that I never even received them, Mom?"

"Honey, he's right."

I smiled over my father and I chuckled after I finished eating my cupcake. I was so glad to be home. I would be starting my job with my father as his intern in about a week or so and I was excited to learn everything from the best doctor that there was at Fork Hospital. I couldn't have asked for a better Attending Physician than my own flesh and blood.

"Hey Bella, we're going to the beach tomorrow. Do you want to come along with us?"

I looked over at her after hearing my father ask Bella to go to the beach. I hoped that she would go, especially since when we went to the beach, we usually stayed for a few days.

"Sure, it might be fun."

"Great… we'll be down for a few days."

"We're going to San Diego, right?" Bella asked as she looked on over at my parents with a smile on her face.

"Of course, Bella," Carlisle said with a smile to Bella and he sat down on the stool next to me. "Since I am on vacation for about a week and a half, I thought that I would take everyone to San Diego."

"Sounds like lots of fun," Bella said with a grin as she was evidently excited about going away. "When are we going to leave?"

"I was thinking that we could go ahead and leave tonight. Why don't you go home and pack, Bella?"

"All right, I can do that. I need a ride, though. Alice is going shopping and she brought me here. You all know that I hate shopping and the mall is in the other direction."

"Edward, do you think you can take her home?" Rosalie asked me and I just nodded my head. "Great! It's settled. Since Edward's things are still packed, he can help Bella get packed."

"Oh, he doesn't –"

"I don't mind," I said with a small smile and I grabbed my keys from the wall off the key holder.

"Well… I guess it's all right if you don't mind?"

"Bella, he's already said yes… now get going!" Emmett said with a grin over at her as he gave both Bella and me a push out the kitchen.

"So, Bella, do you still live in the same place as years ago?" I asked her as we walked out the front door.