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Age Before Beauty

Bella is eighteen years old and she is crushing on Edward, Alice's older brother. Edward's twenty-five and he's always noticed Bella Swan. Edward's the new doctor at the hospital, thanks to his father working there, and that only makes Bella become even more attracted to Alice's brother. Bella's kind of skittish about dating since she had a horrible breakup a year ago when she caught her ex in bed with another girl. Can Edward be the man that gives her life full of happiness and joy?


4. So, where do we begin?

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"Edward, do you think you can take her home?" Rosalie asked me and I just nodded my head. "Great! It's settled. Since Edward's things are still packed, he can help Bella get packed."

"Oh, he doesn't –"

"I don't mind," I said with a small smile and I grabbed my keys from the wall off the key holder.

"Well… I guess it's all right if you don't mind?"

"Bella, he's already said yes… now get going!" Emmett said with a grin over at her as he gave both Bella and me a push out the kitchen.

"So, Bella, do you still live in the same place as years ago?" I asked her as we walked out the front door.


I was really going to lose it at any second and it wasn't because I was angry. No, anger and being upset was the furthest thing from my mind. What I was feeling at the very moment was the fact that I was crushing hard on Edward Cullen, who was the hottest guy I had ever laid my eyes on. I was still amazed at just how beautiful he really was and I honestly didn't think I would have a chance with this Hot Shot.

As he drove down the street, finally reaching my neighborhood, I looked out the window. He hadn't said much to me during the car ride but I honestly didn't know what to talk to him about. Edward Cullen was a man. And not just any man, either. Edward was the type of guy you would bring home to your parents; any girl would have the approval from both her parents. A doctor and a family man – what a wonderful choice to any girl, right?

Edward also screamed out sex and I smirked because he looked to be experienced. Me? Well, I didn't think that he would even want a girl that didn't know much about sex. Jacob cheated on me because I wouldn't have sex with him. Was it such a bad thing that I wasn't going to have sex with just anyone? I kind of knew that Jacob had been cheating on me. It was why I didn't give him my virginity. I would have been royally pissed if I had lost my virginity to Jacob Black.

"Here we are," Edward said to me with that gorgeous smile on his face as he turned off the car.

I looked out the window, noticing that my father's police cruiser was gone, and I nodded my head. I instantly felt nervous and it was a feeling that I had never felt before. It was kind of scary and I bit down on my bottom lip. As I took off my seatbelt, I watched Edward get out the car, and in an instant, he was opening my door for me.

"Thank you," I said with a blush as I took his hand that he was holding out to me. "You don't have to help me pack. I can do it by myself, you know."

Edward chuckled and it was like music to my ears as he shook his head. "No, I really don't mind helping you pack for the road trip. Your dad won't mind you going away, will he?"

I shook my head and smiled. "No, he knew it was going to happen sooner or later this month since they always invite me to go. I just need to see him on the way back to your parent's house. If not, he'll send a search party or something."

"Oh no, we wouldn't want that," Edward said with a laugh as I led the way to the front door.


I was kind of excited to be at Bella's house, especially with her father gone. Shaking my head, I knew that nothing was going to even happen. I wouldn't let it, especially since I heard from Rosalie that Bella was still going through her breakup with a boyfriend who cheated on her. I shook my head because I didn't understand how, or even why, any man would cheat on her.

"Nice place," I said as I walked in behind her, shutting the door once we were both inside, and I followed her down the hallway to where her room was.

"Thank you, Edward."

I had never ever been inside of Isabella Swan's house and it definitely showed off Jasper, Emmett, Charlie, and Bella's taste around the house. I watched Bella walk towards her room and then approach a door. As she pushed the door open, I followed her; I swore almost looked like some eager, excited teenage boy. It was funny because I had never been in a girl's actual room before. After all, I'd been to boarding schools my entire life.

As I looked around the room, I found myself smiling, and I leaned against a wall near the door, taking in the scene. Her room was painted in a light purple, almost a pastel color, with a stencil airbrushed boarder of Chinese symbols around the room. There were a few classic paintings on the walls. She had two windows in her room – one on the north wall, and one on the east as well. The dark mahogany bed was by the east side of room with two nightstands that matched her bed. The bed was covered in a deep, rich purple with a matching comforter and the many pillows on her bed. Each nightstand had a lamp on it and a few personal items on it.

Along the floor, there were a few rugs, giving the room a springy look with the purple, white, and blue rugs. By the other window, there was a white couch with colorful pillows and throws where a few stuffed animals sat on each end. In the corner by the couch, there was a bookcase full of books. On the other side of the room, there was a dresser that had an attached vanity where her makeup and anything she needed to use to get herself ready for the day sat. Right by the dresserwas a desk with a computer, and a few supplies on it.

"This is nice, Bella," I told her with a smile as I watched her move towards her closet, pulling a deep purple, wheeled suitcase out and put it on her bed.

"Thank you very much, Edward. Alice helped me decorate it last week since I know my dad doesn't want me going anywhere just yet," Bella said with a smile as she walked to her drawer to start getting the things she needed.


"Alice, do you honestly think you can get them together? I mean, Jake really did a number on her."

I looked at my sister as my eyes twinkled. I was practically dancing from the thought of even getting my brother and Bella together. Jacob really had done a number on Bella and I wanted to lift her spirits. It had been a while since Jacob and Bella had seen each other, since Bella had told me she wasn't ready to go down to La Push. Poor Bella – I just hoped that there was something that Edward could do.

"Rosalie, I hope so. It's been way too long since Edward's dated someone and, well, we all know Bella's situation."

"I don't care if they end up together, but it would be nice. I never even knew that our Bella liked Edward," Rosalie said with a smile in my direction and I laughed. "What? Did I say something funny?"

"You knew, Rosalie," I said, tossing a fancy-looking white shirt over my shoulder and I laughed again. "I don't know why you even try to hide things from me. You should know that nothing gets past me."

Rosalie laughed as she nodded. "Yeah, how can I forget? When you found out I liked Emmett, you opened your mouth, and you told him."

"And look at you now, Rosalie – you are the happiest that I have ever seen you," I gushed with a huge, beaming smile on my face as I looked over at her while we walked to the front of the store to pay for our items.


Oh my – could anyone be more adorable? I was sitting at my father's desk as I looked in between my father and Edward. I could tell that my father immediately took a liking to Edward, which was weird because my father never liked any boys around me. Then again, this was Carlisle Cullen's son, so of course he was going to like him. Although, my father had no idea that I had a thing for Edward Cullen. Even though I was scared of even getting involved in a relationship, I couldn't help myself. If things did work out for Edward and myself, what if he was the type of guy who liked to have fun?

"Edward, you take care of my little girl," Charlie chided as I rolled my eyes at him calling me that. "After all, who is going to cook for the boys? I can't cook. Emmett eats everything in sight, and well, Jasper's too busy with Alice to even eat at home."

Edward chuckled with a grin, flashing those pearly white teeth of his. "I promise, Sir. I'll make sure that nothing happens to her in San Diego. I won't let anything happen to your beautiful daughter, Chief Swan."

"Charlie, Edward. You can call me Charlie."

I swore I saw Edward's cheeks get even redder and I looked over at my father, who gave me a wink. No way! There was no fucking way that Alice got to my father? The more I thought about it, it seemed realistic that Alice could have called my father, and I would have to question my father about it. Knowing Alice, she probably had it all planned out already of how Edward and I were going to get together.

"Okay, Charlie," Edward said as he cleared his throat and he turned to look at me with a smile before turning his gaze back to my father. "I will personally bring her back to you in perfect condition in six days."

Charlie and Edward shook hands and I bit my lip. Oh yeah, something was certainly up, and I looked over at my father when he stood up.

"Bella, you be good for Edward and his family, okay young lady?"

"Dad!" I exclaimed in embarrassment as I looked away from him to Edward, who smirked over at me, and I bit my lip when Charlie pulled me into a hug. "One of these days, you should come along."

"I don't know, Bells…"

"You work too hard," I said as I patted his chest and I took a step backwards when he gave me some money, making me frown. "Buy yourself some things and get me a souvenir."

Arguing with my dad over the money would have been pointless, but I nodded my head. "All right, I will. Are you sure that you will be all right without Jasper, Emmett, or me home with you?"

As he noticed my concerned look, he laughed, and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "No, Bella. I was thinking of going to see Harry Clearwater. He makes some good fish."

I laughed softly because I knew the real reason for him going over there. "Yeah and his ex-wife is in town. Please don't embarrass yourself, Dad. You made a fool of yourself in front of Sue last time she came by."

"Oh, Bella," Edward began as I held up my hand, but that didn't stop him. "Maybe your father's just nervous? How long has it been since you dated, Sir?"

Charlie sighed. "Almost nineteen years."

"I am sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but Charlie, there's an accident. We need to go."

As we watched the police officer that interrupted our talk about my father's dating life, I was relieved, and I hugged my father with a little smile.

"Bells, call me when you arrive in San Diego. I want to make sure you make it there," Charlie told me with a smile as he shook Edward's hand. "And it's good to have you home, Edward."

"I will, Dad," I told Charlie as I watched him leave and I looked up into Edward's green eyes, blushing just the slightest. "I guess we should go on to the house to meet your parents?"

"We could or we can get a bite to eat first?" Edward said with a smile as his stomach growled. "The plane ride home had terrible food. I'm hungry."

I smiled and I nodded my head as we walked out of the police station and headed to the lodge to get a bite to eat. I knew that would please Edward Cullen.