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The Broken Moonlight

Bella just got her heart broken when her high school sweetheart, Edward Cullen, broke her heart. It's been two years since she's been on a date. Jacob and Bella went to high school together. Jacob was the captain of the football team and Bella stayed to herself. It's been four years since they've seen each other. At the time in high school, Jacob and Rosalie were together. Rosalie's with Bella's brother, Emmett. What happens when Jake sees Bella after four years?


1. So it's a match made in heaven.

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I could not believe that I was really back in Forks after four years of attending college in California. I didn't have to worry about slipping or sliding on a patch of ice, either. Edward had broken up with me after we had graduated, which was the worst thing that he could do. No, I take that back because if Edward had cheated on me, that would be the worst thing that he could have done, but he didn't. Edward had been faithful the whole time. The reason we broke up was because we were going to different colleges and he wanted to date other girls.

Sure, I had been upset, but I knew that Edward couldn't be the only guy I dated my whole life. Well, that's what Emmett said when he caught me crying in my room. He even said that I could do so much better than Edward Cullen since the guy had broken up with me.

I had been accepted to UCLA where I got my bachelor's degree. I am now back in Forks after getting a call from my old principal that they were looking for a English teacher. I was officially the new tenth grade English teacher and I honestly could not believe that this was happening. I hadn't even been searching. It was probably Alice's doings or maybe it was my nosy brother. He was always looking out for me.

It had been four years since I had stepped foot in Forks because I was afraid of seeing Edward. The thought of seeing him with someone else – it was definitely something that I didn't want to see. He was my high school sweetheart, though, or was. I sighed because I was so afraid of seeing him. What if he was married or something? I wasn't even sure if I could stand it. From what I remembered, two years ago, he was dating some girl named Tanya.

"So, are you excited?" Emmett asked me, while I rolled my eyes over at him.

"Oh yeah, Emmett, I am uber excited about teaching," I rolled my eyes once again, giving him a sarcastic smile, and I heard Rosalie laughed. "Who even told them I graduated with a bachelor's degree?"

"I didn't."

I looked at Rosalie and Emmett and I shook my head. Of course they didn't. I wouldn't find out but maybe this was a good thing. Oh God, who was I kidding? I really wasn't expecting to be back at this school where all my good memories with Edward would be. I just hoped that this wasn't going to be as hard as I thought because this was a good job. With the horrible economy right now, I needed this job, so I was pretty grateful to having this job.

After I said my good-byes to the two of them, the last thing I saw was Rosalie sucking face with my brother. Well, Emmett was my adopted brother, but it didn't feel that way. He still went by his last name since that was the one thing that he wanted. It was the only thing he had left from his mother before she died. I had always wanted a brother. When I was about six, Emmett McCarty came into my family, and I was really happy because I hated being an only child.

When I arrived at the school, I inhaled a deep breath, and I shook my head. It looked the same and I could see everyone looking at me when I parked Rosalie's red Corvette in the parking spot. Emmett and Rosalie said I had to make an impression, so they said I wasn't driving that red truck to school, which was unfortunate. I loved my baby but they said a teacher shouldn't be driving a contraption like that. They knew better, I guess. Maybe I should get a new car. Maybe I should go ahead and just get a Mercedes Guardian or something.

Maybe this was what I needed. I hadn't seen Edward yet, so I guess that was a good thing. Heck, maybe I would see a few of my friends when I was a teenager and attending Forks High. The only people I've seen lately were my father, Rosalie, and Emmett. I hadn't even seen Alice or Jasper.


It had been Alice's doings to get my sister this job at the school because she was up to something as usual. We had all known that Edward had broken Bella's heart. I still couldn't believe that it had really been four years since I had seen my sister. She wasn't the same woman that I had seen when she was in high school and I hoped that Alice and my lovely girlfriend of two years could cheer up my sister.

"Do you honestly think that Alice can actually get them together? I mean, he never ever noticed her in high school, Rose," I said to my girlfriend, watching her slide on some jeans, while I put on clothes as well. "You know how stubborn Bella can be…"

Rosalie laughed and I watched her slide on a shirt, covering up her wonderful assets to me where I frowned. I loved my girlfriend's body. How could I not? I honestly thought that Rosalie was the most beautiful woman that I had ever laid my eyes on. I was the one that mended her broken heart after she dumped Jake because their relationship just wasn't going anywhere.

"Well, Alice got us together, and she did get Sue and Charlie together. I really do think that Alice can make our baby good again," Rosalie said with a huge smile on her face where she slipped on some shoes.

Rosalie had been calling Bella that since we got together. Bella was my sister and I was really grateful now that my girlfriend liked Bella. I remember how horrible Rosalie had been when Bella was in high school. I do remember the times when Bella would come home crying because the popular kids would tease her. We were all adults, so Rosalie knew better, especially since I had a really good relationship with my sister.

"I just want to see her with someone. Being alone for four years is depressing. Has she even dated anyone?" I asked to no one in particular.

"She did date but it never went anywhere." I looked at her in surprise because I didn't even know that. "Wow, you really didn't know?"

"Uh, no, I didn't know?"

Rosalie laughed at my words that sounded like a question and she placed a kiss on my lips. "She probably didn't even tell you because you would probably pummel the guys that she dated."

I grinned and laughed. "And this time I can't even touch Jake. I swear, if this works, and that guy hurts my sister, I will torture him with my two hands. He won't even get a warning."


I was waiting for Rosalie, while Jasper was watching something on television. Jasper always thought that it was a bad idea when I was trying to get two people together. I had done a very good job with Emmett and Rosalie, along with Charlie and Sue. Both couples were happy. Charlie and Sue were actually planning their wedding in the works where I got to help since I was the wedding planner.

Besides getting couples together, I planned weddings, and it was something that I enjoyed very much. I already had dibs on planning Emmett and Rosalie's wedding whenever Emmett was ready to pop the question. Jasper and I had been together since our junior year and he had yet to pop the question. What was the matter with him, anyways?

I jumped out of my thoughts when I heard a knock at the door.

"Rose is here," Jasper mumbled under his breath and I rolled my eyes where he flashed me that smile of his.

"I know," I told him with a smile on my face, as I pulled the door open where Rosalie and Emmett were standing.

I watched Emmett wave to me before he walked inside past me, plopping down on the seat right next to Jasper. I then saw that he was eating his wraps that Rosalie and him had got from McDonalds. It was impossible because anywhere we went, he was always eating.

"Sorry we're late… someone was hungry," Rosalie told me with a shake of her head and she looked in his direction.

"It's fine. How was Bella this morning?"

Rosalie laughed and then became very serious. "She was very… sarcastic this morning. Are you sure this was a good idea? I mean, Jacob's the Workshop teacher and the football coach."

"Have I ever been wrong when it comes to matching up people?" I asked Rosalie where we walked to my bedroom that Jasper and I shared. "She's been single for two years since that guy she dated. Bella deserves to be happy, don't you think?"

As I watched Rosalie nod her head, I smiled over at her, and I ran a hand through my short hair that I had recently cut and got layered.

"Has he seen what she looks like since high school?"

Rosalie shook her head. "No, I tried to make conversation about her, but it didn't go anywhere. Jacob thinks that she's the scrawny little thing. He's definitely going to get the shock of his life and so is she. They both don't look the same since high school."

"I can't wait to hear how it goes," I said with a little smile on my face and I sighed. "I just hope that she has a good day today."


It was my second year as the workshop teacher but it was my third year as the football coach at Forks High School. I really loved what I did and I wouldn't change my life for anything. I had everything that I could ever wanted; a successful job, a wonderful home, a car, and great friends. It was entertaining for me at Forks High because all the female students thought I was their eye candy or something. Sure, there were a few beautiful teachers, but they were married, dating, or just downright annoying. I had heard that there was a new English teacher and I wondered what she was like.

I was in the teacher's lounge since it was lunch time for me. Just like Rosalie's boyfriend, I loved food, but I didn't get to eat every chance I wanted to because that would be rude to the students if I were eating and teaching, especially with wood around. Oh no, that wouldn't work out too well.

As I sat down in my seat, that's when I watched her come into the teacher's lounge, and for some odd reason, I thought that she looked awfully familiar. I had never met her – I was sure of that because she was gorgeous. With that flowing, layered, dark brown hair, those dark eyes, I had to admit that she was entrancing.

As I opened up the bag by sliding the zipper back, I took out my meaty sandwich where I watched her go to the microwave to heat up whatever she had. I then took a bite of my sandwich and I licked the mayonnaise from the corner of my lip. After a moment, she sat in the only vacant seat, which was right across from me. She actually looked nervous.

"You're new here, right?" I asked her when I set my sandwich down to retrieve my chips from my bag as well.

All she did was nod and it was frustrating when she didn't talk. Instead, she took a bite of her food, and I wondered if there was something that I said wrong.

"What's your name?" I asked, hoping that she would tell me her name.

"Bella, Bella Swan."