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It's been years since the Volturi came to Forks, and Renesmee has nearly fully matured. She is dealing with who she is, what she can do, and the fate that has been brought upon her. Realizations have brought to her attention about Jacob; she is learning the happiness yet the consequences that come with imprinting. What will happen when the Volturi return? And what if an old acquaintance makes an appearance, ultimately threatening Jacob and Renesmee's relationship? What if Renesmee is able to resist that level of commitment and adoration...and chooses someone else?


1. Chapter 1

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The word had such a transcendent quality; especially if you understood the meaning. I suppose if you have to adapt to it, it eventually becomes apart of the normal; even more so if you’ve never experienced anything outside of it. Don’t take that as me being ashamed, or even bitter. I’ve always been satisfied with what I was brought into this world with.

The speed, the skin, the thirst, the intelligence. It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that no, not everyone was like me. In fact, I was one-of-a-kind. Stuck in between the fate of immortality and the traces of it. Not an easy thing to deal with.

Oh, and the aging situation. It bothered me that I’d been in this world for a total of six years, yet the humans who’d been on this world for nearly fifteen looked exactly like me. Without the shimmering skin.

Did I not get to experience every stage of life? It was clear that it was impossible. But I was able to experience eternity. My parents didn’t age, my grandparents didn’t age, my aunts and my uncles and their comrades and friends were all forever stuck. And I, too, share the same fortune.

Then there was Jacob. That one person who’d always managed to be there, whether I’d needed him or not, whether I’d been thinking of him or not. He was always in the shadows, standing at a distance, yet the first person to show up in any sign of complication in my life. I think I take him for granted. There was never a problem of mine resolved that didn’t have Jacob involved in some way; yet he never asked to be thanked, never asked for something in return. Never walked away.

And I’d finally been told the reason why.

I loved him, Jacob; I really did. Just not the way he loved me. Not yet, anyways. I loved him as a friend. I couldn’t take it if he was gone; he was always the first person I’d want to see in my day. I also loved him as a protector. Being the wolf he was, I’d always thought it was his instinct to shield me--or anyone, for that matter--until certain things were brought into my focus.

My worst fear was hurting him. Although I knew he wanted me to be the one to take it to that next level, when I was ready, I just didn’t know if I would ever be ready. I didn’t want to lead him on, I didn’t want him to become annoyed or impatient with me. Yet I also did not want to be rushed into anything. That was another fear.

Imprint. I shuddered at the word.

Another thing that severely bothered me was that I remember how Jacob first reacted when he’d learned what I was. I remember everything. If he hadn’t imprinted on me, he’d hate me. Despise me. He thought I was trying to kill my mother. If he hadn’t imprinted, none of this would be the way it is.

He’d told my father to throw me out the window. Until he’d imprinted, he’d tried to get rid of me.

It was hard for me to imagine how such hatred could be transformed into such adoration in a matter of a first look.

But I loved him.

Despite my fears and my knowledge, I knew that wasn’t changing.