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Finding More Than Was Deserved

Rosalie, Emmett, and Their eternal bond.


1. Finding You

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As I ran, Dodging the trees of the dense forest, I thought of how that exactly would be a great escape.


Run Away from Edward, who disliked me vary much- something I was not used to. Run away from Carlisle, who- kind and forgiving as he was- changed me into the moster I was. Run away from this life.

So I did Just that.


Around five and a half minutes later, I caught the scent. The most wonderful scent I'd ever smelled. So I followed it, curious as to what it might be.

Soon, As I approched it, I recognized what it was. Human Blood. Carlisle and the rest of us had been living our lives as vampires who didn't hunt humans, which had never really been a concern of mine, I found men to be pigs after what had happened in Rochester, and women-well, I guess I just didn't pay much attention to them. Though I did love how they envied me almost as much as I envied them.

I could hear slashing, or ripping. I could hear, as I approched a small clearing, wimpers and cries. Also, I heard A heart-Pulsing wildly as the sent grew stronger.

I looked at the grusome, horrid scene before me.

A young man, no older than twenty, lay on the cold Ground, one hand uselessly trying to hold a gushing wound on his leg. A grizzly bear stood over him. His face, Although twisted in fear, reminded me of Vera's baby. Henry. I smiled to myself. Then, I acted with out really thinking, but acting on instinct- though odd that instinct didn't tell me to kill him- I twisted the bears neck, breaking it quickly, and leaned over him.

I scooped him up with ease, running as fast as I possibly could, back to Carlisle's. I knew I didn't have the strength to change him myself.

As I stared at his perfect, bloodstained face, he opened his eyelids. His expression seemed to be a mixture of Awe, Thankfulness, Mystified, and...Peace. Yes, He was at peace in my arms. Then I thought some more. How could I- seeing as how much I hated this Life (if you can call it that) and every aspect of it- make such an innocent human just that. But my selfishness quickly pushed that aside.

At theat moment I wanted only One thing in all the world and I had it in my arms. He smiled lightly, closed his eyes, leaned hid head back, and sighed. I became worried, his heart had slowed so much, but still beat in uneven, wild beats.

Just then I stopped. We had Arrived. I was going to get what I so badly wanted. The Lovely man In My Arms.

I had found him, I realized as Edward Opened the door, As Esme Gasped, and as Carlisle took him Upstairs to his office, that He was the one. I slowly, gracefully, climbed the stairs and walked to the office watching and quietly explaining to Carlisle the story From the door way.

"My angle..."he said so quetly only our vampire ears could hear"whare is she...where is..."He gasped"my...An-"

"Shh...." I said, having moved faster that I realized."It's ok, Darling. Just close your eyes, it will be over soon." I stoked his dark curly hair.

" Are you sure, Rose?"Carlisle asked holding the mans arm, ready to bite,

"Absolutly" And I grabbed his other hand, squeezing it, as the venom spred.