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Where I Need To Be

All relationships start somewhere. This is where it all begins for Sam. From the moment he met Leah, Sam was sure it was what he always ever wanted and needed. But life is full of unexpected surprises...you know, like transforming into a werewolf and falling in love with your girlfriend's cousin. And then almost killing her. Sam's story, written in third and first person. Sexy, angsty, heartbreaking, and all the love in the world. All the things you want between the three confused lovers. So, how did it all start anyway? Rated R for language, violence, and sexual content. Don't worry, kiddies, nothing explicit.


1. Chapter 1: The Heat Between Them

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Chapter one: The Heat Between Them

Thunderheads billowed silently along the distant horizon. The sky surrounding the mountainous swarm looked swollen and dark. Foreigners to the Washington coast walked away with children and picnic baskets in hand, a look of upmost disappointment strewn across their faces. It was to rain and vacation plans had been ruined. The sea no longer lolled against the shore as it had that morning and the water began to eat up the sandy coastline moment by moment. The seabirds that argued were quieted but they nestled their heads into their backs and silently stood their ground.

Those native to the land knew. Sam, like the birds, stood his ground. The thunderheads brewing in the distance were like tulips slowly growing up through the snow. They forewarned the coming of spring before the melting of the ice. The swelling sea and blossoming sky was only a warning. Sam knew he had almost entire hour to enjoy the now quiet beach before the lightning came close enough to be dangerous.

The air was so humid Sam felt like he was lying in the ocean that was crashing against the rocks below him. Every breath he took he swore half the Pacific was invading his chest. The smell of vanilla and cedar filled the air as Leah stirred next to him.

“My parents would kill me if they knew I was skipping school,” she teased. Sam held her close as he felt their heat connect them to the grass and earth on which they lay.

“It’s so close to the end of the school year and besides, I’m already into college and attendance is pointless for this week anyway,” he said.

Leah let out a sigh of disgust and shoved herself up onto her elbows. “Yeah, okay,” she said, jokingly annoyed. “You’re a senior and it doesn’t matter but let’s not forget who gets screwed over because they’re still a junior. You’re a bad influence, Sam.”

Sam rolled onto his stomach and propped his body up so that he mirrored Leah. “Sorry,” Sam said honestly, “I forget sometimes. All I think about is this time that we spend together…and how the summer’s all we got.”

Sam was the first of his family to even think about going to college. His mother dreamed of marriage, children, and a life at home. Sam was the outcome of her life long goal. Her marriage, however, was another thing. The memories that entered Sam’s mind of his father were few and that was the way Sam liked it. Joshua Uley was always a dark shadow in the tribe. Everything about his existence was wrong, from the way he walked to the air he took into his lungs. He barely mustered the ambition to finish high school and when he came together with Sam’s mother the relationship was already on its way to separation. The way his mother talked of Sam’s father was romantic and distant all the way up through the moment a bag was packed and a door was slammed and Sam’s memories of his father ended in abrupt betrayal and tragedy. His mother wasn’t the type to bitterly keep her hands dragging through the past but Sam would never forgive or forget.

Leah tousled Sam’s hair, aware that he was dipping his mind into a world outside of her.

“We have a few months still. Don’t think too far ahead yet,” she said, bringing him back to the ground they shared together. Sam still looked transfixed by whatever it was he was divulging his mind into and Leah felt a cold air blow through the heat that they had created between the two of them. The wind took the warmth right out of her body and Leah felt like the sudden movement of air had shifted the moment out of her hands.

Leah fidgeted slightly before opening her mouth. “This is what you want, right?”

Leah’s question caught Sam off guard and he furrowed his eyebrows with concern.

“What do you mean?”

Leah sat up with stealth and ease before deciding to rearrange her question.

“What I mean is…us. I mean…” Leah turned towards him hoping Sam’s face would bring her words confidence.

“I mean I am what you want, right? You’re going to leave me here and go away somewhere that’s completely new with new opportunities and friends. I don’t want to be a tie to this place when what you really want is to have something else.”

Sam studied Leah’s face for quite sometime before answering.

From the moment Sam had first laid eyes on Leah he thought she was stunning. Granted, he was five and thought the majority of girls in his age range were gross or annoying. Leah was completely different from those around her. She wasn’t afraid to shove boys in tag or raise her hand high in class or walk straight up to a stranger and begin a conversation. Even at an age where the whole world was new, Leah was fearless and it never wore thin. Climbing through elementary and middle school, Leah embraced every moment with absolutely no fear of drowning where waters grew deep. Sam envied the way Leah seemed to dance gracefully through challenges and dive head first into unknown experiences.

It was during a math class Sam’s sophomore year that he formed some courage inside of himself and took hold of Leah’s wild heart. He had always been terrible at math, opposite of Leah who was always a grade ahead of herself. They worked together like numbers, creating symmetry and perfect triangles and the most beautiful circles. Sam felt like the world was at its knees for him and that Leah was some destined love he had been most fortunate to find.

“Don’t be dumb,” Sam whispered. “Why would I ever do something I don’t want to?”

Leah raised her eyebrows. “Do?” she said slyly.

“Yeah. You know- oh,” Sam caught himself in the middle of his sentence, “Oh I see. Well okay then.”

Sam leaned toward her and gently brought her body back to the ground. Leah looked startled as Sam placed his hands on her shoulders and his weight on top of hers. But when Sam’s mouth came down to her lips, her heart sped up and her mind splintered into small sparks and stars. Leah loved the heat and weight of Sam’s body on top of hers. It was almost suffocating and crushing but made her body completely melt underneath the warmth of the man she loved.

Leah was all too lost in Sam’s hungry kisses before she noticed his hands running the length of her now bareback.

“Oh WHOA. Hey!” Leah slurred, pushing Sam up off her and hastily reaching to refasten her bra.

“What??” Sam barked, pretending to look extremely outraged.

“Oh, no, no. I am NOT having sex with you up here.”

“What do you mean??”

“What do you mean ‘what do you mean’?? We’re in public, on a cliff face-”

“Yeah, oh my god just LOOK at all the people. They’re flocking to see your naked breasts! Whatever will we do?!”

“Don’t be an ass! You have no idea who could be watching-”

“Yeah you’re right,” Sam whispered, “just look at that seagull.”

Leah was distracted momentarily by Sam’s pointing. There was, in fact, a very fat seagull staring directly at the bickering pair.

“Ugh, and that’s not creepy?”

“Hey. You started it.”

Leah narrowed her eyes and pointed at Sam who knew that the seriousness that loomed in their voices was completely false.

“Samuel Uley,” she scolded, trying with every muscle in her face not to smile, “if you want to take me in wild, hot, passionate sex it better be in a proper, comfortable place or you’re shit out of luck.”

There was a pause as a deep rumble shivered across the horizon.

“…how does my car sound?”