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What I've Done

What happened to Emily was an accident caused by the one person she loved. What if Nessie had a accident that shattered her world? What would happen? Who will be there to catch the broken pieces?


2. Chapter 2

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Nessie’s POV

I felt Jake’s arms wrap around me as he sat me down with my family. We ate lunch, while I listened more to what other people were saying then to what my family was talking about. I wanted to hear what everyone was saying about of us even if they were talking mean about us.

“Wow even the blind one gets a hot guy! Does that seem fair at all?”

“At least we get to look at him, even if she can’t.”

“There goes my last chance at getting with the only single girl in that family, even if she is inferior.” Jake started to shake at the last one.

Calm down!” I told him through our intertwined hands. “I’m use to it.”

“It’s not true, Ness,” he whispered in my ear. “You’re still perfect to me.”

That’s BS and you know it.”

“I’m telling the truth Ness!”

It will never be true because I will never be able to see. Therefore I am inferior.”

“You’re not inferior. To me you’re perfect just the way you are and I love you just the way you are,” and at that point he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. The bell rang and Jake helped me get to my next class. I went to my seat and sat down. Jake had explained to me on the way here that he had talked to Grandpa Carlisle and convinced him that if he was in all my classes he could help me around. So Grandpa Carlisle called the school and convinced them that this was for my safety. I love that Jake is so sweet, but these were the times that I wish I could be able to walk around by myself and do things for myself. To think that I use to be self-sufficient and now even my parents don’t like me walking around our house by myself. I hate being blind.

“What’s wrong babe?”

“What do you mean?” I smiled in an innocent (I hope) way.

“You have, well had, that aggravated look on your face.” He grabbed my hand. “You want to talk about it?”

“No, I’m ok.” I smiled at him. I pulled out my voice recorder to record the notes that the teacher says. I wish I didn’t have to but it would be weird if I remembered every word that they said.

“It’s about what that guy said in the cafeteria, isn’t it?” He started to tremble, the ripples shaking my hand.

“No it’s not. Jake calm down!” I whispered the last part to him and he did as he responds immediately to what I say whether I want him to or not. One of things about the imprint that I wish didn’t happen, he should have some choice. The teacher started to talk, so since I needed to record the notes without us on the recorder, I talked to Jake while he wrote through my hand. Finally the bell rang and after going to the rest of my classes, we could finally go home.

“Nessie, want to go for a drive?” Jake asked.

“Sure.” I thought about how much I had liked driving before that night. One night was all it took to ruin how I used to be.