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It has been six years since the events of Breaking Dawn. Renesmee is now 6 years old, about fourteen physically. Renesmee’s biggest wish is to have a normal, teenage experience. High school, friendships, crushes, dates, all of it she craves. But, will Renesmee ever be able to truly have all of this, when she is anything but normal? And Where does Jacob fit into her “normal” life?

This story will alternate between Jacob and Renesmee’s POV. I always like being able to be in both of their heads when I am reading a story.

1. Preface

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All I can hear is the continuous ticking of the clock on the wall above me. It seems to block out every other noise in the room. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick…. over and over again. I continue to stare at the paper on my desk, but no matter how much I stare the answer is not coming. This is why I hate math of any kind. There are far too many rules to remember, too much memorization, and there is never more than one right answer.

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick.

The perfectionist in me hates turning in a test with a problem unanswered, but I equally hate turning in a test with a problem answered incorrectly. So, I come to terms with the fact that the answer isn’t coming and ignore my perfectionism long enough to hand my paper over with the problem unsolved.

Damn trapezoid, I think to myself as he takes the test from me.

“Watch your thoughts, Renesmee.” Dad says, sitting down in his desk chair, preparing to grade my test.

While most teenagers aren’t allowed to swear in their homes, all of them can freely think them without being disciplined. This is yet another small privilege I am not granted. Not even your thoughts are your own when your vampire father can read them anytime he feels like it, and, it seems, he always feels like it.

“Are we done for the day?” I ask, hoping to get out of this room for the day and away from that freakin’ trapezoid.

Dad smirks, letting that word slide, “Yes, if you don’t want to see your results, you can go.” He is already slipping the graded test into his desk drawer, sometimes our special abilities aren’t always a blessing.

“Okay.” I turn around to walk out of the room but his voice calls me back.

“Renesmee,” He smiles sweetly, “you did well. Stop being so hard on yourself.”

I shrug, “I’ll get over it. I am just cranky today.”

Dad laughs lightly and comes over to hug me. “Well, it’s the weekend,” Even though I am just as strong as he is, he always makes sure to squeeze me very gently, as if he is afraid he might break me. He pulls away, “Jacob is supposed to be coming over, I assume?” He asks, with a knowing smile.

Within the last year, Dad has finally come to accept Jacob.

I smile at the mention of my best friend, “I don’t know. I was just about to go call him.”

Within the last year, Dad has finally come to accept Jacob as part of the family. He has never come out and said so but, I think he has always been a little jealous of Jacob’s friendship with mom. I have never understood it completely because he is my mothers everything, she proved that repeatedly when she was human, but, jealousy, from what I have heard, isn’t a very rational emotion.

I walk down the hall into my room and take out my phone to dial Jacob.

“Hey.” His voice startles me at first and I look up to see Jacob sitting on my bed with a smirk.

“Hey.” I snap my phone shut and place it back in my pocket. “I thought I was supposed to call?” I walk over to sit beside him.

He shrugs, “We weren’t out very late last night, didn’t need to sleep late today.”

Since the Volturi are no longer a threat to my family and most other covens are our allies, there is very little for the pack to do now. These days, the pack had very few wolf responsibilities. But, a few nights a week they all go on runs together.

“So, what do you want to do today?” He asks with my favorite sweet smile.
“It’s Friday.” I remind him with a smile.

He smiles, “Your right, my house it is.” He stands up and we walk downstairs together.

I have spent every weekend at Jacob’s house since I was two, and if, for some reason, I couldn’t, Jacob stays at mine. It is our little tradition.

Mom and Dad are waiting for us by the door. “I know, don’t go anywhere without Jacob or one of the pack and if something happens I am to call you immediately.” I say before they have the chance to. “You guys really don’t need to tell me that every time I leave.” Jacob chuckles behind me and Dad gives him a stern look.

Mom smiles, “it’s our job.” She hugs me, “Be careful. Have fun.”

“But not too much.” Dad adds, as he always does.

“Okay,” I grab Jacob’s hand pulling him out of the door before they come up with more rules, “See you guys later. Love you.”

“You know it’s only because they love you.” Jacob tells me with a smirk as we walk to his rabbit.

“I know, it just gets a little suffocating sometimes, ya know?” We both get into the tiny car, “I mean, I have to grow up eventually, right?”

Jacobs face is suddenly troubled and he remains quiet for a moment. When he finally speaks his voice seems stressed, “Yes, I suppose you do.”