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Save Our World

It was four hundred years ago that she decided that she was going to help better the world in whatever way she could. She made friends, made a family, and even fell in love a couple times. But life moves on, people change, and your resolves faulter. Hearts break and people die, but when you're immortal, things are different. So when you get your very last chance at becoming that sixteen year old girl back in Venice she was all those centuries ago, refusal isn't an option. The Volturi are no more. Secretly, Caius, Jane, and Alec have done away with Aro and Marcus and the others. By creating a special type of vampire, they have succeeded in the ultimate killing machines and are ready to enslave the human race. When Caius let's Bella in on his plans, and expects her to join him as his wife, she has to figure out a plan. She needs.... More vampires. With extremely useful powers. Specifically, the Cullens. When the rumors spread and other vampires find out, a rebellion forms. Isabella Swan is expected to gain the Cullen's trust to help them fight the new Volturi. But when people fall in love, lines are crossed, trust is breached, and people die, can she save our worlds, both human and vampiric?


1. Beauty Queens and Fire Starters

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Chapter 1 -Beauty Queens and Fire Starters

Reyhana’s POV

I trudged through the wet, marsh-like forest with my face contorted into a vicious snarl.

Three hours of my life has been wasted in finding prey. And now, I could've probably settle for anything, even a measly pack of elk. Only the smell of dead animals and plants permeated the air and filled my nose and ever-growing fury.

Where the hell was all the live animals? It was like all of them committed suicide the minute I came into range! For a minute, I smirked.

Smart move for stupid animals.

After a I passed a few more well hidden carcasses, I decided enough was enough. I stopped, my Sidekick already flipped open when I smelled something to the east.

I dropped into a crouch and cocked my head to the side, a hiss on the tip of my lips when I sniffed at the air a bit more. Someone was definitely here: Tulips, Coco Chanel, and that cologne that Santana wore that made me choke on the air around him.

Another scent had me cursing in lividly in Somali.

Vampires. God damn vampires.

About right now, I was in full rage mode, but I still tried to think this through. Those greedy bastards They’re talking up all the food! And if they’re talking up all the food, that means they’re vegetarians too! They must be the Cullen’s!

I straightened myself up and wrinkled my nose - one of them needed to lay off that cologne. I thought I was done with that shit when Santana left. Why would a vamp need cologne anyway? Don't we naturally smell amazing? I rolled my eyes and started to sprint eastward.

Sidekick still in hand, I speed dialed Bella's number, scowling at the Italian area code, and pressed the small green button, pressing it too my ear.

Thankfully, she picked up on the second ring.

"Rey?" she asked, her chiming voice calling me.

"Yeah, Bells, I found the Cullens. And not in a good way."

She sighed heavily, and I swore I could feel her eyes roll. "Just don't kill anyone, okay?"

"You don't know how literal I'm going to get with that, Bella."

"No!" she yelled. "I'm serious, Reyhana! Just....just-"

"Keep letting them take all the food?" I interrupted as rude as possibly. "Nope. There's game there anyway. I'll just go and....make some new friends," I said, a wild grin forming on my face.

"Don't you dare! Reyhana Akilah Abubakar Samatar Abdulahi, if you take one more step-"

"I know you didn't just use my full name, Isabella Marie Azzurra Swan," I told her lightly, cutting her off again. "They made me trudge through this swamp in Betty Johnson jeans and Harley combats. Someone will pay!" I scream into the phone, bringing it to my mouth.

Before she said anything else, I ended the call and texted Alex, Come find me! I'm gonna mess with the Cullens! I flipped close the phone and slipped it into my jean pocket, still running.

When a few vines came into view, I sent a few sparks over, and while they burned open, I jumped through into a beautiful meadow. I was rewarded with five vampires in total.

The only one who didn't look completely shocked was the small one who reminded me of an old China doll my mother gave me when I was a todler. In vain, I tried to hide the painful memory behind a mask of aloofness and arrogance - a specialty of mine.

"Nice jeans. I love Betty Johnson," she said, standing up and walking over to me, hand outstretched.

I grasped her hand and held firmly, shaking. "Thanks. Love your jacket," I complimented, pointing at the army green, short, stylish beauty. "Louis, right? I've only seen it for his pre-exhibition show in New York."

She gasped, her hand over her heart. "You went?"

"'Course. I went there to meet him."

"Now I know I've seen you before!" she exclaimed, bringing me into a warm embrace to her small frame. She pulled back to examine me. "We met at his night party - you were the best dressed muslim woman I've ever met."

I stared at her for a moment, then it clicked. "Alice?"

She shook her head. "Nice to see you, Reyhana."

We squealed simultaneaously, and hugged each other, still completely ignorant of the others around us. We pulled back, and she introduced me to everyone around the meadow.

"This is my family. That's Jasper," she said, giving the honey-blonde an especially winning smile, "that's Edward," she pointed to the man with boyish features and odd bronze hair, "that's Emmett," she pointed to a huge brute with cute curls and an obvious athletic build. For fun, I greeted him in guy-language with a heady chin-up salute. He smirked and saluted back.

We were still smirking playfully at each other when Alice introduced the blonde bombshell standing next to him. She gave me a pathetic glare, which I sneered at, rolling my eyes.

"Nice to meet all of you," I greet formally, purposefully looking away from the blonde whose name I already forgot. I had a feeling I wouldn't like her very much.

"How do you two know each other?" the honey-blonde guy, who I now knew as Jasper, asked. Alice and I made eye-contact and laughed, shaking our heads.

"Long story," we said simultaneously.

The broze-haired boy, who was Edward, concentrated for a moment, his jaw in a twitchy grin. "Seriously, Alice?"

"I'm not lying. This girl is a real....fire starter," Alice said, looking at me again. I shrugged, and laughed, the three of us joining in together.

"Oh, come on," Emmett said, crossing his arms, still smirking, "tell me. The ones without psychic powers are in the dark, here."

"Psychic ability?" I said, arched eyebrows and all. I turned my head to Edward, and he smiled bashfully.

"Oh, Edward is a mind reader," Alice said passively. My eyes buldged. Seriously? Wait, did that mean he was reading my thoughts right at this moment?

"Yes and yes," he answered, my silent questions resolved. I nodded my head in admiration. Pretty damned useful power, but he probably couldn't do that with Bella.

"Who's Bella?" he asked.

"Oh, her friend. She wanted to talk with Carlisle, so she left for home," Alice said.

"Why couldn't I read her?"

"She's a shield."

It was his eyebrows turn to quirk. "Shield?"

"Wait," Alice said, looking spacey again. After a moment, her eyes were brought back to focus. "Yeah, a mental shield. Her mind is impenetrable to psychic forces."

I grin at her, cuffing her on the shoulder. "I just love when she does that! It's so cool."

"Whatever," the blonde said. I didn't miss her eye roll, or her hair flip.

I rolled my own eyes and placed my hands on my hips. "I'm sorry, who was talking to you?"

Her eyes flashed dangerously as Emmett 'Burned' immaturely, but I ignored both and continued on. "I don't know who you're talking too, beauty queen, but you should back off before I bring out my arsenal of blonde jokes. None of them are pretty."

"Oh, wow. Jokes on my hair color. I'm so hurt," she said sarcastically, putting her hands on her own hips as she stepped away from Emmett. I got a better look at her when she walked up to me. I walked forward, smiling sweetly.

I got a look at her clothes, and was pretty impressed, but balked when I noticed the four inch heels. What idiot hunted in Jimmy Choos?

I heard Edward laugh, which made me smile a bit more. "It would be best for your health if you back off, tall person," I said, looking up to the woman who had a foot on me.

"Like I'm scared of you, runt?"

"There's a reason she called me a fire starter. Don't make me give you a permanent example."

The area went silent, and as I poked her in the gut, I dared even more as she slowly backed up. "If you want me to make you even uglier than you are now, then you should get back behind your boy toy." I could almost feel Emmett's frown.

"Ugly!?" she screamed at me. "Who the hell are you calling ugly!?"