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The Many Reasons I Hate You, Jacob Black

A poem about how Renesmee feels when she figured out that Jacob loved Bella before her.
Inspired by 50 Things I Hate About You by Lion_Lovin_Lamb


1. Chapter 1

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Jacob Black,

I hate the way you just kissed my mom,

And your ebony hair,

I hate your Volkswagen Rabbit,

I hate your dark brown eyes,

I hate your loveliness,

And your exquisite childlike smile,

I hate your comedy,

And the way you use it at the wrong times,

I hate that you are the dog

And how I am the Loch Ness Monster,

I hate the way we are so perfect for each other,

I hate how you chose me

And not those other girls,

I hate how you are family just took to me,

As If I was part of their world,

I hate the way you are so fast,

Life seems like a blur,

I hate the way you could have any human,

Or she-wolf,

But it's a hybrid you prefer,

I hate the way you need to save me,

Time and time again,

I hate it when your close to me,

You can feel and heal my pain,

I hate it that you said you loved me,

But it was not really so,

It was really just imprinting,

I hate the way I still love you,

And now suffer,

In a curled up little ball,

I hate the way how you will never grow old,

Unless you stop becoming a wolf,

I hate how you supposedly cannot live without me,

I hate the way you were so stubborn,

I hate how you were in love with my mother before me,

I hate your unsophisticated laugh,

I hate the way I feel about you,

And that you will not even know the half,

I hate your sweatshirts,

And your small Quileute house,

I hate when you sneaked into my room at night,

And you were as quiet as a mouse,

I hate how you are so protective,

And how you can see right through me,

I hate you so much I simply cannot sleep,

Because you were always by my side,

I hate the way you are always right,

I hate it when you lie,

I hate it when you make me laugh,

Even worse when you make me cry,

I hate it that you are a mother-kissing pervert,

And that little thing you did left me broken,


But mostly I hate the way I do not hate you,

Not even close,

Not even a little bit,

Not at all.