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Here Comes Goodbye

Nessie lied to Jake and her parents and then ran away. But why? What if it was to protect them?


1. Goodbye

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Jake’s POV

“Jake, we need to talk.” The dreaded words left the mouth of my dream girl, my Nessie. This sounded like the start of a goodbye. But she wouldn’t tell me goodbye would she? “I don’t think we want the same things Jake. I thought I could do this, but the thought of what if you hadn’t imprinted on me flow through my head every day,” Ness, no. Don’t say that! “I want a chance to find out what I want. We need some time apart for now.”

“Nessie,” Don’t do this. I plea in my head, “tell me what I did that makes you think this is what we need. Please! Let me fix it.” Nessie, I don’t want you to leave me. I need you here!

“You didn’t do anything wrong, but Jake, I want to figure things out for myself for a while. That’s why I am going away by myself. I need time to think.”

“When you say by yourself…”

“I mean by myself. Just me. I need time without my family trying to push any ideas into my head. If I stay there is no way to figure out what I need and want.” This is sounding like what happened between Edward and Bella, but Nessie wouldn’t hurt me like this unless she meant it for real, right?


“I’m sorry,” she whispered as she slipped out of my arms and walked away from me. I wanted to run after her grab her in my arms and hold on to her for the rest of forever. But that would only hurt her more. She doesn’t want the same the things I want. She wants goodbye.

Nessie’s POV

I walk away trying not to turn around and run back to Jake’s arms begging him to hold me and not let me go no matter what I say. But if I do they will come for him and the pack and hurt them. I have to protect the pack and my family, too. Because I am the only one who can stop them from hurting them.

“Time to go Renesmee. You got rid of the dog and your family right?”

“Yes, Jane.” She pulls me towards the car that she came in and we leave for my new home.

Bella’s POV

“How could she feel that way and none of us know it?!” Rose was screeching. “Edward you can F-ing read her mind and you couldn’t figure out she was going to run away with that mutt?!”

I turn and see Jake running past the house. “WHERE’S MY DAUGTHER?” I yell at him as I run after him.

“She didn’t tell you she was going away by herself??” he looked shocked.


“Bella, love, calm down.” Edward pulled me close so I didn’t have a chance at getting at Jake.

“What do you mean she said she was running away with me? She told me that we needed time apart and she was going to leave and that you knew.”

“Oh God. She’s run away from us,” I spun around and looked at Edward, “Why would she do that? What could we have done?”

“Maybe its not something any of us have done.” Edward said trying to be hopeful.

“THEN WHY WOULD SHE RUN AWAY?!” I yelled and the fell into his arms crying dry tears.

“I don’t know love, I really don’t know,” he said holding me close.