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Here Comes Goodbye

Nessie lied to Jake and her parents and then ran away. But why? What if it was to protect them?


2. I'm moving on

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Jake’s POV

My days become repetitive. I find that nothing changes even after 30 years of Nessie being gone. I don’t know where she is or why she left. So I wake up in the morning, get dress, eat breakfast, I sit around thinking of Nessie, eat lunch, think of Nessie, eat dinner, think of Nessie, maybe run some errands if I have to while thinking of Nessie some more, and eventually go to bed dreaming of her returning to me. Maybe forgiveness will find me, somewhere down the road and she will come back to me, but then again she has been gone for 30 years, why would she come home now?

Nessie’s POV

Thirty years have gone since I saw my Jake. I can’t stop thinking of him. He’s probably hurting so bad because of me.

“Renesmee, Aro wishes to see you.”

“Ok,” I walk to where Aro is. “You wished to see me?”

“You know Renesmee, you’ve been here for thirty years and yet none of your family has come to get you back. Or that dog.”

“I know, Aro. It’s because you told me not to let them know where I was.”

“Yes, I know. But I wasn’t sure if I should trust you. But I have decided that since they didn’t even look for you that you shall become one of our guard members since we know you can be trusted.”

“No thank you Aro.”

“It wasn’t up for your opinion. You are going to be a guard for me.”

“I wish to go home.”

“Renesmee you are home.”

“THIS IS NOT MY HOME. I-” I was stopped by the speaker beeping.

“Sir, the Cullens are here again. They still believe you have their daughter,” Jennie, the secretary, spoke to Aro.

“You said my parents didn’t come looking for me. You lied to me.”

“It’s not like they will want you once they find out you feed from humans,” he said smiling. “Why don’t we let them see you now,” he replied before telling Jennie to send them in.

I looked around trying to run before I could see my family who, as Aro had said, wouldn’t want me once they found out that I was feeding from humans. My family walked into the room and I ran, but my mother was quicker than I was since, since she was a full vampire and I was only a half, and she caught me before I could leave.

“Renesmee, you’re ok,” she said softly into my ear as she hugged me.

“Aro, you lied to me and my family. You took my granddaughter.” Carlisle spat at his old friend while hisses filled the air.

“I didn’t take her,” Aro said calmly. “She left you remember. If I had taken her, she would have gone missing in the middle of the night.” I stared at him thinking about how he had just forbid me to leave, he was holding me prisoner. How could he lie to their faces?


“She came on her own free will.”

“AFTER YOU THREATENED TO KILL US AND HER LOVE!” he walked up to Aro and said, suddenly, very calmly, “She is going to leave with us and you will do nothing to stop her.” And Aro just stood there as we walked out the door.