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Here Comes Goodbye

Nessie lied to Jake and her parents and then ran away. But why? What if it was to protect them?


3. Try to leave a light on when I'm gone

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Nessie’s POV

I walked out the front doors of the place I’ve lived for the past 30 years and feel sudden regret. “I don’t think I can stay with you.” I didn’t even look at my family as the words left my mouth.

“It’s not your fault that they only let you feed off humans Nessie,” my dad said to me and he and my mom just wrapped their arms around me as I let the tears I had been holding in for 30 years. We walked to the cars waiting for us and we left for the air port. My parents got some food from one of the restaurants near the airport in hopes that it would help me to get through the plane ride ok, but then decided I should get some animal blood in me too so we went on a quick hunting trip.

I thought about the last words I had said to Jake and wished I hadn’t said them. We flew to New York and then to Seattle. I looked at my parents with confusion when they told me we needed to go to Forks.

“Jake hasn’t been good since you left mainly because none of us knew where you were,” my mom explained. We pulled up to the border of La Push.

“I think I need to talk to him alone.” My dad and mom agreed and they got out of the car and ran towards home as I started to drive towards the place I had dreamed of going to for 30 years.

I walk up to the little red house that had the one light on in the living room. I walked up to the front door and knocked. The door swung open and then I heard Jake whisper, “Nessie.”

Jake’s POV

Thirty years she’s been gone. I stare at the ring I was going to give her the day she left, or well I looked at the ring I would have given her if she hadn’t told me she needed more time. I worried for her. Was she safe? Was she happy? Did her parents know where she was? I guessed the answer to that last question was a no. if they knew where she was they would have told me right? Or where they in on the whole thing from the start? Did they really not want Nessie with me? Bella wouldn’t put me in that kind of pain right? And neither would Nessie. I thought. But maybe I was wrong and none of them wanted me with Nessie. Maybe not even Nessie.

There was a knock on my door. I contemplated opening it as maybe it would be someone coming to tell me that Nessie didn’t want me anymore, or maybe it was another one of the members of the pack trying to get me to go and do stuff, but nothing in the world had any importance with her gone. I stood up and put the ring in box on table next to my couch before opening the door to see the one person I have been dying to see for 30 years. I looked over her trying to see if she was ok before whispering her name aloud.